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Chapter 496

When Qiao Anhao passed Lu Jinnian's classroom, she was used to glancing through the window and at him sitting with a white shirt at his desk .

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At the time, he was in physics . All the students carefully listened to the teacher talking behind the desk at the front . Most were taking notes, all apart from Lu Jinnian, who had his head lowered, a pencil in hand . He was sketching something on a white piece of paper on the desk, sometimes using a rubber .

His classmate who shared his desk noticed he was absent minded in class and tried to peer over at what he was sketching . Who knew that Lu Jinnian's reactions would be so fast, he took a book and covered his paper .

Their actions suddenly alarmed the teacher, who was giving the class . The teacher called their names out and asked them a question .

The classmate who shared the desk stammered at the question, but Lu Jinnian blinked for a second and then clearly and accurately answered .

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The teacher then punished that classmate to stand in front of the blackboard . Lu Jinnian, who had sat down, removed the textbook from his sheet of paper and continued to concentrate on his sketch .

Lu Jinnian back then was far from his mature self that he was now . His youthful features and inexperienced self were full of absent-mindedness back then, but in her heart, she had come to idolize that young image of him . No wonder he was the man she had fallen in love with, even when he was absent-minded, he was so freaking good looking!


Qiao Anhao waited until the show was over before getting out of bed . She washed her face and then called for takeout . She then went over to charge her phone that was almost out of battery .

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The assistant had told her that Lu Jinnian would call her .

Qiao Anhao waited during the day all the way until seven in the evening .

Waiting could really wear down a person's willpower . Qiao Anhao was so afraid of going crazy from waiting that she started to tidy up the room .

She re-folded all her clothes, then washed some of those that she'd only worn once, and carried them to the balcony to dry one after another . When there were only two pieces left to to dry, her phone finally rang .

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Qiao Anhao impatiently ran back into the bedroom . Because she was in such a hurry, she accidentally bumped her leg into the clothes drying rack . She bumped her knees on it so hard, tears came rushing out .

However, Qiao Anhao was not in the mood to check her wound and directly ran over to the sofa . She grabbed her phone, but in the end, it turned out that the call came from Qiao Anxia, not Lu Jinnian .

Qiao Anhao instantly felt glum . She answered the call, greeting "Sis . " She then heard the ear-splitting sound of someone singing . She creased her brows and asked, "Sis, where are you?"

"Qiao Qiao? Come out and find me, hurry . . . " she said in a barely understandable language . She then screamed, straining her voice as she sang, "Do you even love me, do you love me . . . "

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Qiao Anhao held her phone a little further away from her ear, and screamed loudly back, "Who are you with? How much did you have to drink?"

"Just me . I'm with you, Qiao Qiao . That's not right, just me alone . " Qiao Anxia was so drunk, her words weren't very clear . She even hiccuped when she finished speaking, then continued, "Just me, on my own, at the Royal Palace . "

Then, without even hanging up, she continued to sing . This time, no matter how Qiao Anhao tried to ask any questions, she didn't get a reply .

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