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Published at 14th of September 2019 04:05:06 AM

Chapter 1090

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Time quickly passed by, and unknowingly, Zhao Hai was already in the Machine Field for one month . In this month, Dins and the others already passed the requirements and rose to the second floor classroom . Besides Zhao Hai, only two other ascenders were left on the first floor .

Ascending didn’t have a set time interval . Sometimes, there would be dozens of newcomers in one year, some years might even reach hundreds . But at the same time, there would also be times when only one person ascended . This situation was very normal .

The two other ascenders on the first floor were young men . Zhao Hai tried to talk to them but the two were full of vigilance towards him . Moreover, their arrogance was something that even Zhao Hai couldn’t bear . In the end, Zhao Hai can only give up on them and focused on condensing magic formations instead . At this point, the number of magic formations that Zhao Hai had managed to condense had reached 100 thousand . Moreover, this wasn’t the only improvement he had in this month . At this point, Zhao Hai can now condense 100 magic formations at the same time . And these 100 magic formations would be condensed in 5 minutes or so .

Although Dins and the others had moved to the second floor, they didn’t stop contacting Zhao Hai . The group ate their meals together almost every day . Naturally, Qi Yi would be part of this from time to time . Margaret also got in touch with Dins and the others to invite them to the Bone Symbol Camp . This caused the old men to feel relieved .

On the other hand, the time for Zhao Hai’s monthly examination came . As long as he passed this examination, he would then be able to rise to the second floor . Additionally, the metal plate would begin to function .

The magic formation on the metal plate would adjust the density of spiritual qi inside Zhao Hai’s body . This would enable him to slowly adjust to the Machine Field’s spiritual qi . When one year passes, he would then be able to fully adjust to the realm’s environment .

Zhao Hai was able to see the exam that Dins and the others underwent . However, upon seeing their exam, Zhao Hai was no longer sure what kind of exam he would face .

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The exam that Dins and the others took was the same test that Margaret had given Zhao Hai on his second day . In other words, Zhao Hai had already passed the monthly exam in his second day . This made the monthly examination redundant . Zhao Hai believed that Margaret wouldn’t give him the same test .

Although he was wondering about what his test would be, Zhao Hai didn’t actually ask Margaret about it . He just continued to live his days on the first floor, either attending classes or staying inside his room condensing magic formations .

The day of the test quickly arrived . Zhao Hai punctually arrived in his classroom before 9 o’clock . This time, he didn’t bring his robots . The two were left behind his room accompanying Laura and the others .

Zhao Hai believed that Margaret would also arrive in time . And sure enough, Margaret entered the room at 9 . When she saw Zhao Hai, Margaret just said, “Follow me . ” Zhao Hai nodded and didn’t say anything .

Margaret was a quiet person and never said anything useless . Apart from giving lectures and answering questions, she generally kept quiet during classes . Zhao Hai was already used to her cold and quiet demeanor .

Although it can be said that Margaret only instructed him for three days, these three days were the most important days for Zhao Hai . This was because it was in these three days that Margaret opened up Zhao Hai’s path to being an Expert .

Magic Theory was very suitable to Zhao Hai’s cultivation method . As long as he had condensed a specific formation, he would no longer spend time in arranging it in the future since it would appear almost instantaneously . This also applies to layered formations .

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Although Zhao Hai was condensing magic formations in these past several days, he didn’t relax when it comes to layering formations . Layering magic formations wasn’t as simple as putting one formation on top of another . Layered formation came in many types . The simplest one of them was layering two of the same formations . For example, if Zhao Hai layers his summoning magic formation, he wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time on it since there would be no conflicts between parts of the formation . Because of that, this type was said to be the simplest .

However, this arrangement also meant that this type of layered formation was the weakest . If it was in numerical terms, it was just adding one to one . The effect wasn’t amplified that much .

The most difficult layered formations were those who incorporated formations from multiple elements . Even layering two formations would prove difficult . But since this increased the resulting formation’s geometric structure, the magic formation would be very powerful .

In the Machine Field, there were people who tried to make the strongest layered formation using computers . However, there had yet to be any success .

Computers weren’t omnipotent . And even if it managed to calculate the strongest combination, the requirements to condense such formation would be extremely strict; to the point where no errors should happen during the entire process .

