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Published at 11th of September 2018 03:32:57 PM

Chapter 683

Chapter 683 – Slaves

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Zhao Hai quietly listened to the words of the Gan Family member . If Zhao Hai was an influential person in the continent, then this Barn was a very small and unimportant person . In his entire life, Barn could only become a carriage driver, besides slaves, he was among the lowest ranked people in the continent .

However, Zhao Hai was actually touched by this unimportant person . He didn’t have the strength yet he still offered his efforts to defend his home . If the continent were to have a lot of people like this, then the continent would never fall . It wouldn’t be a slave to the Divine Race nor would it be eliminated by the Demons, Zhao Hai had a firm belief of this point .

When he heard the doorman’s words, turned towards the carriage and looked at the scenery . Standing nearby the carriage was Barn, peacefully standing there while looking at the surroundings . It seems like it didn’t matter to Barn whether he had seen this scenery before or not .

Zhao Hai felt like Barn was like 1900 in the move ‘The Legend of 1900’ . Ever since childhood, Barn didn’t leave Demon City, the same as 1900 who didn’t leave the ship . Their lives were reflections of each other . The outside world was too big, and because of this, both of them were afraid . This made them decide to just stay in their own world . It also made Zhao Hai reflect on his life back on Earth, when he was just an ordinary nerd .

The Gan Family member was confused as he looked at Zhao Hai . He didn’t know why Zhao Hai stopped . Moreover, he was looking at Barn with a very strange gaze . However, the Gan Family member didn’t say anything, with his status, he didn’t have the merit to disturb Zhao Hai . Not only him, even if the Gan Family Patriarch were to see Zhao Hai, he would still need to respect Zhao Hai’s actions .

Then Zhao Hai turned his head towards the doorman and said, “Let’s go . ” He had made a decision, he would lead Barn to the outside world . He wanted Barn to see another world other than his own, even if it meant that Barn would know about the Space .

Although it was said that the Gan Family’s residence was common, it wasn’t small . Just after Zhao Hai walked through the first courtyard, he suddenly heard some footsteps in the distance . Then as the footsteps got louder, several people appeared . These people were wearing mage’s robes, it seems like they are the core members of the Gan Family .

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On their lead was 50-year old Mage . He didn’t have a very magnificent robe, and the staff on his hand seems like it was made out of beast bones . His hair was somewhat gray but it was actually very neat . If one were to see Wei Gan and see him as embarrassing, then this person exudes the presence of seriousness .

However, instead of seriousness this old Mage had a very excited look on his face . When he saw Zhao Hai, he immediately walked towards Zhao Hai and knelt, “Mister, please forgive me for being unable to personally welcome you . I ask mister to excuse my bad manners . I am the Patriarch of the Gan Clan, Tywin Gan . ” The Mages behind him knelt down as well . This action gave the doorman an extreme fright . When the core members saw Zhao Hai, they didn’t just salute, they actually knelt . The doorman was afraid that he had been very disrespectful .

Zhao Hai didn’t expect these people to go overboard with their greeting . He immediately helped Tywin up as he said, “Why would Patriarch Tywin give me such an overboard greeting? This Zhao Hai won’t dare accept it . ”

Tywin bowed down and said, “Mister can surely accept it . If mister can’t then nobody could . Our Gan Family is willing to be Mister’s slaves, I hope mister can agree . ”

Zhao Hai stared, being a slave was completely different from being vassals . Vassals have their own autonomy, it would be fine as long as they obey their master’s orders . However, slaves didn’t have the right to autonomy . In the future, they would need to obey Zhao Hai’s every word . They would do what Zhao Hai wanted them to do . Zhao Hai couldn’t understand, why would they suddenly decide to become his slaves?

Zhao Hai didn’t agree immediately, instead, he calmly said, “Patriarch is too polite . I will not accept for now . Can we go in and discuss it first?”

Tywin immediately replied, “Of course, we have been disrespectful . Mister, please come in . ” Then he led Zhao Hai towards through the courtyard and then to a lobby . Then he asked Zhao Hai to sit down while all of them stayed standing .

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Zhao Hai looked at them and calmly asked, “Might I know why your Family wanted to become my Clan’s slaves?”

Tywin settled his own emotions down and seriously replied, “I’ll be totally honest to Mister, after this Demon Race matter gets finished, we won’t be able to stay inside Demon City anymore . We had stayed inside Demon City for a long time, but we still haven’t made any close friends . Even if we side with the Calci Family, we still can’t be assured of our future . Therefore, we decided to side with Mister . You are the continent’s strongest Dark Mage, so we want to rely on you for survival . And since we don’t have the abilities to be vassals, we are willing to be your slaves . ”

Zhao Hai looked at Tywin, he can somewhat understand the sorrows of this small clan . Therefore, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “How many people currently belong to the Gan Family?”

