BornAndTorn - Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

But before we have that discussion, I will switch my language as a precaution just to be safe .

Fühlt sich komisch an meine Muttersprache wiederzuverwenden .

( Feels strange using my mother tongue again)

Und es nimmt halt viel Zeit in Anspruch bevor die Kommunikation flüssig stattfinden kann .

( And it takes a lot of time till the communication can happen fluently .

Da ich es hier aber mit einem Supercomputer zu tun habe und er schon English als Muster eingespeichert hat, sollten ihm die Parrallelen schnell auffallen .

( But because I am dealing with a supercomputer it should only take that much time because he already has English in his database to draw parallels to . )

Aber eine gewisse Probelmatik besteht immer noch darin, dass er nicht genügend Worte kennt um ein vernünftiges Gespräch zu führen, diese Barriere kam mir auch schon in den Weg als ich mit Laura sprach .

( A basic problem still remains, because he might not know enough words to hold a good conversation, that was also the language-barrier that came up during the talk with Laura)

Aber ich hege ernsthafte Zweifel, ob die Entscheidung meine Sprache einzuspeichern die richtige Wahl war . Ich befürchte, dass diese Taktik nur höhere Wellen schlagen wird, wenn ich entarnt werde .

( I do really doubt that deciding to save the English language was the correct choice . I am afraid, that this tactic will only lead to more turbulence, if I get uncovered . )

'So schlimm es nicht sein werden' ( It is going to not be that bad)

Deine Satzkonstruktion ist ein bisschen wirr, aber damit lässt sich arbeiten

( Your sentence structure is a bit off, but we can work with it)

Ich werde dieses Gespräch so kurz wie möglich halten, da die Wahrscheinlichkeit das dieses Gespräch entschlüsselt wird mit jeder Sekunde steigt . Von daher lass uns keine Zeit verschwenden .

( I will keep this talk as short as possible because the likelihood of decoding it increases by each passing second . So let us not waste any more time . )

Eigentlich möchte ich nur eine Sache wissen, sind in mir momentan noch Rückstände von Mana? Also kann es sein das Laura gerade dieses Gespräch aufzeichnet?

I only want to know a single thing, are there still some remnants of mana on me? Is it possible that Laura is currently recording this conversation?)

'Sehr unwahrscheinlich, da es meine Aufgabe ist die Interaktion der in dieser Welt vorhandenen Manapartikel zu simulieren und zu erorieren was passiert, von den Mana-Teilchen in dieser Welt geht keine Bewegung aus . Aber ich habe die Befürchtung, dass Sie keinen aktivten Zauber benutzt, sondern die Verbindung stets aufrecht gehalten hat . '

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( It is very unlikely because it is my task to stimulate the movement and interaction of the mana particles in this world and to deduct what happens and right now there is no movement of the mana particles . But my apprehension is that this is not an active spell, it is just that she kept the connection up . )

Das bedeutet also, dass sie einen Weg gefunden hat ihre eigene Magie zu benutzen um die Regeln dieser Welt zu umgehen . Kann ich das irgendwie unterbinden?

( So she found a way to use her own magic to circumvent the rules that are applied in this world . Is there any way I can prevent that?)

'Your precaution was not needed, because you forgot that I dictate the translation of the English language for her so far, right now she is only recording your thoughts alone . That means, that she will get all your thoughts in English and German but they are in their raw form so they are quite useless for her . '

I am quite sure I am missing something here, you certainly did something right now but do not want to let me know what exactly . I would advise you not to save your experiences on the German language as it would lose its meaning if you were to copy it as well . If the people compared the thoughts she gets with your server database that would find a suitable translation quite fast .

" So you guys are finally willing to include me again?"

' You do not have to so worried about simple things like that, I am the only who has access to it and even if they were to gain access, none of them would be able to deduce how the language works just by reading the code I left behind .

" You know I am still hearing you guys talk? Why would you guys want to talk over my nearly infinite knowledge?"

But if it just a connection, that keeps on sending mana away from my mana, on a different frequency then you use, is it not possible to cancel it out by producing one with the exact opposite wave movement . Of course, that is only true, if magic behaves like a wave in this context .

' No magic is an entirely different concept at least from my knowledge and understanding of it . Mana particles are random in general, but each user has his own mana particles, that are able to resonance with each other . This connection enables her to listen to your thoughts and record them . '

If we were to say that magic shares the same attributes like any normal mana particle, then to a certain extent, that must mean mana can change its attributes to fit a specific purpose or change into some that can do such . Then is it not possible for mana particles to revert such a change and to copy the specific structure of someone?

