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BornAndTorn - Chapter 41

Published at 9th of September 2019 08:31:34 PM

Chapter 41

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After the whole adaption phase was finally over, I felt quite relieved, because now I could finally start digging without any worry in the world . Even if I were to fall into a vegetative state right now I would still not die .

But my body still felt a bit weird after being constructed over and over again . If my previous body was really muscular and looked really bloated, then right now It felt like my whole body had been compressed into a very small body . To be exact It was a shame I was too accustomed to by now . Growing up so fast and then getting pressed into the previous form cannot be healthy .

But at least this shape is much better suited for digging compared to the steroid version . Though I do not want to repeat this process again, otherwise I might end up exploding in the future, because of all the tension that my body has to endure . With the kind of horror that my body is currently able to unleash, I do not want to know what level it will next . The current strength of my body can hardly be called human anymore . The body of a human baby, with the strength of a fully trained athlete . I mean wielding rocks with a weight of 90 Kilograms is not something that everyone can do with ease .

Oh no, I forgot about the rocks, what happened to the rocks under this kind of pressure . I risked a short glance at my hands to discover that the thread that used to connect my hands with the rocks was no more . A chain of swearwords escaped my lips as my eyes were flying over my surroundings trying to find rocks . If they still had the same size it would have been quite easy, but my educated guess is that they have been compressed by a lot .

I did not find them on the surface, so I decided to dig around search whether I find something small, that yet really heavy . I did not notice that my digging motions became swifter and more efficient, then they have ever been . After digging till exhaustion, I noticed my muscles aching under the unusual strain . As the bugs that kept on following me, once again started to clear the surroundings . I finally saw my lost rocks . Rather than calling them rocks, I should refer to them as pebbles now . They transformed from the size of a soccer ball to a marble . The only reason, I was able to find them, was because the ant was trying to lift it up and failed miserably . After more and more ants surrounded it, it became quite easy to spot it .

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But right now I have absolutely no idea, how to use them . The threads I used before were not strong enough to hold those pebbles with the weight they currently have . Just using them as weapons to throw, is begging for them to get lost and holding them in my hand while I punch with it, seems kind of cumbersome . But what if I were to attach those stones on top of my fist, that could work . Put them on top of fingerless gloves and you have yourself quite a weapon .

Without any break, I began the preparation to build this kind of clothing for me . I hit my right leg several times and ordered the queen ant to appear in front of me . The ant queen came quite leisurely in my direction and kept on looking at me quite curiously why the hell I would call for her right now . I just pointed at my whole lower body and she understood my demand right there . But before the queen and could start to list her demands, I threw the rocks in front of her pointed at them and lifted both hands indicating the number 10 . Since she was already accustomed to my antics, she just nodded and began to ponder on what to demand to realize that ludicrous wish of mine .

While she was busy I pointed at my lower half and then pointed the area on my hand that I wanted to be covered in the fingerless gloves . The only problem was that the ant queen was staring at me unable to grasp what I was asking her for . I tried to repeat the motion several times . Yet she just kept her questioning eyes on me . Seeing that this way of communication did not work I decided to grab the queen ant directly and put her on my hand . The ant queen was dodging my hand at first but after I held the hand in front of her, she climbed on it .

As she was on my right hand I let my finger slide on my right hand . I tried to convey which area I wanted to be covered by the fingerless glove . It took multiple attempts but the queen finally nodded . At last, I picked up one of those pebbles and put in on the glove . I tried to indicate that I wanted to have one pebble on each finger . But luckily the queen understood my intention in that instance .

But her gaze had changed, she looked at me as if she could not fathom who would consider using such a tool in combat . That is quite silly, of course, I will .

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I spectated the queen with curiosity guessing with what kind of demand she would come up with . I was expecting an exorbitant demand because the amount of work and energy that would be required to accomplish those creations was quite enormous .

But she did not demand full control over my brain, nor did she ask for more space for her nest in my body . She just positioned the 3 ants in front of me . The first of the three ants was the typical warrior ant, it got a bit bigger since the last time I saw one, but the rest of it stayed the same . The second was a worker ant, I just noticed exactly how small it is after seeing a warrior ant for the first time in forever . What happened to the others I wonder? Looking at the third ant I noticed that the ant was still in its development stage, it had no characteristics yet . My assumption that she asks me for input on how to develop it .

If she puts that much trust into me I have to do my best and create something really good for her . With much pointing and gesticulating I showed her my plan . I wanted to create an ant that was capable of flight, had poisonous little fangs . But the queen was not content with that and just stared at me demanding more . So I showed her that she could put little worker ants underneath it, to let them drop out of the air . After pondering for a moment, she nodded towards me in acceptance .

I have no clue, how much I will have to add in the future if I still want her to create something for me . Still, I think both sides are getting something good out of this trade . The queen returned back into my body with the 2 pebbles that were transported by multiple ants .

So now that the future of my weaponry is saved . I need to find a way to spend my time . A first step would be to train my digging skills and my body in a whole needs to be strengthened as well . If I want to be able to wield nearly 500 kilos per hand I need to step over my limit . Right now I can handle around 100 kilograms without any problem . But in order to be able to lift the 5x, I need to work out a lot . To prevent me from turning into a monstrosity, I am forced to compress my muscles from time to time under pressure .

Of course, I will improve the rest of my body mutations in the meantime . I do not want to leave every tool my body offers in the dust . I just hope that It does not take too much time until I am able to transverse this lands safely . I want to see what mysteries are in this world . Magic is such an enticing concept that I can hardly wait getting to know more about it . Though I would still prefer not to die too soon . Even after such a short time, I was already as proficient as a mole, but I want to know what the limit of my ability is and what lies beyond that point .

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I once again sunk my fingernails deep into the Earth and began digging once more .


" How is he doing, is there any kind of change?"

* No, there is still no sign of activity . *

" He remains useless even in the end, how disappointing . To think I had high hopes in him a long time ago . Yet he turned out to be such a failure . "

* His future does not look very promising if there is no sign of improvement soon then I have to ask you for a final decision . *

" It is not like he can just stand up and run away . So no need to jump to conclusions . We will wait how his situation will develop in the near future . "

* Excuse me, but the odds of him improving and overcoming his current situation are next to impossible . *

" Indeed it is a predicament, but it is not like we lack the necessary resources . So there is no problem with giving him so time . "

*But we have yet to find an explanation how he could end up the way he currently is . We are thoroughly investigating his case . *

" There is no need to put so much effort into this, the explanation is very simple . He was and still is a fool . And like a fool he always thought about whether he could not if he should . "

" His mere presence has caused so much trouble, that we were hardly able to contain it . I can not understand what she likes so much about him, that she let him have that much freedom . All that freedom brought us to the mess we are currently in . I just wish he would have never been born in this world"

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