Tywin immediately replied, “We have a total of 17 Dark Mages in the family . Seven 4th ranks, three 5th ranks, three 6th ranks, two 7th ranks, and two 8th ranks . There are also 32 other members along with 10 slaves . ”

Zhao Hai nodded, the number was not a lot . He turned his head to Tywin and said, “You really want to be my Clan’s slaves? You can think about it more . ”

Hearing that Zhao Hai seems to be willing, Tywin quickly said, “We are willing, very willing . Mister, rest assured, we already discussed this with everyone . ”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, I agree . Starting today, you shall call me Young Master . Call all your family members as well as slaves, I shall be sending them to a safe place . The Dark Mages would have to remain, I need you somewhere else . ”

Tywin immediately responded, “Yes, Young Master . We will arrange it right away . ” Then he immediately told the Dark Mages behind him to arrange the things that Zhao Hai had ordered . Then Tywin stayed to listen for further instructions from Zhao Hai .

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Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Most people in the continent only know that I am a Dark Mage, but they didn’t know how I became one . Since you have become my slaves, then I shall be open about you about these . After this matter, I shall tell you . In the meantime, I shall be using my Space Divergent Technique in order to send your family members to the Black Wasteland, that place is the true place of my Buda Clan . Then I shall be giving all of you potions, elevating your strengths to 9th rank . I’llbe leading you to the Demonic Abyss in order to eliminate all the magic beasts and undead there so that they cannot become part of the Demon army . ”

Even if Zhao Hai hadn’t revealed too much, these small secrets were enough to make the Gan Family Dark Mages excited . Zhao Hai telling them things that ordinary people couldn’t know meant that Zhao Hai already treated them as his Clan’s slaves .

Although being a slave to another wasn’t the most glorious thing, it still depends on where one was a slave to . Slaves of an Emperor were still powerful people, and Zhao Hai himself was a monarch .

There weren’t a lot of people in the Gan Family and they didn’t have a lot of belongings . In a place like Demon City, one couldn’t really get that much belongings .

Zhao Hai arrived outside and when he saw the others he nodded, then he said to Tywin, “You arrange two people to go guide them . When they arrive at the Black Wasteland, someone will arrange their accomodation . Tell them to not be anxious and just follow instructions . ”

Tywin nodded, then he immediately acted on Zhao Hai’s instructions . Before long, everything was arranged . Then Zhao Hai opened a spatial rift and took these people to the Black Wasteland .

Just when he had agreed to take the Gan Family as his slaves, Cai’er already went to inform Green and the others . There weren’t a lot of people this time, so Green shouldn’t have any problems in accommodating these people . Green had already arranged residences for tens of thousands of people, this matter should be very easy .

However, Green stil needed to take special attention to these people . After all, they had just become the Buda Clan’s slaves . Therefore, they should be given the same accommodation as the clan’s slaves . They were going to be arranged at Iron Mountain Fort .

Before long, the two Gan Family Dark Mages came back . Seeing that the two Dark Mages had arrived, Zhao Hai immediately turned to Tywin and said, “Have all of the family’s Dark Mages come here . I shall be giving you potions that would make you 9th ranks at the shortest time . ”

They looked at Zhao Hai with surprised expressions, this was because Zhao Hai had told them that he would make them into 9th ranks . Although Zhao Hai had told them about this beforehand, they just thought that they had misheard him . Their strongest members were 8th ranks, and even them didn’t know when they’ll become 9th ranks . Therefore, what they got from Zhao Hai’s previous announcement was that they would just get stronger by a bit, and not become 9th ranks . But it seems like they had not misheard Zhao Hai, he really wanted to make them 9th ranks . Was this possible?”

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions and coldly snorted, “Don’t doubt me, even my undead are 9th ranks . Otherwise, where would I find the confidence to trash the Dragons?”

Tywin, who was still shocked, immediately recovered and bowed down, “Please forgive us, Young Master . We don’t dare doubt the Young Master’s words . ” The other Dark Mages also bowed down to Zhao Hai, “Please forgive us, Young Master . ”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Alright, don’t doubt me from now on . Your Young Master is a God-ranked expert, I just didn’t decide to ascend to the Divine Realm . I tell you this, the laws of this world can’t control me . I want to head towards the Demonic Abyss this time in order to promote my own strength . But since you had sided with me, then I shall increase your strengths . After all, I cannot manage everything in the continent, so I would have you be my representatives . And since you represent my Buda Clan, I can’t have you looking so weak lest you lose face for the clan . ”

All of them were stunned, however, they couldn’t hide the excitement on their faces . They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be a God-ranked expert . No wonder Zhao Hai dared to eliminate the Dragons . All of them were extremely happy, they didn’t think that they would actually serve a God-ranked expert . There was zero shame in becoming slaves to a God-ranked expert, in fact, it might even cause envy on a lot of people .

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