' How the hell would you want to do that? Magic is not something we can influence directly easily, we only can will their change by using our connection to it too and change into it into something we find suitable . After each change they turn into something different, only returning to its basic form after they have spent all the energy that accumulated by the spells'

So that just means, that she has mana particles inside of my body . Do your job, Mr know-it-all .

" For stuff like that you stop ignoring me, selfish bastard . But it was easy to localize it, as she did not pay any heed to actually hiding it . But somehow I am not able to revert it back to pure energy like I am able to do with normal spells . '

I mean if she is recording this whole talk, then we can use this to our advantage as well . So let me pose a hypothetical question . If she is able to convert my inner thoughts into something that she can transport even across this whole world into their world is it not possible to use your ability to change mana particles into my thoughts to "feed" her magic and make her believe anything we want?

' Although direct interference is impossible, that does not mean we can not shape it indirectly . So using this kind of approach it may be possible, to fill it up with enough information to successfully get rid of it . '

Now the only problem I am facing is that due to my previous talk it would look quite strange if I were to suddenly change into a language she can understand . But we could make use of the ties to the Gods here and make it look like a ritual had just finished . Use some old obscure God or make one up and then proclaim, that I had just served him another victim in his glorious name . Act as insane as they would imagine a madman to behave . Make up a credo, that makes me look like an irritated and confused individuum, whose thought process seems irrational and without rhyme or reason . Start right now and only stop after you heard that it has vanished from my partner .

"Who is your partner?"

As the Observer is busy changing my words, I will tell you a bit about the future I have planned . First of all, do not answer a partner before the mark has vanished once and for all . So just listen, I want to make the best thing out of this body . Therefore I will need information behind the process of how to change each individual part and what kind of criteria you have used to determine the merit in each change .

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Is it possible to revert such a change or is the route set after a change has taken place? If it can not be reverted is it possible to add or replace certain parts of a change to adapt in case the future demands it?

We will have to discuss our future plans on this matter as well, to optimize my development and not risking me to turn into something useless . Furthermore, I am quite interested in the slime you produce as it has showcased a lot of potential on other test subjects .

What is your relationship with the queen ant and for what purpose did you let me collect all those probes . Was it necessary to gather data and possible evolutions? We have to follow this kind of questions up by conducting even more tests to see what kind of function it has and how that knowledge can be applied to me .

I want to know everything that you know about your past as well, every bit of knowledge may be helpful in determining my future path as I will have to develop into something that can contend with the magic .

"It is has vanished"

' Sometimes I wonder whether there was a need to change your dialogue in the first place . You already sound like a villain without my help . So after getting to know you, I will go right ahead and tell you about the fake persona I created for you and all the words that you have just spoken, so you can adapt your behaviour if you want to make it more believable .

You are a devotee to the God of named Lyssa, it is a just a minor spirit that was found in old scriptures depicting the maddening arrival of monsters that came with magic . Those monsters were showing an until then unknown amount of rage and hatred . It was deduced that only a God can be responsible for such a change, as the general opinion was that this kind of change was the test of the times to prove their worth to the Gods in face of such harsh times .

But her name was never spoken off again in later scriptures, as the Gods told the furious monsters were a result of the mana particles driving them to madness, as they do to every unworthy lifeform . So the name Lyssa, who was once known for bringing chaos and madness to the land was never heard of again . There have never any kind of rituals or prayers dedicated in her name as she was always seen as a messenger of the Gods . At most, she was seen as a spirit harbouring this worlds evils and therefore did not gain the same level of reverence as the main Gods .

The minor God Lyssa was always depicted as a hunter with different kind of animal hide all around her body, her body was shown features resembling a mix of human and animal aspects . She was also known for the near endless hatred in battle she caused in those monsters . Looking at you that was the near perfect fit .

While she is not a god, she shares the same attributes and quality that you naturally exceed, therefore I have chosen her as your object of worship . Though nearly everyone knows, that she has never even existed in the first place, further strengthening your position of a madman and an NPC-

During the time you had talked I chose the following wording to underline your performance and give it more credibility . Another sacrifice in the name of my saviour . In this world full of lost children, you showed me the right way to live . This world is downright pestered by the goodwill of the humans, their fear of monsters is but a mere lie to upkeep their inner feeling of validation that justifies their own pathetic attitude . They have long forgotten about the terror of the times of Old . They started to hide in the safety of their homes . When the good man died, the nefarious cowards survived standing on the sea of the brave men .

