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Published at 15th of October 2019 04:00:12 PM

Chapter 1121

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On the Bone Symbol Camp’s mountainous region was a training ground . It was the most elaborate training ground of the eight . People were currently present in this place . There was a competition between members of the Bone Symbol Camp .

One side was Zhao Hai while the other side were people elected by Desbarres . These were the representatives of the latest generation, totalling ten . The context of the test was very simple . As long as Zhao Hai can win against these ten people, then he would be allowed to participate in the Six Realm Beginner Competition!

After Zhao Hai revealed his hundred-layer formation, Desbarres finally relented . He agreed to Zhao Hai joining the beginner competition, but on the condition that Zhao Hai pass a test .

The mountainous training ground was chosen out of all the training grounds because Desbarres knew that the battles of the Six Realm Beginner Competition weren’t only in arenas . Participants would also fight under various environments .

The Bone Symbol Camp spent a high price constructing this training ground . The entire place took more than 2000 mu . There were nearly a hundred thousand cameras installed inside the area . There were also 100 aerial cameras circling the place . These cameras could monitor the training ground for five straight days, completely recording the entire event .

At this time, Desbarres and Tao Wang were sitting inside the training ground’s spectator’s room . In front of them was a large screen showing Zhao Hai and his ten opponents . The former entering a different entrance than the latter .

It wasn’t just Desbarres and Tao Wang who were inside the spectator room . Elders of the Bone Symbol Camp were also present . When these people learned from Tao Wang that the unseen Zhao Hai was currently being tested, they couldn’t stop their curiosity from surfacing, so they joined in to spectate .

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The ten people elected by Desbarres had already surpassed the five-year mark of ascending . Moreover, their strengths were pretty good . There were six Warriors and four Mages . Three of the Warriors were level 4 while the other three were level 3 . As for the Mages, two were level 4 while the other two were level 3 .

With Desbarres’s signal, Zhao Hai and the other ten people entered the mountainous grounds . The grounds were densely forested and had varied terrain . There were stones, trees, water, pits, and holes inside . The terrain was very complex . Only those with enough fighting experience could find the enemy and make a surprise attack .

When Zhao Hai entered the grounds, everyone’s eyes were immediately aimed at him . They wanted to see how Zhao Hai planned to proceed . Zhao Hai looked around and then waved his hand, releasing about a hundred Undead . The undead went on to scatter themselves out into the surrounding area . Meanwhile, Zhao Hai looked for a cave where he sat down and closed his eyes .

Upon seeing Zhao Hai’s action, Desbarres and the others were stunned . But in the end, they nodded . They understood what Zhao Hai wanted to do . He hadn’t been to this training ground before, so he was quite unfamiliar with its terrain . In this situation, it was better to have the Undead scout while he looked for a place to wait in . He would only attack once he found the enemy . This was the most correct approach for him .

Desbarres spared a lot of thoughts in constructing this training ground . There were large numbers of spirit-suppressing stones installed all around the training ground . This way, people wouldn’t be able to use their spiritual force to scout the area . Otherwise, Mages could just sweep the entire area with their spiritual force . If this happens, then what’s the point of the varied terrain?

Spirit-suppressing stones were relatively common in the World of Cultivation . This stone doesn’t have any other effect other than suppressing a person’s spiritual force . Also, the more stones there were, the more powerful the suppression would be . If your original spiritual force could be released up to 10 thousand meters and there are 100 cubic meters of spirit-suppressing stones, then your spiritual force would be limited to 100 meters .

Although spirit-suppressing stones weren’t rare in the World of Cultivation, this didn’t mean that they were cheap . In this mountainous training ground, Desbarres installed 2000 cubic meters of stone . One could see that its construction was definitely a huge deal .

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Even if the people in the spectator room thought that Zhao Hai’s method was very good, there were actually only a few who could really do it .

If one wanted their Undead to scout like Zhao Hai, they needed to accomplish a few points . First, if one was a Dark Mage, then they would need to know summoning magic . Second, they need high-level Undead . If they only had low-level undead, then they wouldn’t be able to gain any information at all, completely removing the possibility of reconnaissance .

