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Chapter 529

Chapter 529 – Two Choices

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Zhao Hai calmly looked at the 9th rank experts as they were quickly getting older . One must know that a 9th rank expert’s lifespan was very long . Moreover, from what Zhao Hai saw of their appearance, these 9th ranks can still live for a long time, at the very least 3500 years .

Now they were growing old so fast that it would seem like they were riding a fast car which is running on the road of time . It was as if the time around them were 100 or 1000 times more than normal people .

Zhao Hai’s expression stayed calm, his body beneath his clothes had now turned into crystal . He fully trusted the Space, and since it said that his body would become unbreakable upon crystallization, Zhao Hai chose to directly face these four 9th rank experts .

Since the beginning, Zhao Hai had always indirectly battled his opponents . Besides the time when he fought Terry, Zhao Hai had always been in the back, casting spells and summoning undead .

This has something to do with his character . He just doesn’t want to directly fight, he thinks that the way that Mages fight was the safest .

But now was not the time to do that, if he entered the Space at this moment, then his secret would have been exposed . In addition, he was still in the Iksa Family mansion, if he entered the Space, he would be putting the Iksa Family in peril .

Although the Space possessed marvelous abilities, it cannot forcibly absorb mindful beings . Therefore, Zhao Hai can only stand there and wait for Fernand to bring his family to his side then have them transported into the Space .

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At the same time, ever since Zhao Hai was able to crystallize, his mind changed a little bit . He wanted to try how strong his body was . Even if he cannot withstand this attack, he still had Cai’er and the Space . As long as Fernand’s family is in the Space, he can confidently and boldly accept this strike .

Naturally, the attack of the opposite party still needed to be prepared for quite some time . But Fernand wasn’t stupid, he knew that every second counts . The other members of the Iksa Family aren’t stupid either, when they saw what the 9th ranks were doing, they immediately knew what kind of attack it was .

They were very clear about how powerful 9th rank experts were . Although the Iksa Family still had their secret passage, this passage can only be a decoration in front of a 9th rank expert . After Fernand shouted, all of them immediately convened to Zhao Hai’s location .

Zhao Hai didn’t have the time to be polite with them, he immediately issued a heads-up, “In a while I’m going to send you to a strange place . But don’t worry, some people would be there to receive you . So don’t get too startled . ” Then Fernand and the others made an effort to nod .

Robert’s influence in the Iksa Family was very high, so when he shouted at the crowd, they immediately calmed down . One must know that the Iksa Family had a lot of members . It was a miracle to be able to shut them up in a short period of time .

Zhao Hai carefully observed the four 9th rank experts . The lives of these four were soon coming to an end . The wrinkles on their faces started overlapping, the hair on their head were starting to fall, old people spots were starting to appear, even their teeth were falling off .

However, they still didn’t stop chanting their incantations . It was as though they didn’t have any idea of what was happening to their bodies .

Then Zhao Hai turned his attention to the Iksa Family . Seeing that they were prepared, he immediately brought all of them into the Space .

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And just as Zhao Hai sent the Iksa Family to the Space, the four 9th rank experts said their last syllable . Then all of them violently shook before turning into a mist of blood . After then, something appeared on the skies, it seems like there was another sun that appeared . It looked very bright and terrifying .

The light seemed to be like an Energy Ball from a certain novel that Zhao Hai had read back on earth . The ball of light crashed into the mansion . But how strong was this ball of light? Zhao Hai didn’t have time to think about this as the attack collided with his head .

Fortunately, Zhao Hai’s entire body has now been crystallized . Zhao Hai felt the light hit his head and then his clothes vanishing . It was not only his clothes, the building in his surroundings has been eradicated . The ground, the cyan stones were gone, no need to say about the plants . Everything around him completely vanished .

Zhao Hai just stood there without entering the Space . This was because the ball of light hadn’t been able to damage his current body .

And also, he didn’t dare open a spatial crack to enter the Space . Even though he wasn’t affected at all, Zhao Hai felt how formidable this attack was . If this ball of light were to penetrate the crack and enter the Space, Zhao Hai didn’t know what would happen to the people inside . And he didn’t want to dare take the risk .

