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Both are Foxes - Chapter 33

Published at 17th of September 2017 06:59:57 AM

Chapter 33

Ye Yin pulled Du Luo into Nangong Piaoran’s ostentatious carriage, his steps wide and deliberate . He glanced around their surroundings . As expected, there was a planned ambush!

Inside the carriage were four people . Each person harbored different thoughts .

“Brother Nangong, why don’t you introduce us?” Ye Yin calmly watched the young man surnamed Yang who had been eyeing him ever since he had entered the carriage .  

Nangong Piaoran blinked a few times . His eyes that had been distant, lost in thought, focused . He smiled elegantly . “I almost forgot . This is brother Yanghan Yang, the lord of Mangci . This is…” Nangong Piaoran turned to face Yanghan . “This is my new friend I just met two days ago, Ye Yin . Brother Ye is a small merchant . ”

Ye Yin chuckled . “Compared to you two, I, your little brother, master of Fusheng, am indeed merely a small merchant . Right, this is my sworn brother, Du Luo . ”

“Du Luo? The famed swordmaster known as ‘Wind Blade’?” Yanghan was surprised . He almost didn’t believe that Du Luo would look so ordinary .

“Lord Yang knows my elder brother?”

Yanghan smiled . “Wind Blade Du Luo is famed for his thirty-six wind sword formations . His Gale sword has slashed through many villains . Few across the land is his match . He has traveled far and wide, leaving lasting imprints across the entire world . Young master Ye, your righteous brother is renowned!”

Du Luo laughed quietly . He was a man of few words and it was his principle to speak less and listen more . In any case, he was no match for Ye Yin .  

“As expected of the lord of Mangci . Brother Yang sure is knowledgeable . However, you should not look down on brother Ye . Fusheng has branches across the world with sixty six branches in total . It specializes in gathering rare and uncommon items and holds auctions twice a year . Merchants flock wherever the auction is held . Local taverns can make up to a thousand silver! Brother Ye, the amount of money you make a year must be great!”

“No, no, it is you two are great . Brother Yang’s Mangci is a sharp blade, tenacious and relentless . Even if one dares to provoke the heavens, one does not dare to provoke Mangci, or else face a bitter end . Money is no match for life . As for brother Nangong, I don’t even need to explain . No matter what, information is most important . However, rumors say that there is no information you cannot buy . The little money Fusheng makes is no match for Xiaoyao!”  

“Brother Ye, you forgot, you show such promise at such a young age… ”

“‘With boundless prospects?’ is what you plan on saying next? Are you two bored or something?” Du Lo suddenly interjected . “What are you guys liking each other’s boots for?”

Nangong paused awkwardly . Ye Yin laughed secretly into his sleeve . Brother Du still was like this . He wouldn’t speak much when in the presence of outsiders, but when he did, he would leave everyone speechless .

Nangong only paused awkwardly for a brief moment before smiling charmingly . He opened his mouth to speak again, but Du Luo did not give him the chance, smiling faintly . As if deliberately, he said to Nangong Piaoran, “We’ve arrived . Are you getting off?”

Du Luo’s smile usually left a positive feeling, but this time, his smile seemed provoking . Nangong Piaoran was angered, but did not show it on his face . Only, his smile stiffened a bit .

Were these two synchronized? Ye Yin smiled, then silently glanced at Yanghan, who watched on contemplatively . Every one of them was no ordinary being!

Although the night was already dark, they still entered Jufeng . Anyone good at business would not refuse customers, and anyone would be able to tell in a glance these people were not to be provoked .

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The owner of Jufeng personally served them, opening a chamber especially for them . He served good tea, served good wine, then left to help the food preparations . Seeing how the owner was neither servile nor overbearing, Ye Yin’s eyes flickered . This person was noteworthy!

The room was very quiet . The four drank tea, drank wine, but no one spoke . Nangong Piaoran fiddled with the teapot expressionlessly . It seemed Du Luo’s words earlier had left an impact on him .

Ye Yin smiled seeing Nangong Piaoran’s appearance . Nangong Piaoran was not the only one to be silenced by Du Luo and would not be the last . However, did he have to look so gloomy? How amusing, liking to show off, but unable to bear any criticisms, just like a child . But this person was not easy to deal with, only… If only this were his true nature, not something he was intentionally showing others .

Although Ye Yin was amused seeing Nangong Piaoran’s appearance, he did not overlook Yanghan’s piercing gaze . He took a sip leisurely, then said heedlessly, “Young master Yang, why do you look at me so?”

