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Chapter 786

Chapter 786 – A Brave Soldier Breaks His Arm

After thinking up to here, the Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but force a smile . He can now feel pressure from Zhao Hai’s strength . Demons who couldn’t withstand the attacks would blow themselves up, unwilling to be turned into undead .

However, Zhao Hai actually managed to massacre a large number of Divine Race soldiers and turn them into undead . One must know that the Divine Race were generally stronger compared to the Demons . In this case, for Zhao Hai to turn a large number of them into undead wasn’t a good idea for the Demon Race .

But the Demon Dragon King doesn’t have the time to think about this right now . Zhao Hai had already started his killing, and the Demon Dragon King knew how strong he was . Although the Demons still had a lot of experts, as long as Zhao Hai can grasp an opportunity, then he could surely eradicate every single Demon here .

Zhao Hai’s Domain was still in its drill form as it went about its killing spree . There were some God-rank Demons who wanted to stop Zhao Hai . However, upon meeting the Domain, they were immediately shredded to death .

The Demon Dragon King shouted, “Retreat!” Just as he said that, his Dragon Domain appeared as he slowly drew back . At the same time, his flag kept waving back and forth . It was a signal known to all Demons, informing them to retreat .

Although the Demons were fighting against Zhao Hai’s undead army, they were also keeping attention to the Demon Dragon King’s flag . Upon seeing the Demon Dragon King’s flag, the Demons immediately fought while going in the direction of Demon City .

However, this feat wouldn’t be very easy . The small drills formed by the undead were like slippery fishes, retreating from such conditions was very difficult .

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This scene also made Zhao Hai understand how the Demons can survive in a place such as the Demon Realm . And at this time, some Demons had stayed behind .

These Demons didn’t proceed to retreat, instead, they blew themselves up . This caused resounding explosions from all directions, causing massive casualties among the undead .

After Lizzy and Megan saw this, they knew that the Demons had went all out . They didn’t want to fight with the Demons in this situation . Because of this, Lizzy immediately ordered the undead to clump up while pursuing, allowing the Demons more time to withdraw .

But just as the undead drew back, various cavalry units appeared beside the Demon Army before throwing javelins towards the retreating army . Zhao Hai was still using his harassment tactics against the undead, causing more chaos to appear .

The Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but feel a pain on his heart . He turned his head and looked at Zhao Hai, who had finished reorganizing his army . Also, the Demon Dragon King can also see undead Demons among Zhao Hai’s undead army,

During the battle, there were still Demons who weren’t able to blow themselves up . Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t let their deaths be a waste, he turned them into undead immediately .

When he saw this, the Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but clench his jaws . His hate for Zhao Hai had reached an all-time high . However, he discovered something that made him frustrated . The speed of his army wasn’t as fast as Zhao Hai’s . Before they had regrouped, the undead were already finished . At the same time, the cavalry units were already on the sides of the Demon Army . It seems like they were boxed in with one side missing .

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While the Demon Dragon King was looking at Zhao Hai’s army in a daze, two pitiful yells woke him up . The Demon Dragon King immediately turned his head to see a God-ranked expert’s separated head and then another God-ranked expert with a hold in their neck . But even then, nothing was seen beside them .

The God-ranked Demon with a hole on his neck was still alive when the Demon Dragon King saw him . However, he didn’t dare to blow himself up since he was still in the middle of the Demon Race’s formation . If he exploded, then he might take his allies along with him . Because of this, he can only swallow his hatred and normally die .

As soon as the two Demons dies, two spatial rifts appeared right beside them, swallowing them in the process . Then at Zhao Hai’s side were another two spatial rifts where two undead Demons appeared . At the same time, an additional two people appeared . One was Berry while the other was someone the Demon Dragon King haven’t seen before . This person looked like an assassin, he also had a rapier strapped on his back .

Naturally, this person was Shun . He hasn’t been idle after becoming God-rank . Although he had been sparring with Shue, no positive results ever came forth . He was yet to acquire his own Domain .

