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Published at 28th of January 2017 04:54:01 AM

Chapter 260

Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 260

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Chapter 260 – Herculean Bull Tribe’s Plight

Wales looked at his warriors who had no regrets, while his heart was very emotional . On Beastmen Prairie, if one weren’t a qualified leader, no one would follow . Beastmen too had the right to choose their own leaders .

Such a thing had happened on the prairie . A tribe’s chieftain had become incompetent, and his tribesmen had gradually left him . Eventually, the tribe disappeared from the prairie .

Wales’ current situation wasn’t too good . Gasol controlled the entire Herculean Bull Tribe, and his subordinates’ families were in Gasol’s hands . If they weren’t following him out of deep loyalty, they probably would’ve left him some time ago .

Wales was touched that these people had stayed behind . He watched them calmly and said, “Brothers, I’m sure everyone has learned of what has taken place in the tribe . Your families are still in the tribe . I am happy that you are still able to stay by my side . Our enemies are coming, and after an hour, they will appear before us . We will not retreat . Herculean Bull Tribe’s warriors will never retreat . Now, brothers, ride your bulls and raise your axes . Follow me and let our enemies know, that we are the strongest warriors of the Herculean Bull Tribe . ”

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Wales’s words weren’t shouted . In fact, he was speaking them very calmly, like he was simply stating a fact . But the warriors were very emotional . They heeded him with a loud call and ran to pick up their weapons, and pulled their mounts by their reins .

Wales ignored them and asked Zhao Hai, “Are you coming with us, brother? By horse or by wagon?”

Zhao Hai smiled and shook his head, “No, big brother . I’m going by something better . ” With a move of his hand, Xenomorph appeared in front of him .

Wales was very curious about Xenomorph’s powerful appearance . Zhao Hai smiled and walked towards its mouth, “Come, big brother . Drink some coya with me . ” He then walked into Xenomorph’s mouth .

Wales and the others followed Zhao Hai inside curiously, and they soon arrived in the space inside Xenomorph . Now, its space had gone through a major change . Laura modified this space to the point that it was like her own wagon . A few boxes had been put in there, which could be used as benches . Inside the boxes were blankets and other things, while there was also a box in the middle, which had upper and lower compartments . The bottom compartment was a refrigeration block that could be used to keep things at freezing temperatures . The top compartment contained coya and other things, while a tea set was placed on top of the box . In the middle of it was a magic burner powered by a magic crystal, used to boil water .

Wales and the others looked idly at all of this . They had never expected that there was another realm inside this undead creature’s body .

Zhao Hai smiled at them, “Sit down, big brother . Want a cup?”

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Wales sat down and looked around, “Not bad . We can even see what’s outside . Teacher, I think you should sit here with little Hai . I’ll settle the matters outside . ”

Yale didn’t object and just smiled, “That’s fine . It’s quite nice, sitting in here . You should go out and prepare yourself . I think Gasol and his lot will be here soon . ”

Wales nodded and glanced at Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, when things get rough, don’t be polite . Just act directly . ”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Relax, big brother . I won’t be kind . You should hurry . They might’ve discovered where we are . ”

Wales nodded and then went out of Xenomorph . Mendez also went out, while Zhao Hai and Yale stayed inside . Laura and the others stayed next to Zhao Hai, while the food wagons outside hadn’t moved .

Zhao Hai poured a cup of coya for Yale and asked, “Mr . Yale, do you think we’ll fight? Gasol shouldn’t make a move after seeing what we have, right?”

Yale shook his head in response, “Not necessarily . Gasol is a conceited individual . He won’t give up so easily . Right now, Wales is his biggest concern . If he can kill Wales, he can gain total control of the Herculean Bull Tribe . Even though there are a lot of undead, beastmen usually don’t think of them seriously, because they believe that undead aren’t powerful . It isn’t likely that they know your undead creatures are so powerful, which is why I think Gasol might make a move . ”

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Zhao Hai nodded . He really didn’t want to do this . He didn’t fear the act of murder . He had killed plenty of people from Ark Continent, but right now, he was going to kill the Herculean Bull Tribe’s people .