“I am feel it is strange . Why is it the one who spent up to thousands of gold saying that time is money is spending time with us drinking wine instead of ** with the beautiful lady?”

Ye Yin raised a brow . “Now that young master Yang has withdrawn from competing, what is there for me to worry about? Young master Yang, did you forget, my brother here brought out fifty thousand gold for Rouge . In other words, even in the future, she is completely mine . In the future, there are many days to **, so… ** can be done in the future, but brothers are not to be neglected . Young master Yang, I cannot desert good brothers for a woman, correct?”

As he spoke, Ye Yin cast glances at Du Luo, his eyes with brotherly love . But knowing Ye Yin’s true nature, Du Luo laughed inwardly . Little Qi lies without even blinking . Now he’s pretending to be a brother? What was he doing earlier? He almost lost his life, so not worth! Strangely, these two people both seemed interested in little Qi, but they could not know little Qi’s true identity . Otherwise…

Suddenly, Du Luo thought of something and smiled . If Ren Fengyao and these two were to compete, what a sight it would be!

Because Du Luo smiled while looking at Ye Yin, any onlooker would feel he and Ye Yin were indeed close brothers . However, Ye Yin knew that Du Luo must be thinking of some kind of devious idea! But Du Luo would not expose him . Ye Yin stopped paying attention to Du Luo .

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“Young master Ye, aren’t you afraid that treating the beauty so coldly will make her angry?”

Ye Yin blinked . “Of course not . Rouge also has her own business to deal with . She must return to her house and pack her belongings and bid her sisters farewell . Women spend much time saying farewell . ”

“Ah, right, brother Ye, don’t you have two beautiful servants accompanying you? Aren’t you afraid they will… Brother Ye, jealous women are capable of destructive acts! You must be careful!” It seems Nangong Piaoran was now more interested now that they were talking about women . He finally gained back his momentum, sitting up straight, his eyes bright as he faced Ye Yin . Although he seemed to be saying a warning, his eyes seemed to say he was looking forward to entertainment .

Ye Yin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . “Brother Nangong really seems to be looking forward to my demise! But brother Nangong, don’t worry, I, your little brother, will definitely be fine . Although my two servant girls are a little foolish, losing all sense of direction when they see men, they are both very loyal . They will take care of Rouge wholeheartedly, so brother Nangong, I’m afraid the entertainment you’re hoping to see won’t appear . ”

“Is that so . How regretful!” Nangong Piaoran implicitly admitted he was indeed looking forward to a show . Now that he thought about it, Ye Yin must have been referring to that day in the restaurant . “Brother Ye’s two servant girls sure are interesting . Alas! Why do I not have such interesting servants?”

“Brother Nangong likes my two servant girls? But I, your little brother, I have already spent many years teaching them . Now we are inseparable . Otherwise, I, your little brother, would be willing to give you both servant girls . Actually, with brother Nangong’s capabilities, how can you not have met any suitable girls? Brother Nangong, you are very attractive to women, after all . ”

Du Luo listened to the pointless conversation while drinking wine silently . He interjected, “Young master Nangong seems attractive to both men and women!”

When he heard Du Luo’s words, Ye Yin almost choked . He looked at Yanghan and saw that he was similarly covering his mouth, trying to suppress his laughter . Ye Yin was speechless . Du Luo sure was brave . Was he not afraid Nangong Piaoran would break out in anger?

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Nangong Piaoran’s eyes flashed coldly, but he quickly switched to an even more charming smile . “Then can my** appearance attract you, Du Luo?”

Du Luo raised a brow, smiling yet not smiling . “I’m not interested in transsexuals!”

Nangong lept to his feet, his two palms on the table as he leaned forward, his eyes narrowed coldly . “Du Luo, don’t think just because you are the Wind Blade that I’ll be afraid of you…”

“Hahahaha,” Ye Yin laughed heartily, breaking the two’s tension . He pointed at the two . “You two sure are synchronized! Just a moment ago, I thought this when brother Du was targeting Nangong Piaoran, and now… did… did you two know each other before?”

“Who would know this kind of person!”

The two said at the same time, then froze . Ye Yin laughed again . “How well coordinated! Haha, if brother Nangong were to wear female clothing, then an outsider would think you two were lovers quarreling!”

“Little Qi!”

“Brother Ye!”

The two said at the same time . Even though no punches were thrown, the two both had ugly expressions . Ye Yin glanced at Yanghan, who visibly did not want to get involved . “Some people like to bully the person they like in order to attract their interest . Brother Du, you…”

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