BornAndTorn - Chapter 23

Published at 9th of September 2019 08:31:53 PM

Chapter 23

The web of lies I created, was creating a widespread confusion . If you just judge it under that criteria it was really successful . Disregarding the lynch mob, that was currently in front of the white cocoon of course . Reviewing my actions, I could not see any obvious flaw, in my plan that could result in such an outcome . All I did was spreading rumours, to lure curious souls into different directions .

In the meantime, several loud shouts could be heard, asking to burn that blasphemous creature .

All I did say that, that this creature is an exact representation of their ancestor, just going around killing and raping once it hatches . I am wondering why they got that railed up? They must be envious, that must be it .

The crowd continued to grow bigger and bigger . I could not count the number of players that were in front of the cocoon . All of those eyes staring viciously onto the cocoon, as if it was their enemy of a lifetime . It was obvious that they would not show any mercy . Not a hint of rationality was left on their faces, just raw and pure hatred .

Why are they that angry, even if it was due to their ancestor being made fun of, they still do know that this is supposed to be a "simulation" . In their eyes, it must have been just a cheap way to gather some attention and an objective for all players to focus on . But looking at their gazes and general body language, makes you wonder whether there is still something more, that I am currently missing out on .

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There was no way a crowd like that, is satisfied by just standing around . I can literally smell the bloodlust that oozes out of them . After waiting for some time, a spell was thrown towards the white cocoon, which was dangling on the ceiling of a cave .

That marked the start, of a bombardment with spells . Hundreds and hundreds of spells landed on the cocoon . Strangely, I felt nothing . No sound, no tremor, no vibration . After watching this firework of spells continuously hitting the white cocoon, I was left wondering what would be left of that cocoon .

Instead of a mess I was greeted by the same old white cocoon, still stuck on the ceiling of the cave . That means the option that I am the one inside that cave is not ruled out .

Thus the cycle started anew, but instead of seeing disappointment I saw excitement . After what felt like an eternity . A shrill female voice could be heard . "Why is everyone around me so incompetent, you give them one simple task and yet they find a way to fuck even that up . " With light and small steps, she moved through the crowd that upon seeing her parted and kneeled down . " I gave you just one job to get rid of this ugly white thingy, but you guys just ruined my reputation . I can see the rumours already, "Little MIss misses the mark", now I have to come in and do it myself . Afterwards, you guys can consider finding different, more suitable jobs, like practice dummies . " Many simultaneous gasps could be heard, but there was no way any words of rebuttal would leave their mouths . Because their fate could still be considered light .

" This is just a simulation, a mere simulation and yet you fail so miserably . I don't want to hear any excuses, because failure will not be tolerated . Because failure equals death on the battlefield . That is part of the basics each little children knows, but you morons forgot about it . Did your parents drop you multiple times, or are you just simply retarded?"

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She slowly walks coming closer and closer to the white cocoon until she was standing just beneath it .

"And now coming to this abomination . I seriously cannot fathom how a hype could be created about stuff like that . It is just a bunch of white web . And to the dumbasses seriously believing in a sinister creature inside of it, people spreading those kind of rumours, you should really do us sane people a favour and end your existence . "

With just a simple snap of her fingers, a bright blue flame came into existence .

She threw the small ball of flames at the cocoon without any vigour . But all out of the sudden the whole web, which was left unaffected under the bombardment of the basic magic spells, was set ablaze by a single little ball of blue flames .

The speed the fire was spreading out was visible to the naked eye . There is not any chance in heaven that whatever is inside of it, will survive this kind of ordeal .

Under a flame like that any kind of resistance seems futile, yet after a while, the once calm girl began to throw more and more flames at the cocoon, screaming at the top of her lungs at . " I don't get it, why just why did my flames not work . My flames cam burn everything under heaven, but why does it take so long to just get rid of this thing . Everything should die as they return to ash, but why does it not work that way . "

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The cry of her anguished scream could be heard travelling through the air . Her former calm outer appearance was replaced by blight blue flames engulfing her, flickering again and again in different intensities . Until it, the blight blue flame was replaced by a saturated deep blue flame . "

The crowd could be heard cheering in the background .

"The young miss really had another breakthrough"

"She really must be one of the Gods favourites"

" I am really envious, just look at her age and yet she has nearly surpassed her father already"

Without wasting any more time she condensed the flames and threw them at the pitiful rest of the cocoon, which was refusing to burn . The result was a massive cloud of smoke blocking everyone vision .

The time passed slowly until finally, the smoke passed . Finally, the cocoon was no more, but strangely there was no sound . Every single person was just staring flabbergasted, with their mouths wide open . Until yet another high-pitched scream broke through the silence

" In the name of the Gods, what is that thing?"