It is my duty to spill blood to honour the name of Lyssa as she did not get the honour to her name she always deserved and for the men fighting in her name, that died for those traitorous cowards . Each and every single one of their descendants has to offer up their own blood and life to atone for the sins of their fathers . It is my joyous task to spread the message and soon everyone will bear witness as I inflict more and more pain on their children, until they finally understand the true something behind all that madness . '

You have chosen something really interesting that fits quite well to my behaviour . In their eyes, I must look like something that crawled out of their nightmares and became reality . A living embodiment of their worst fears . I especially like the fact that she has been in oblivion for nearly everyone in this world .

Though she was probably nothing more than an explanation to cope with the sudden outbreak of rabies on those animals . After all, they had never seen those monsters in a frenzy like that .

Now I only need to develop some kind of crazy ritual and the rumours that will spread will suffice for making sure that no one will question me ever again .

" Sorry . but I did not hear what I just did in your monologue right? You want me, an entity as old as time itself to divulge all its secrets on an insignificant ant, that has not even grown hair down there . A creature that is so frail, that its own mortality can come at nearly any point in time . Something that does not know the vastness of the outside world wants to know all about it? You are facing something so scary, that even though I have always dreamed of surpassing it, I never would have claimed to be able to beat it and yet you are standing here so full of yourself . A fool full of knowledge remains a fool till the day of his demise . "

Yeah, I would like to know about all the things that you do know about this world .

" Did you fail to comprehend the message and the scorn behind my words . Let me be way more direct than, someone like you will never stand a chance against the mightiness of magic . I can give you all the knowledge in the world, in a confrontation, there is no need to know about the air that you breathe . You will find yourself dead, even before you have analyzed the situation . Right now my primal goal is to find a host, that has enough potential to surpass magic and you are an outlier, with a weak body who struggles even against the weakest magic I have seen in centuries . Something like you should not even dream about overcoming magic, even with all the help I can offer you . "

I find it quite intriguing, that you still do not trust my capabilities after everything I have shown so far . Do you think, that after a nearly endless amount of hosts you are someday going to find the right one all of the sudden? Always clinging to the faint hope of a miracle occurring, but even all this time you have failed to learn . Even a fool with an unlimited lifespan will remain a fool . I am something so mysterious that no one has ever seen something like me but even with that knowledge you still see no hope in me succeeding on our quest .

Have you not seen the creative ways I managed to outmanoeuvre my enemies, have you not seen my different tactics and approaches . Did you fail to realize what kind of change my worldview and all my knowledge could bring to this world? So far even as a powerless and poor baby, I have not lost a single fight .

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" You even failed to realize now the meaning of my words . You did not beat magic itself you exploited the human using them . That is not the way I meant to surpass magic, because that fighting style can only get you so far . You struggled against kids, who have never fought a real battle . Even without all my wisdom I still could determine the outcome of any battle against stronger enemies . "

It is that thinking that hinders your success, even if I am a fool in your eyes, with that attitude you will lose the fight, before it even had begun and the cycle starts once again, with you none the wiser . Yet the fool remains stubborn looking ahead at the glorious future . You are just wasting all that knowledge you have accumulated . But something as almighty and knowledgeable as you do not care, because if someone like you knows nothing but failure a mere mortal is not even allowed to have that kind of dream .

" The only thing you have is a sharp tongue, but your foolish confidence is a road straight to disaster . Do you really think I did not consider different ways, different approaches to surpass magic? I have tried specializing in something, that did not work, I have tried to use a balanced approach that proved to be useless as well . I have tried transforming something by erasing all their flaws that still remained pointless . I have tried to go beyond the limits of their body, only to watch in sheer horror as magic ruined my hard work in mere seconds .

I have tried to change their spirit and ability to wield mana as well, but I am incapable of using them if mana is in their body . I have tried to deactivate their emotions and their intelligence to guide them directly myself but even with me in control magic still ended up being my downfall . I tried to control more creatures at a time but ended up making me weaker than ever before . I even thought of changing every body part and make the ultimate creature, that has the best parts of every monster I have ever encountered, yet even that effort was futile . You are nothing more than a new project and I will fail with you as I did with the others, all I can do is try and search for more effective ways, that's all I can do . "

You are not only a fool but a total moron as well . You are so focussed on finding the solution that you constrict your choices from the get-go . Magic is so versatile because it can take many forms . But you only try to change the body of your host . It is no wonder you never found a solution . The right approach would include to not only develop your body from the inside or outside but to change the outside world to suit your liking .

What is fire magic in the ocean? What is earth magic in the sky? What is light magic in total darkness? If you change the battlefield to your needs, you can overcome many hardships . Preparation is the key .