Since this ball of light couldn’t harm him, it was much better for him to stay outside . But Zhao Hai didn’t know that while he stayed outside, Laura and the others were very anxious for him inside the Space .

Zhao Hai made Laura and the others receive the Iksa Family . The Iksa Family had now reached its end, they can only depend upon the Buda Clan to survive . Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of the family betraying him . Moreover, since he was planning to transport the family to Iron Mountain Fort, even if they knew his secrets, it would be impossible for them to pass it on .

When the Iksa Family initially entered the Space, all of them were somewhat anxious . But when they saw Laura and the others, they calmed down . But even if the Space’s villa was huge, it can just barely fit 100 people, so it was impossible for the entire Iksa Family to be accommodated there . Laura asked them to rest first before they can be transported to Iron Mountain Fort .

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At this time, what Laura and the others were worrying about was the situation outside . Therefore, after they invited Robert into the villa, they surrounded the monitor and looked at the situation outside .

But it was unfortunate for them that the screen was entirely white, they couldn’t see anything . After the light vanished, the scene made Laura and the others breathe in a cold air .

The City Lord’s mansion has completely been wiped off the map, they couldn’t see a single piece left . In the original location of the mansion, a giant hole was left . This hole looked like a crater that a meteor had created, it had a depth of 30 meters .

What made Laura and the others uneasy was the fact that they couldn’t see Zhao Hai in that crater . Zhao Hai didn’t even leave behind a shadow .

When Laura and the others were about to panic, Zhao Hai suddenly walked in from outside . But he already had his clothes changed, what he had on was now an ordinary Mage’s Robe .

Seeing Zhao Hai come, Laura and the others relaxed . Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t intend to be missing . But since his clothes were fully gone, he cannot just appear naked inside the villa and be seen by the Iksa Family, he wasn’t an exhibitionist . Therefore, after he entered the Space, the changed his clothes first before entering the villa .

When he entered the villa, he was immediately welcomed by Laura and the others . They looked at his left and right to see that he was really alright .

Seeing their expressions, Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, “I’m fine, no need to be worried . But Laura, I’m sorry for destroying the clothes that you gave me . ”

After he said that, Laura didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Who cares about the clothes . As long as you’re fine, it’s alright . Go see Uncle Robert quickly, I don’t think his mood is fine . ”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he entered the villa’s living room . Robert and Fernand were waiting for him there, when they saw him, they immediately stood up .

Zhao Hai gave Robert a salute and then asked them to sit down, “Uncle Robert, from what I can see with the situation, there was no way for the Iksa Family to return to the Aksu Empire . ”

Robert smiled bitterly, “I already thought up to this point . Ever since our Foreign Elders were killed, I knew our Iksa Family is finished . To be honest, if not for you appearing, our Iksa Family might have gone extinct . Not matter what, I must thank you, Little Hai . ”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Uncle Robert, you’re too polite . If not because of me, your Iksa Family wouldn’t have been implicated with this situation . Since you came here, I will be clear to you . This place is our Buda Clan’s greatest secret . Nobody except members of my Buda Clan knew about it, even my father-in-laws don’t know about this . Now that the Iksa Family know about it, I can tell you that it would be impossible for you to go back . ”

Robert nodded . As soon as he entered the Space, he felt the difference inside . He was also a Mage, so he was sensitive to energy . He can feel how active the energy inside was, and it was also quite rich, many folds compared to outside . This place was certainly not a simple one .

Zhao Hai looked at Robert and said, “Uncle Robert, I can only give you two choices . First, you’ll go to the Black Wasteland . I’ll tell you, the poisonous mist in the wasteland was made by me . The Black Wasteland is where the root of our Buda Clan was established . The Milk Wine that we drank before was made there, we also have other factories in that place . In there, you will have absolute security . Moreover, I’m also prepared to buy a massive amount of slaves . If you settle down in the Black Wasteland, I can have the capable people of the Iksa Family help me manage them . ”

Robert nodded, he thought that this choice was good, but he wonders what Zhao Hai’s second choice was . So he asked, “The second choice?”