If the tribe’s losses were too great, its place on Beastmen Prairie would be lowered, and that would not be a good thing for him . Nothing else mattered on Beastmen Prairie other than strength . With strength came respect . If you didn’t have great strength, then sorry . It wouldn’t matter how powerful you were in the past as a whole . People wouldn’t give you face .

No matter what, one must retaliate when struck . Not striking back wasn’t Zhao Hai’s style . He had nothing to say about that when Wales and the others had decided to strike back .

Zhao Hai sighed, “I still don’t get it . Does Gasol want the chieftain’s position that badly? If a lot of people die because of his clash against big brother, then the position of the tribe will be lowered . What good will it do him? He harmed his own father in the process of becoming the chieftain, so his reputation is surely a bad one on the prairie . He’s at a major disadvantage . Did he never think about all this?”

Yale sighed, “You don’t know Gasol . He is a prideful person, very self-absorbed, who thinks that his own power is great . To top it off, he’s a battle maniac . I can say that, if not for such a temperament, Wales wouldn’t have to fight him for the chieftain position . Because, Wales and I are very clear that once Gasol becomes the chieftain, war will be unavoidable . ”

Yale sighed again and continued, “Don’t be fooled by how powerful the tribe seems right now . There are still a lot of people provoking the herculean bulls . Just the fighting bulls are vexing enough, to name a single example . ”

Zhao Hai was taken aback . He knew that the fighting bulls were a major race among the bull-headed races, and that its tribe had marital ties to the herculean bulls . Why did Yale say that the Fighting Bull Tribe was provoking the Herculean Bull Tribe?

Yale clarified upon looking at Zhao Hai, “The position of every ruling tribe of a beastmen race isn’t fixed in place . If you are powerful, then you are the ruling race . On the other hand, if you are weak, you have no right to be the ruling race . Despite the previous chieftain having battled across the prairie with great results, the tribe’s strength has been spent for a great deal . Now is supposed to be the time for rest and recovery . If a battle maniac becomes chieftain now, our losses will be even greater if new wars are waged . ”

Yale stopped to drink a mouthful of coya before continuing, “The fighting bulls are a powerful fighting race among the bull-headed races . They are muscular and have immense strength, especially when leading their charges . Even herculean bulls will not necessarily maintain the upper hand when facing them . They are scary in the fact that they weren’t very powerful before, but changed after their new chieftain got the position . Unlike his predecessors, he isn’t someone who is very fond of fighting . They have been resting in all these years, and thus have become more powerful than they were before . The Herculean Bull Tribe’s late chieftain saw that the position of the ruling tribe was becoming unstable, so he wedded 4 of his daughters to the Fighting Bull Tribe . He attempted to use marriage to pacify the Fighting Bull Tribe, but it obviously hasn’t been very effective . It was because of this reason that there are decreasing amount of wars fought by the Herculean Bull Tribe . However, Gasol assumed that the late chieftain lost his ambition because of his age, so he was greatly dissatisfied with the late chieftain . The late chieftain was deeply disappointed . How could he ignore the threat by his side? That was why he gave the position to Wales . Wales isn’t fond of fighting, and he is very smart . The late chieftain could be at ease that way . ”

Zhao Hai didn’t think that this fight for the succession would be serious to the extent of deciding the very future of the Herculean Bull Tribe .

Yale sighed, “We don’t know how many casualties will be lost if this war is waged . The greater the death toll, the greater the herculean bulls’ loss, and the more unstable the position of the ruling race . Sadly, Gasol cannot see this . That overly arrogant fool keeps on believing that the herculean bulls are undefeatable, and he keeps treating the fighting bulls as the good guys . He has no idea that these ‘good guys’ are saving their strength to bring him to his knees . ”

Yale’s face bore an expression of mockery at this point . The one he was mocking was none other than Gasol . How could the likes of him lead the herculean bulls into a bright future? It was the reason why Yale fully supported Wales .

Zhao Hai sighed at the thought . He knew a little bit more about the Herculean Bull Tribe now, but he hadn’t gotten used to seeing someone like Gasol, who had the ruthlessness of a ruler to use any means necessary to achieve his goals . However, it would only end in tragedy when such a ruler didn’t also have a ruler’s foresight .

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