The third point was that they should have formidable spiritual force . It was well known that summoners couldn’t be too far from their summoned creatures . If a summoned creature goes beyond the summoner’s range, then their control would go weaker up to the point where the summoner could no longer control the creature .

Out of everyone present, only a handful of them could achieve this . And to those who were able to do it, they were able to gauge of Zhao Hai’s strength .

Before long, Zhao Hai’s undead discovered an enemy, it was a Mage . Zhao Hai began to move . He walked out of the cave and went towards the Mage . The Undead that discovered the Mage was already unsummoned by Zhao Hai . Because of this, the Mage had yet to know that he has been discovered .

Just like everyone else, the Mage was using spiritual force in order to explore the surroundings . He carefully moved forward while also having a protective shield around him . Although this might possibly cause him to be discovered, the shield would protect him from any surprise attack .

Zhao Hai slowly trekked through the dense forest . From the Undead, he knew about the terrain in front of him . Therefore, he wasn’t worried about falling into pits .

Before long, Zhao Hai felt the Mage’s presence . He didn’t only feel the Mage’s spiritual force, he could also feel the energy coming off of the shield .

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Zhao Hai began to tread carefully . Not only did he withdraw his spiritual force, he also hid his form using the shadow of the trees .

The people in the spectator room looked breathlessly at Zhao Hai’s actions . They found that Zhao Hai was like an assassin as he proceeded carefully . The Mage didn’t discover Zhao Hai at all . The distance between the two was getting smaller and smaller .

When the distance between the two became a hundred meters, Zhao Hai suddenly sped up . He appeared behind the Mage and then a 50-layer formation set appeared in his hand . Then Zhao Hai said, “Sharp Metal, Spear!” As his voice fell, a huge metal spear flew out of the magic formation, stabbing through the Mage’s shield . And like a bubble, the shield broke .

Just as the Mage was about to counterattack, Zhao Hai already got another 50-layer formation ready . When the formation appeared, Zhao Hai said, “Breeze lock!” Along with Zhao Hai words, a wind element chain appeared around the Mage and then entangled him . When the Mage was captured, the Mage was already out of the test . This was because Zhao Hai could kill him in that state .

The Mage understood this point and his expression couldn’t help but drop . Then he nodded towards Zhao Hai . Zhao Hai waved his hand and the wind chains vanished . The Mage bowed towards Zhao Hai before leaving the battlefield .

Zhao Hai moved once more and disappeared into the forest . If the people from the spectator room didn’t look through the cameras, then they wouldn’t have known where he was .

Zhao Hai’s fight with the Mage was very short . Zhao Hai only sent two magic formations to defeat the other party . However, as long as magic was used, a disturbance would appear . The others already noticed the magical waves coming from the battle .

At this time, Zhao Hai was flying towards a Warrior . This Warrior was level 4 . Although his strength was among the top, he was still quite careful . He had his weapon ready and he moved slowly .

Then suddenly, the Warrior felt magical ripples in front of him . He wasn’t familiar with this ripple, so he readied his sword so that he could immediately send his sword qi .

After carefully advancing for two minutes, the Warrior suddenly felt some movement not far away from him . He hid behind a tree and looked ahead . What he saw stunned him . This was because not too far from him was an Undead holding a mage staff . When he saw this, he was startled, he knew that this was a trap!

But even if the Warrior found out about this, it was already too late . He suddenly heard a voice saying, “Green vine, entangle!” Upon hearing this voice, the Warrior found that the tree he was hiding behind suddenly sprouted vines . It didn’t take long before the vines wrapped around the Warrior .

However, the vines didn’t wrap him for a long time and loosened slowly after . When the Warrior saw Zhao Hai, he didn’t say anything and just nodded before leaving the area .

The man sighed as he took his sword and left the training grounds .

At this moment, the other people arrived at the place of Zhao Hai’s first battle . Naturally, there was nobody there . Although traces of magic were still present, nobody could make any use of it .

The eight people looked at each other . Then they felt the magic that Zhao Hai released when fighting the Warrior . But just as they were about to go over, they suddenly found out that they had been surrounded!

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