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Chapter 216

The round of cheers were immediately heard when the crew heard Lu Jinnian was treating .

The assistant generously handed out everyone a box to have supper . Naturally, it made people a little excited, and so some of them took photos and posted it on their Moments on Wechat . That night, the supper aroused actors that weren't on set even to come over and join in on the fun . Luckily, the assistant had bought more than than was needed, so everyone had a share .

As soon as staff members heard that there'd be supper, they pulled up a long wooden board at the last minute . They put together a large, long table for everyone to sit around and eat .

Tonight, Qiao Anhao had a scene to shoot . Just as she came out from removing her make-up, the long table was already surrounded, full of people . She was just about to find a seat when Song Xiangsi raised her hand and called her name . Seeing that Song Xiangsi and Lu Jinnian coincidentally had two vacant seats between them, Qiao Anhao dragged Zhao Meng over with her .

Zhao Meng sat down next to Song Xiangsi first, and so Qiao Anhao could only sit closer to Lu Jinnian . Thankfully, they had gotten along well these last few days, and so she wasn't as nervous and uncomfortable as she had been before . On the contrary, when Lu Jinnian's assistant handed her a box of crayfish, she turned her head and smiled with her eyes at Lu Jinnian, saying, "Thank you Mr . Lu . "

Lu Jinnian didn't say a word . His face didn't show any emotions, but he pulled out a pair of disposable gloves and handed them to Qiao Anhao .


In the afternoon, Cheng Yang took Qiao Anxia to the apartment in the city to get a few clothes . But he ended up getting dragged to the bed and kissed by her, which almost got out of control .

When they both got up from rolling around in the bed, it was already evening . Cheng Yang called for take out . The two of them ate together and continued to roll around for a while before he drove back to the set .

Cheng Yang stopped the car at the car park downstairs . Just as he got his phone and turned off the navigation, he saw a lot of notifications pop up on his WeChat group . He tapped it open to see that everyone was on set having supper . He turned his head and asked Qiao Anxia, "Someone's treating people to supper over there . Would you like to go see?"

Qiao Anxia took a glance . It was still early . She'd be bored if she went back to the hotel, so she nodded and said, "Sure . "


The director saw Cheng Yang and Qiao Anxia coming over first . With a crayfish in his hands, he screamed loudly, "Cheng Yang, come here . "

Everybody shuffled over to one side to make two spaces for Cheng Yang and Qiao Anxia .

Lu Jinnian's assistant hurried brought over with two boxes of crayfish from the trunk in the car . He places them in front of the two newcomers .

As the food was spicy, the director constantly gasped for the cold air, saying, "You came just in time . If you came any later, you wouldn't have been able to eat Mr . Lu's crayfish!"

"So it was Mr . Lu who treated everyone to supper . No wonder the entire crew is all here . "

When Cheng Yang said that, he helped Qiao Anxia open her take out box like a gentleman . He also considerately asked in a low voice, "Do you want me to help you peel?"

Qiao Anxia smiled gently at Cheng Yang, who took the gloves and pulled a crayfish from the take out box . He casually started to peel .

In the afternoon at Huan Ying Entertainment, when she told Cheng Yang that crayfish was Qiao Qiao's favorite, she hadn't noticed Lu Jinnian beside them . Yet in the evening, Lu Jinnian treated the entire crew to crayfish .

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