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Chapter 748

Chapter 748 – Unlocked, Magic Background

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When Zhao Hai arrived by the Tree of Life, he could clearly see how worse it had become . Yesterday, only a single leaf had turned yellow . But now, there were two leaves . Although they had yet to fall from the tree, one could see that they were already dead, without any life .

Zhao Hai slowly walked over to the Tree of Life, carefully investigating it . The tree wasn’t showing any defects, it was still beautiful . However, the two dead leaves had taken away some of the tree’s elegance .

The Queen and the elders were nervously looking at Zhao Hai . They were afraid that Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to cure the tree . If that were the case, then the Elven Race would be in deep trouble .

Actually, Zhao Hai wanted to see how long the roots of the Tree of Life were . He wanted to collect the tree without damaging the roots . After watching for a while, Zhao Hai discovered something special . Zhao Hai thought that the Tree of Life was being parasitic towards the large tree . Now that he had taken a closer look, this didn’t seem to the the case at all . The tree of life was actually growing inside the small pond, there was no connection between it and the large tree . It can be said that the Tree of Life was floating on water .

This discovery made Zhao Hai surprised . He didn’t think that this would be the case . But this also made him more relaxed in gathering the tree .

Zhao Hai turned to the Queen and said, “Your Majesty, I’ll be taking the Tree of Life . I will have information by tomorrow . Does Your Majesty agree?”

The Elf Queen turned to look at the 9th rank elders who proceeded to nod their heads . The Tree of Life was just too important to the Elven Race, and Zhao Hai was their final hope . If Zhao Hai couldn’t treat the tree, then nobody in the continent could .

The reason why these people had confidence in Zhao Hai was because he already managed to help them fix their Divine Artifact, the Elven Bow . For the Elves, the Elven Bow and the Tree of Life held the same importance . It was because of this that the Elves decided to trust Zhao Hai .

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Seeing the elders nod, the Queen turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, please continue . We agree . ”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand, making a spatial rift appear and cover the Tree of Life . The Elves looked with worry at the appearance of the spatial rift . They were afraid that the rift would wound the Tree of Life .

Fortunately, Zhao Hai was now very skillful in controlling his spatial rifts . The rift slowly slid down the sides of the pool, never touching the Tree of Life . The rift also brought the water from the pool into the Space .

After transporting the Tree of Life as well as the liquid of life over to the Space, Zhao Hai let out a long breath . Then he turned his head to the Queen and said, “Your Majesty, I will surely find a way to cure the Tree of Life . I’ll see you at the Palace tomorrow . ” Then Zhao Hai’s figure vanished as he returned to the Space .

After arriving at the Space, Zhao Hai immediately took the Tree of Life out of the warehouse and placed it in the space’s pool . Just as the Tree of Life appeared, the Space immediately issued a prompt . “Pollution detected in item full of wood element . Treatment of the lifeform would need 1 million gold coins from the host . ”

When Zhao Hai heard the prompt, he immediately became happy before he was met with grief . He was glad that the Tree of Life can be cured, and was sad because he would need to fork out a million gold coins in order to do so .

However, Zhao Hai still didn’t delay as he said, “Immediately start the treatment . ”

A white light suddenly shone from the Space and covered the Tree of Life . The previous yellow leaves of the tree started to turn back into green . Moreover, the leaves have become more vibrant compared to before .

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Before long, the white light vanished as the Tree of Life went back to its healthy state . Moreover, it looked more healthy compared to before . Zhao Hai couldn’t help but let out a long breath after seeing the result .

At this time, another prompt came from the Space, “Discovered massive amounts of dark energy from the lifeform . Increasing its resistance to dark energy . Dark energy has been withdrawn, may be used by the Processing Machine in order to upgrade itself . Wood element energy inside the Space has been increased . Five element requirement has been met . Host may use the power of the five elements in order to upgrade his Life Treasure Dao Lotus . ”

Since this was a good thing, Zhao Hai quickly said, “Upgrade it immediately . ”

Then another prompt came, “Upgrading Processing Machine, time required, 12 hours . Upgrade to host’s treasure can be done immediately, gold coins are not needed . ”

Zhao Hai gave an affirmative nod and said, “Do it . ” Then just as his voice fell, a five colored light suddenly fell into his body . Zhao Hai could vaguely feel the five colored light penetrate his body . After going around his body two times, the light entered his middle dantian and into the lotus . After the lotus absorbed the light, it looked even more beautiful . Zhao Hai knew that its beauty and delicateness was an illusion . The strength of the Dao Lotus right now was equal to the tiny pagoda, it might even be stronger .