Shue told him about his experience on how he managed to comprehend a Domain . Because of this, Shun went and looked for a God-rank Demon during the battle and attacked him, hoping to gain insight into his Domain .

In the end, he succeeded . And unexpectedly, his Domain was actually the same stealth type Domain as Berry’s . Berry’s Domain was a huge hook while Shun’s Domain was a rapier .

While the Demons were yet to reorganize, Berry and Shun used this opportunity to kill God-rank Demons . And in order to ensure their safety, Lizzy quickly took them back to the Space before sending them to Zhao Hai’s side .

Zhao Hai turned his head to look at their eyes and nodded, “Good, nice job . But don’t take such huge risks next time . ” Then he turned his head back to the Demon Dragon King .

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At this time, Lizzy’s voice sounded in Zhao Hai’s ear, “Big Brother Hai, demon scorpion . Pay attention since the undead are using their javelins . ”

ZHao Hai nodded, then his figure moved and returned inside the formation . After that, the undead formed the demon scorpion formation, the one they also used back against the Fishmen . Since Zhao Hai wasn’t needed at the front, he was repositioned to be at the tail end of the scorpion .

It didn’t take a long time before the cube formation changed into the demon scorpion . After seeing this change, the Demon Dragon King’s expression couldn’t help but turn ugly . He was yet to put his men in order, and now they were clashing again?

The Demon Dragon King couldn’t’ do anything but wave his flag, urging the Demons to retreat . Both the elites and average soldiers continued to draw back . And as they were retreating, they were also rearranging themselves .

The Demon Dragon King had small time to think about new formations . This demon scorpion looked more menacing compared to the drill . Some of the troops on the left and right of the Demon Army went forward and clashed with the two claws of the scorpion .

Despite their current situation, the Demon Dragon King was still confident about the strength of the Demons . He believes that even Zhao Hai’s undead army wouldn’t be able to face the might of the Demons .

However, he was mistaken this time . Zhao Hai simply didn’t give them time to reorganize . When the Demons reached the firing distance, the undead immediately peppered them with javelins .

The Demon Dragon King’s expression couldn’t help but change after seeing the rain of javelins . Zhao Hai didn’t use javelins before, but they already lost too much . Now that javelins were back in the fray, the Demon army’s losses would surely pile up .

But this wasn’t the end . Just as the Demon Dragon King was feeling regret, the skies above him suddenly darkened . A drill formation had appeared from above, and their target was him .

The Demon Dragon King calmed himself down . At this time, changing his position was too late . Just as he was about to be killed, two people suddenly flew up from the side of the Demon Dragon King . The two greeted Zhao Hai’s drill and when they were in a sufficient distance away, they blew themselves up .

These two people were God-rank Demons, so their explosions weren’t weak . Zhao Hai felt the tremendous impact from the explosion on his Domain . His whole figure shook, his face drained of color . Before long, his advance slowed down before he ultimately led his undead to draw back .

The explosions of the God-rank Demons also caused huge damage to the Demon Army . Aside from the Demon King and others who could support a Domain, nearly 10 thousand 9th ranked Demon were killed from the impact .

However, this didn’t mean that the Demon Dragon King remained unscathed, he was also quite injured . But this was the only way to deal with Zhao Hai . If the Demon Dragon King dies, then the whole Demon Army would be finished .

A brave soldier wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice his arm, and the Demon Army didn’t lack these brave soldiers . Blood dripped on the corners of the Demon Dragon King’s mouth . He knew that fighting would only bring more casualties to the Demons . Because of this, he immediately shouted, “All armies draw back . Return to Demon City!”

This order was quickly passed down to each Demon . The entire Demon Army immediately formed groups before they slowly retreated . On the other hand, there was no way for Zhao Hai to let this opportunity go . Batches upon batches of javelins rained one after another, peppering the entire Demon Army . One could say that every step the Demon Army made, people died . However, they still didn’t dare to turn their heads and fight with Zhao Hai . The Demon Dragon King knew that even more deaths would occur if they do so .