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Chapter 910

Three days quickly went past . But in these three days, the O’Neal family weren’t idling . Their reinforcements had entered the Radiant Empire while another had reached the Buddha Empire to reinforce the Demon Realm’s troops .

However, Zhao Hai was already prepared for these two situations . As long as he can connect himself with Fei’er, then everything would be fine . There would be no need for him to manage things at this point .

After three days, Zhao Hai and the others has yet again resurfaced to see a piece of land, a continent . This time, Bubble didn’t need Zhao Hai’s instruction as he sank back down and looked for a river to enter into the continent .

Bubble initially wanted to find a small stream to enter, but Zhao Hai instructed him to find a large river instead . They would enter the continent through that big river .

After entering, Zhao Hai found a place with a lot of people in order to listen to conversation . After listening for a while, he finally was able to hear several names . When he heard these names, Bingya immediately turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, there’s no mistake . This is the Central Continent . Do we make a move now?”

After hearing the confirmation from Bingya, Zhao Hai smiled but shook his head as he said, “Don’t worry about it . But if we act now, our harvests wouldn’t be too big . ”

Bingya looked at Zhao Hai in confusion . Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Did you know why I made Bubble look for a big river to enter the Central Continent?’

Bingya shook his head . Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s because great rivers are lifelines to any civilization . If we enter a small river, then we might not reach too far into the continent . But if we enter a big river, then it’s possible that we can enter the middle of the continent stealthily . ”

“We need to attack important cities . And if we can attack their capital city, then that would even be more perfect . What result would we have if we settle on small cities? In addition to not affecting their system, they can also react immediately and encircle us . On the other hand, if we attack their important cities, then how much damage would we cause?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Bingya and the others paused for a moment before their eyes shone .

Bingya laughed as he said, “Mister, the heavens are truly helping you . The Central Continent’s Capital City isn’t too far from its largest river . Even ordinary magic beasts would take a few days of travel . It would take much less if we fly . If the river we going into was Divine Gift River, then we can immediately go to the capital, Central City . ”

Zhao Hai didn’t know about this matter . Now that he heard Bingya, he immediately became interested, “Bingya, is that true? Then we should head there . ’

Bingya smiled and said, “Mister shouldn’t worry about this . Central City has four satellite cities outside . Divine Gift City is right next to Divine Gift River . As long as we get to Divine Gift City through the river, then we can directly head to Central City . ”

Zhao Hai’s expression shook, he nodded and said, “Alright, then that would be the best . Bubble, don’t go back down, we need to pay attention to things on shore . ” Bubble complied and moved forward along the river . Their speed actually slowed down as they payed attention to the things on shore .

Zhao Hai wanted to pay attention because; one, he wanted to find Divine Gift City, and second, he wanted to see if the Central Continent was prepared . If the Central Continent had made preparations, then Zhao Hai would have trouble advancing . But if they didn’t, then everything would be fine .

Although Zhao Hai and the others were thinking that they weren’t going fast, they were already very quick compared to the ships in their vicinity . Very soon, Zhao Hai and the others were ways long the river . In the process, they had also confirmed that they were in Divine Gift River . This discovery made Zhao Hai glad . This time, they weren’t on the wrong path .

Every time they met a city, they would stop to listen for a while and see if they had reached Divine Gift City . However, they were quickly disappointed, they had yet to reach Divine Gift City .

Upon arriving in the Central Continent, Bingya and the others could no longer offer Zhao Hai any help . This was because they had never been to the Central Continent before . Therefore, they had very limited information regarding its geography .

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Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t want to make any wrong moves at this time . Because of this, he asked Laura and the others to head back to their room and look at the monitor . As long as they reach Divine Gift City, they would immediately know . Only then could they act .

But what surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that they had yet to reach the city despite travelling for an entire day; and on a speed much faster than average . If they weren’t able to confirm that they were in Divine Gift River, then Zhao Hai would’ve thought that they had taken the wrong route .