In the end, Mages were still people, they weren’t machines . Even machines had flaws, much less Mages . For a Mage to layer formations without a single error was borderline impossible .

Layered formations simulated by computers required perfection . As long as a single error appears, the formation would be rendered useless, it might even injure the Mage casting it . Because of this, the best layered formations in the Machine Field were those made by Mages who had battled for a long time . Moreover, starting from five to ten layered formations, these were deemed as a secret by Mages . They would only pass their formations down to their disciples or younger generations . It was impossible for these formations to be revealed to the public .

However, these things weren’t an issue for Zhao Hai . Inside the Space was the Universal Scanner . Although the scanner was still level 1, it was something that most computers couldn’t compare to . The biggest characteristic of the scanner was that it was made to cater to Zhao Hai’s needs . It can be said that everything inside the Space revolves around Zhao Hai, the scanner was not different . Because of this, Cai’er had the scanner analyze the formations that Zhao Hai condensed so far . At the same time, the scanner would create combinations that would suit Zhao Hai the most .

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In addition to practicing Magic Theory, Zhao Hai was also trying to layer magic formations . At this point, he can now layer 100 magic formations together .

Zhao Hai and Margaret took the elevator and went up the building . There were some floors in the academy that weren’t open to the students . These floors were some of the most important facilities of the academy . Teachers usually lived on these floors .

They went through the uppermost floor of the academy and then to the platform on the roof . Parked on the platform was a small battleship that was shaped like a small bean . It had a rounded head and tail .

The entire battleship was 50 meters long and 20 meters wide . Painted on its side were four characters that spelled ‘Ascender Academy’

Seeing this battleship, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but gawk . He turned his head to Margaret and said, “Instructor, are we going outside?”

Margaret nodded and said, “There’s no point in testing you using the standards we use om the others . In the Ascender Academy, there would be ten tests per year . This first exam tests your knowledge of magic runes . The second tests if you can condense a formation . And then the third exam is a smelting trial outside the Academy . ”

Zhao Hai frowned for a moment before he said, “I still haven’t adjusted to the concentration of spiritual qi . Is it alright for me to go outside?”

Margaret answered, “There’s no need to worry about that . The academy’s battleships are all modified to automatically adjust the concentration of energy . Also, the place that you’ll be going to will have less concentration of spiritual qi compared to normal . These tests are specially arranged for ascenders to undergo, the academy had prepared everything in advance . Your test this time is to go outside and eradicate a malicious ghost . ”

Zhao Hai replied, “Malicious ghosts? Are they like the Lich?”

Margaret gave a nod and said, “There are similarities, but malicious ghosts aren’t the same as Lich . These malicious ghosts are stronger than the Lich from the lower realms . They not only use magic, they can also do physical attacks . For you who just learned Magic Theory, dealing with these things would be tough . ”

Zhao Hai gave a nod . Margaret continued, “The place we’re going to is an area on the edge of the Machine Field . Its concentration of spiritual qi isn’t high, but there are still people living there . Moreover, it is an important sector for mithril mining . But because of the constant mining, it had become a place with rich yin energy . This caused the place to produce dark creatures . This place is also one of the smelting trials of the Machine Field’s academies . Besides you, there are also other ascenders undergoing their smelting trial in that place . Therefore, not only do you need to be wary of malicious ghosts, you also need to be vigilant against other ascenders . ”

Zhao Hai gave another nod . At this time, they had arrived in front of the battleship’s door . Then door automatically opened and then closed when they entered . In front of Zhao Hai was a corridor . Margaret led Zhao Hai towards a door, then she said, “This will be your room . Don’t wander around aimlessly . The battleship has its own internal security system . If for some reason you end up inside forbidden areas, you will immediately be attacked by the ship . ”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Instructor Margaret, how long will it take us to reach our destination?”

Margaret answered, “In about three days . In these three days, people will come to deliver food to you . You can use the internet inside your room and you can also practice . It would be best if you don’t go out . ” Zhao Hai nodded for the last time before he went inside his room .

The room wasn’t very big, only about 20 square meters . It had a bed, a table, a bathroom, and a sofa, nothing else .

But what made Zhao Hai surprised the most was that there was a window inside the room . Although it wasn’t big, he could still see the scenery outside .

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