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Chapter 471

The assistant asked, "Then . . . What about you, Mr .  Lu?" 

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"I . . . " Lu Jinnian raised his eyes to look at the second floor window that his assistant was looking at just now . He then said, "I'll wait awhile more . " 

Qiao Anhao was in the hospital ward but he was down here . Even if he waited till she was discharged, he still wouldn't be able to get close!

The assistant knew that he wasn't in the position to comment, but after hesitating, he couldn't help caring .  "Mr .  Lu, why don't you go back to the hotel for some rest, you spent the whole of last night in the hospital staircase and hadn't rested the entire day, you'll burn out if you continue at this rate . " 

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Burn out . . . Lu Jinnian's gaze remained on the second floor window . The lights were still on and he could vaguely make out the silhouettes passing behind the windows . He laughed lightly as though he had just heard a joke, and replied, "I won't burn out, I'm used to it . " 

Probably due to the conditions that he grew up in, he had grown up with personality issues: he was introverted, aloof, and difficult to be with, the longer people interacted with him, the more tired they became . Soon, he began to keep his thoughts to himself, but at this moment, he wasn't able to keep the sorrow inside him .

It was the kind that couldn't be contained inside, and this was the first time he spoke such private thoughts to his assistant . "You've no idea how many times I've waited for her in a car just like this . "

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Just like this, he had sat and guarded her so many times he had lost count .  

When he was young and poor, he wasn't able to give her happiness, so he didn't dare to pursue her . But sometimes, when the thoughts became too much, he would stand on the ground floor of her hostel for a long time just to sneak a glance at her . Yet it wasn't every time that he was able to see her since she didn't stay in school everyday .

After that, when they lost contact and he was busy filming, he didn't have much time in Beijing, but every time he was there, he would guard by the area that she lived . Sometimes, he would wait till night fell, and sometimes he would wait till the next day, and sometimes he waited for more than a day for just a glimpse of her, even if it was just her back, a simple sight was enough .  

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One year, on his birthday, he didn't receive any blessings and had felt really lonely, so much so that he started to yearn for her presence . In the end, he took a flight all the way back to Beijing only to be faced with disappointment .  

So, he was used to it and was not tired out by it, there were even times that it made him feel safe and at ease .  

The assistant had never chatted with Lu Jinnian like this, so he was at a loss for words . After a long while, he finally said, "Mr .  Lu, why don't you chase her? You can compete fairly with Mr .  Xu . " 

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"Compete fairly?" Lu Jinnian repeated the words, his gaze glazed . When he was three, his mother had knelt outside Xu house door to help beg for his life, at that time, he had already lost the rights to compete fairly with Xu Jiamu .  

Most importantly . . .

Lu Jinnian said, "No matter what his mother does, it doesn't change the fact that he is the only family I have left . "


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