BornAndTorn - Chapter 54

Published at 9th of September 2019 08:31:21 PM

Chapter 54

Men can dream, a nice sentence full of meaning and importance . Though it causes a lot more harm than it does help . In my case, its only contribution it was just a place to hide away from all my troubles . Dreams create an unrealistic expectancy about reality . Do not get me ambition is one of the key aspects to motivate yourself but it has to be feasible .

The ignorant people will say, when there is a will there is a way . But those people do not consider the hardships that other people face . In their eyes, it has to be possible because they themselves accomplished it . Is it likely that I can grow wings overnight because I want to fly in the sky without any plane?

Is the glass half empty or half full? It is just a question about a positive or negative outlook on the word . Both answers are correct, but depending on the context on is more useful than the other . If you want to get a refill by someone, saying my glass is still half-full has a negative connotation and your glass will stay that way . If you were to say that your glass is half-empty already you imply that you want to drink more and that way likely you will get more .

Everything depends on the factors and context that is involved . Endeavour and aspirations are only secondary . What counts is your upbringing, the family you were born in, the place of your birth, the level of education you get and the society you live in . All those factors that massively influence your future are things outside of your control and we have not even started talking about genetics . Do you have a genetic predisposition for several diseases that cut your life short? Are your parents intelligent? Are your parents taking drugs or consuming alcohol almost daily? Are you certain that you see the light of the day if your parents can not get the necessary preventive checkups? And once again those things are not something you can influence at all .

Hearing if there is will there is way, suddenly leaves a bitter taste in your mouth . If everything just depends on what cards you were assigned at birth, then such a statement reeks of pure arrogance .

The gall behind such a statement is truly disgusting . While the sole purpose of such a statement serves as some sort of motivation, for me it always felt like a twisted approach to normalize the endless struggle to accomplish your goals . I always think I should have felt thankful for the household I was born in and the chances I have been given, but I always thought that any other person would have been better suited for this .

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That is why I helped my sister wherever I could because she was so much more than me in that regard . She could use everything to its fullest, but sadly she lost herself . She was so focused on finding a target responsible for her misery, that she neglected to find solutions . It was just a downward spiral of misery and company .

In the end, it comes down to the incapability of everyone involved . While the person or rather character that spoke these words saw the error in his ways, that such a sentence would do not do any justice . In itself, the perspective is not wrong but using absolutes makes it wrong . The consequences of your decisions depend on many things in your and out of your control .

Life is based on resources . The most fundamental is time, no matter what you do the clock to your demise is ticking down ever so slowly . Your body needs resources as well, from air to food and water . Your mind needs stimulation and companionship . The quality of your life depends on the quality and available resources . But what makes life truly interesting, that the aspect of choice is involved . There is no such thing as a predetermined path, every decision you make will have an impact . Be it positive or negative, you will find it out sooner or later . Sadly that kind of actions will remain irreversible . After all, time cannot be turned back by normal means .

As time ticks forward mercilessly, so does the world around us . A world that treats everything the same, regardless of monster or human or even a Chosen One . True justice is just no justice at all .

Don't you agree, Laura?

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Eroding my mind slowly was a nice idea, keeping me in the dark about your true power from the get-go . You knew that you are unable to extract useful information from me after I was caught in your first illusion . So you came up with a ploy to act like you were unable to infiltrate my mind and exploit my false sense of security to extract all the information you could not read by looking at my memories . A brilliant plan indeed .

Manipulating the crowd, so that they fail to muster the courage to fight back and let me kill them off, to create a feeling of elation in me after overcoming that hopeless situation . Then out of the sudden, you appeared, acting like you were mesmerized by my performance . You took into consideration that I might have doubts, so you created an elaborate backstory so you could test whether I have knowledge about your background or not . All the while you were reading my thoughts to see, what I was thinking and to see if you had to switch your tactic to get me to think about my secrets .

Trying to copy my movement was just a farce, you knew right after lifting up my glove that your usual approach would not work here . So you acted out every suspicion I had voiced beforehand . I should be wary of you and think about how to deal with your existence . As I was making plans with all my knowledge and experience you would get to know every little thing about my abilities and myself .

Everything you did was with that purpose in mind . Truly interesting, though sadly I will most likely never get to see your real character .

" I really hate men like you, intelligent enough to see through my act, still dumb enough to not see the huge gap between our fighting capabilities . "

So you have finally dropped the act of the bashful Maiden, Its an honour Laura, if that even is your real name .

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" Why would you even gave away that one advantage you had, reading all your thoughts left me with more questions than answers, but as it turns out it was just the fabrication to keep me occupied . I had been curious if you any different, but you are just like everyone else before they know my power . "

So, now you claim to be the type of person, that wants to prove the world that they were wrong about you? You never run out of ideas I have to give you that

" I have no idea why you are still so composed, is it some false sense of bravado, knowing fully well that you are doomed? Or do you foolishly cling to the belief that a miracle might occur?

There is no need to play such tricks on my mind if it's just you .

" You do not have to act like a strong man anymore, do you think I would not be able to see through you by now? You hide your insecurities by acting fearless, but in reality, you are just a worthless little worm . "

Yes, I am just a lowly worm, a pitiful bug, unworthy of your presence . I do not deserve to bask in your glory . For I am just pure filth . I am the dirt beneath your feet, I am the stain on your clean state .

" At least you are honest with yourself . There is no need to be ashamed though, I am vastly superior to nearly everyone else and if I am not currently in the near future I will . Bowing your head now is no shame it is an honour . Confess all your sins my child and even your sacrilegious deed will be forgiven . "

Just a fair warning lady, the path you are currently treading is a slippery road . And the only sin I see here is the tale of a young girl that lost herself in her craving for validation . She created another persona just to cope with the sad reality of this mean, mean world . There was no place for her weak and frail personality in this world . Only strength matters . But no she knew, she was different, she was special, she was destined to be something great .

That destiny enabled her to copy each strong person she formerly looked up to . She got stronger and stronger more people looked up to her, but deep down she knew in the eyes of her idols, she never reached the same kind of status . A mere copycat will never be able to surpass the original . So she searched for more people and more different ways to magic, to cross that gap and to showcase her value .

On her journey, the girl encountered a strange being . In her eyes, it was not much different than the ants below her . Just out of sheer boredom did the girl began to read its mind and saw something peculiar . The girl interest was caught and she began a plot to unsolve the mystery . But her plot did not work and she was baffled how could she have failed for the first time in her life . Despite the creature being unable to use mana, it still did not yield to her superiority .

She thought to herself, how such a lowly creature would even dare to talk back to her in the first place . A word of warning had to be spoken, highlighting the grave error of the creature . Yet that creature did not heed the warning . Rather it even began to tell her a story about a young girl . It was only then she realized that the creature looked at her with the same kind of eyes as her idols .

Even after she had listened to her story entirely, she failed to notice the obvious moral of the story . So the narrator decided to help her out a little .

Just like me, nobody gave a shit about you in the first place .