After the day passed and the skies turned dark, Zhao Hai stopped advancing . Then he had everyone rest, their trip would continue tomorrow .

Zhao Hai has a reason to do this . They will soon fight against the Divines . At this time, they need to be in their best condition . Although it wouldn’t be a problem for them to not rest for a few days, Zhao Hai still wanted to make sure that everyone gets enough rest .

After taking a rest, Zhao Hai and the others continued onward . But this time, they weren’t left disappointed for long . After two hours, they had finally arrived at Divine Gift City . The ones to discover the city first were Laura and the others .

Zhao Hai haven’t even approached the city when Laura and the others walked out of their room . As soon as they came out, they immediately told Zhao Hai that they had reached their destination . Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to not go ashore . Instead, he commanded Bubble to go down . They would survey Divine Gift City and see where there were only a few people . Only then would they go and head directly towards Central City .

In the beginning, Bingya and the others didn’t know why Zhao Hai suddenly stopped . However, they didn’t say anything . They knew that Zhao Hai may have something on his mind .

Bubble’s advancing speed wasn’t very fast . Looking for a place with a few people wasn’t very easy to find . Divine Gift River was the largest river in the Central Continent, a lot of people rely on this river for their livelihood . Naturally, this river was the busiest one in the Central Continent .

Zhao Hai already made some calculations and they were now quite a distance away from Divine Gift City . However, they were yet to find a place with a few people . This caused Zhao Hai to knit his brows .

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Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and knew what he was thinking about . She smiled faintly and said, “Big Brother Hai, I think looking for a proper place at daytime wasn’t a good idea . How about we wait until evening comes . With Central City being the Central Continent’s biggest settlement, it should be brilliantly illuminated . When the time comes, we can use the lights to guide us . ”

Upon hearing Lizzy, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but tap his own head . He was too focused on getting ashore and didn’t think about the opportune time to do so .

Although the strength of the people here in the Divine Realm was much greater than the people in the Ark Continent, they still needed to take a sleep and rest . When night comes, then that would be a good time to attack .

After thinking through this point, Zhao Hai immediately turned to Bingya and the others and said, “Alright, then everyone should go back and take a rest . We’ll move in the evening . ”

When Bingya and the others heard this, they all looked at each other before turning to Zhao Hai with confused expressions .

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We can’t waste too much time looking for a proper place . Moreover, going out at daytime would attract too much attention . We will go at night . ”

Bingya and the others immediately understood what Zhao Hai meant . They gave Zhao Hai a nod before going to their own rooms . They didn’t know why Zhao Hai was so confident, but they knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t just say things without reason .

Zhao Hai’s group also returned to their rooms . Inside the room, Zhao Hai turned the monitor on .

Seen on the monitor were the Divines who were bustling about . They looked no different to the people from the Ark Continent . All of them were rushing here and there for their livelihood . One couldn’t see the legendary image of the Divine Race in them .

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Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai? Are you feeling regret?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and shook his head, “There’s no time for regrets . Our enmity needed to be settled . If the enemy exists in the future, then we wouldn’t be able to feel free . If we show compassion today, then we might be the ones to suffer tomorrow . ”

Laura gave out a sigh then turned to the monitor, “If the Divines didn’t provoke us into war, then we might still be doing business in the Ark Continent . Visiting Brother Wales from time to time in order to have a drink . ”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “What’s there to reminisce . We can just go to Brother Wales now and have some drinks . ”

Laura shook her head and said, “Forget it . We have a big night ahead of us, we don’t have time to go drinking . Let’s take a rest . Who knows what things the Divines have in store for us . Brother Hai, we shouldn’t take them lightly . ”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, I won’t drink . Go and take a good rest . I still need to count on you for the battle ahead . ”

The women nodded before they turned around and left .

It can be said that they were now quite used to wars . They knew that they needed to take a rest since nobody knew when they could after the battle starts .

They rested for the rest of the day and then had dinner in the evening . When Zhao Hai and the others came out of their rooms, the skies were already dark . The shores were brilliantly illuminated and was still quite lively .