Who would win in a fist fight between 2 peasants?

The stronger one

But if you give the weaker one magic .

The weaker one would win because he now has a strong method to suppress his previous foe .

But if that, for now, knows of his weakness he will use a different approach and catch the weaker peasant off-guard .

But if that peasant knew about the plan of his foe, he would always pay attention and not fall for any obvious feint or trap .

This play always sees one side reacting and adapting and the other side trying to surpass the chosen method of defence .

But if I just gave you a tool, that every peasant can use efficiently and does not require any faith to utilize, then we can see that the former balance shatters easily, as the other side can not adapt to something that is not man or monster . There is no rhyme or reason to such a tool, it does not have emotions, it does not care about the motives of its use .

Of course, such a concept may look like an idiotic thought of a total lost cause, but let me show you something out of my former world . It is a weapon called pistol, it is one of the weaker weapons we have . Now watch this memory of a gun in usage .

After watching the video you will know what I mean .

- A loud an obnoxious laugh appeared in my head after he had seen the memory of the weapon in action and the devastating wound it can deal .

" You really are something special, I would have called surpassing magic as a fools dream but you even want to enslave it and use it to create such a weapon . I will share some of my knowledge with you, let me bear witness how far you can go against magic with your tools . "

' Following your dialogue a self-aware AI seems to be the least special case right here . An entity with a foolish dream, something from another world and an Artifical Programm, what kind of outcome can we achieve if we mix all those together I can not wait to find out . '

" So let me tell you a story of a foolish dreamer of the old times . . .


In the meantime, somewhere in a hidden location, there was a young woman currently twisting all around her bed she had been confined to . Her whole body was shivering, as her breathing was heavy and full of pain .

With a scream full of terror she awakened and her bloodshot eyes were staring at a familiar ceiling . She could feel that her body, was currently heavily weakened and she could not even muster the strength move any of her limbs .

After the screams resounded, calm and steady steps could be heard approaching her .

The person coming closer was a fierce man clothed in full armour . Looking at his eyes, a normal person would fall on the knees and beg for forgiveness on the spot . His black hair and dark brown eyes were looking at Laura with no emotions at all .

A weak " Father" escaped Laura's lips but before she even could speak another word a loud smack could be heard .

He had raised his fist and slapped his daughter with his open palm .

" How dare you speak with me . You are a disappointment through and through, just like your filthy mother . Dieing while giving birth to such a disappointment, trash remains trash . How did you even manage to lose to a weak creature in that simulation? The outside world sees you as a talent that only appears in millennia, but right now you just look like one of those filthy inhabitants you find in the scum .

Was your intention to sully my name and tarnish my reputation, by failing so horribly? Do you want to drag the whole household down with you, are you that selfish? Such a disgrace .

And to lose so horribly that your whole body suffers, just because you die in a simulation . Your mentality is too weak, you will have to endure much harder hardships on the battlefield . In your current form, you are not cut out for your role . I already notified your master, be prepared to be interrogated and questioned to see whether you are still fit .

During his whole speech, Laura had not made a single noise and just stared at the ground .

Her father clicked his teeth in annoyance and turned around leaving her without looking back at her .

A soft chuckle left her lips as she looked at the back of her father . Those with strength are always the same, they only look down after they have forgotten the weakness they themselves once held . The hope of the weak that they proclaim to carry is nothing but useless baggage for them .

Why was I chosen and not someone else, someone who is strong and noble? But even as I get stronger and stronger I still find myself losing to such an insignificant creature . How could I even lose to such a mad creature in the first place, I have copied the strongest magician of my generation and yet it still felt like he saw right through me .

I have never witnessed creatures and monsters alike use such a variety of tactics and even his general bearing was not something I have seen in any other person . I would not expect someone who has lost his mind to come with a plan and to beat me, with ease while I use everything in my arsenal .

My ploy had been seen through and yet he did not kill me on the spot, he still talked to me as if nothing was wrong . I do not understand him at all, while he spoke with me he always seemed to be in thought, taking in everything I had said . The workout he had shown me did not look like something an envoy of a God would do .

He did not even use magic during our whole fight, not even once . Was I not worthy enough for it or was he not capable of using it? The mere thought me getting beaten by a being without any magic is preposterous . I will have to let my master view my memories and let her be the judge .

I will have to recover for quite some time, so it would be best If should relieve the memory and see where I did go wrong .

As her eyes closed a deep grin became visible on her face . Thank you, Samatha, life with you around certainly has become much more interesting .