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Chapter 64

Chapter 64 - Releasing Them

Just when everyone thought that there would be no more Immortal mercenary group, the last black mage of their group used the last of his vitality to multiply his magic power by ten times, then turned the other seven black mages into high-level undead . On his death bed, he commanded the seven undead to use their black magic to make him become an undead too .

Generally, when a person becomes an undead, they would be a low-level one with low wisdom and strength . But under the power of a powerful black mage, they would retain their fighting strength and high intelligence, plus they would be a free undead, not enslaved with any constraints to anyone .

Of course, for a black mage to make a high-level undead, it would require very powerful magic . The most important part was to pay with your own vitality . Even if it was a powerful eighth level black mage, his life would come to an end when making such an attempt, so generally black mages didn't make high undead .

That black mage was seriously injured . He was a dying man, so he wasn't afraid of wasting his vitality to stimulate his magic . Once he finished creating those seven undead black mages, with his dying breath he gave them orders to bring him back as an undead .

The plan was too crazy . Those seven undead black mages were free, so it was hard to say whether they would listen to him or not . Even if his plan succeeded, the seven might have become high-level undead, but from now henceforth he would just become an average undead that couldn't eat, sleep, or enjoy any of the human pleasures . Was it really worth it?

A mercenary group consisting of eight undead black mages has become the Continent's most notorious gang of thieves . Even the large clans were terrified of them . In their opinion, if the people in that mercenary group wanted to become undead, then they were lunatics .

It was because of this that nobody wanted to offend the Immortal mercenary group .

Green had naturally heard of this mercenary group, which was precisely why he made an ugly face when he saw that flag . To be honest, he didn't want to offend the Immortal mercenary group . It might bring disastrous consequences to the Buda clan .

The flag that had been inserted into the ground was to tell any passing people that their group was working, so it was best not to make trouble, otherwise they would make an enemy out of the Immortal mercenary group .

Green turned to Zhao . "Master, we have to go back . I have something to tell you . "

Zhao was looking at the battle, but he nodded at what Green said and pulled the undead back . They quietly withdrew from the slope, and no one on the battlefield noticed them . After stepping down from the hillside, Green pointed to the woods, and Zhao directed the undead that way . In the woods, they found a secluded place, and then everyone went into the space .

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Once in the space, Green took everyone into the hut and told them what he knew about the Immortal mercenary group .

Meirin already had some understanding of this mercenary group, but Blockhead, Rockhead, and Meg didn't know them at all since they grew up in the capital and have never left it .

Zhao calmly listened to Green . He never thought that the Immortal mercenary group would be crazy enough to turn all eight into undead . After Green finished, Zhao stood up and touched his forehead, then he pounded on the table and murmured . "Let's fight . "

They all looked puzzled at Zhao, who turned to Green and said, "Grandpa Green, you said that the eight people of the Immortal mercenary group have become undead?"

Green nodded, which caused Zhao to laugh . "Do you remember what happens after I bring an undead into the space?"

Hearing what Zhao said, Green was stunned for a moment, but then his eyes brightened . He also pounded the table . "Yes! They become loyal to us . "

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Meirin also reacted to this news . She certainly understood what Zhao meant . They had brought over a thousand undead into the space, without exception, they have all become loyal . The eight individuals of the Immortal mercenary group were also undead, so wasn't it also possible to catch them in the space and make them to loyal too?

Meirin couldn't help but feel excited . Although they caught many undead, most of them were animals, with a few that had human form . But those were just low-leveled, so those human undead naturally had no wisdom and couldn't be of much help .

But the undead black mages of the Immortal mercenary group were different . They were high-leveled undead, with high intelligence that also maintained a lifetime of knowledge . If they could help the Buda clan, then that would be of great help to them .

Right now the Buda clan lacked a force . If they could rein in the Immortal mercenary group, that would be tantamount of having strong armed forces . If anybody wanted to move against the Buda clan, then they would have a hard fight on their hands .

The thought of it made everyone excited .

Zhao also couldn't help but smile . "And we can help the Markey clan, which would put us in good favor with them . "

Hearing what Zhao said, Green calmed down as he immediately realized that they could also help the Markey clan . The Markey Company was one of the most famous firms in the Continent . If they could make a strong bond with them, he couldn't imagine the future benefits they could get to develop the Buda clan . It wasn't just the possibility of getting lots of gold; they might also get access to their complete information network .

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"Master, we have to go now before it's too late . I'm afraid those people of the Markey clan might not stand for long," Green said .

Zhao nodded . "Blockhead, Rockhead, you two will stay inside the space to take care of the slaves . Grandpa Green, let's go . " The four came out of the space .

Outside the space, Zhao immediately released all of his undead . The total amount of undead was one thousand three hundred and fifty seven . This number wasn't counted by Zhao himself, but something he got from the spatial barn .

With all the undead that Zhao summoned, the scene was vast . A few of the undead were humanoid and some were insects, but most of them were some kind of large sized undead, like that rat undead . This was simply an undead army . They were supposed to fight the mercenary group, but mostly they were there to look impressive .

Zhao sat on his undead, while Meg, Meirin, and Green sitting on their own . With a wave from Zhao, the mighty army of undead spirit beasts rushed straight towards the slope .

They could see that the mercenary group also had their own undead army, made up of three thousand people, along with some dogs, chickens, sheep, cows, pigs, and other livestock . It would seem like this undead army was composed of all the living things from those villages .