What made Zhao Hai most surprised was the core in his lower dantian . It seems like it had also benefited from the five elements . It became golden yellow and had gotten bigger . On its top was a golden dragon . This wasn’t the same dragon as the ones in the Ark Continent, instead, it was a chinese dragon . The small dragon was on top of the core, eyes closed, as if it was sleeping .

On the other hand, the small man on Zhao Hai’s dantian had become more solidified . This startled Zhao Hai since he can also feel his spiritual strength increase . Moreover, his sense of the heavens and the earth had become more distinct .

Zhao Hai turned his head to look at the Processing Machine . It seems like there wasn’t much change aside from the timer that counted down from 12 hours .

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At this time, Laura and the others arrived outside of the villa, curiously looking at the Tree of Life . Cai’er has also flown to Zhao Hai’s side . At this time, Zhao Hai discovered that Cai’er’s height had doubled . She was now as tall as a grown man’s arm .

Zhao Hai looked at Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, did the Tree of Life give you this much benefit?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, I gained so much . Not only did it benefit me, the Tree of LIfe also influenced the plants in the Space . If the Tree of Life stays inside the Pace, then it can slowly upgrade the plants inside, giving it consciousness . When that time comes, they would be no different to the Flower Demons . ”

Zhao Hai stared, then he immediately said, “Then can the Tree of Life develop sentience?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “It can’t . The Tree of Life is just like an energy converter . It can convert all types of energy into wood element energy . If it lives inside the Space, not only could it let the plants grow better, it can also produce wood element crystal stones . In the past, the Tree of Life couldn’t convert dark energy, but after going through the Space, it would be able to . Young Master, I suspect that your tiny pagoda and Dao Lotus has the same ability . ”

Zhao Hai looked at the Tree of Life and couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “It’s a pity that we need to return the Tree of Life back to the Elves . We can’t keep it in the Space . ”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, did you forget? The Tree of Life can now be purchased in the Space’s shop . You can buy a sapling and then wait for it to grow up . ”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “But we would need to wait for many years . This Tree of Life that the Elves grew took many years in order to reach this state . I’m afraid that by the time it grows up, I may have been dead for way too long . ”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, you don’t know this but the Tree of Life is just unsuitable to be grown in the Elves’ forest . The land there didn’t have the requirements to grow a healthy Tree of Life . Because of this, their Tree of Life can only be considered as an extremely malnourished plant . This explains why it is this small . On the other hand, the Space is very suitable for growing the tree . This will cut a huge chunk of time for it to grow . Moreover, it would be much healthier compared to this one . ’

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh in glee, “Then we’ll wait . Immediately buy two saplings . Where do you think we’ll plant them? Do we need to grow them on the Farming Ground?”

Cai’er gave a smile, “There’s no need . Placing them on both sides of the Villa would be fine . The Tree of Life is not only an energy converter, it can also keep the energies stable . It will make the five elements in the Space more balanced . ”

After she said that, Cai’er planted two Tree of Life saplings by the side of the villa . Zhao Hai was happy after seeing the two saplings . These two saplings weren’t any smaller than the Elves’ Tree of Life . It seems like the Elves’ Tree of Life was indeed undernourished .

After buying the two seedlings, the Space suddenly issued a prompt, “Energy stabilizing plants detected . Introduction of the plant has fulfilled the upgrade condition . Space has been upgraded to level 70 . Host can now buy ten more backgrounds . Ample magic energy detected in the Space, unlocked a new type of background . Magic type background can now be purchased . ”

“Hint: There are a lot of special environments in Magic-type backgrounds . In these environments, the host can cultivate more exotic magical plants and animals . ”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare blankly after listening to the Space . This was the first time that he had heard of this type prompt . He didn’t understand what was happening, so he turned to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, what’s happening?”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Congratulations, Young Master . You’ve gained a lot this time . The Space has unlocked the Magic backgrounds for our use . In other words, the Young Master can now purchase backgrounds commonly seen in magical worlds . For example, floating islands, mystical mountains, and some extreme terrains . These places would supply the proper environment for special plants and animals to grow in . ”