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Chapter 548

Chapter 548: I've Loved You for Thirteen Years(19)

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Translator: Kingbao  Editor: DarkGem


After Lu Jinnian showered, he wrapped a towel around his waist . His assistant carried his clothes to him .  "Mr .  Lu, here's the clothes you got me to order for tonight's dinner . "

The assistant emphasized on "tonight" and "dinner", and just then, Lu Jinnian saw a faint glimmer of dilemma in his eyes .  

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His assistant had reminded him beforehand that Qiao Anhao would be unhappy if she found out about the takeover, and at that time, he had reassured him . . . Look what happened . . . He just left in frustration . . .

Lu Jinnian moved his lips, and before he took the clothes, he reached for the phone on the chair . After finding Qiao Anhao's number, he was about to call her, but after a short while, he decided to text her instead .  [I'm sorry . ]

I'm sorry for getting mad . I'm sorry for being impatient .  

Just like that, his dampened spirits seemed to have lifted, his logic returning . All these years, he had always been calm and collected, but whenever Qiao Anhao was involved, he would become emotional and sensitive .

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He tightened his grip on the phone, and after a long moment, he sent another message . [Qiao Qiao, lets have a good talk during dinner tonight . ]

Lu Jinnian glanced at the phone screen . When it indicated that the text was successfully sent over, he placed it back down and stood up . Just before he entered the changing room, he suddenly remembered that he hadn't sent her the address, so he reached for the phone again to send one last text .  [Li Jing Xuan, I'll be waiting . ]

After sending that six words, he exhaled, his dampened spirits brightening a little, and entered the changing room .


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Qiao Anhao received a call from Qiao Anxia when she was in the elevator . Her sister told her that Han Ruchu was left bed-ridden from the shock .

Even though Qiao Anhao didn't have any blood relations with the Xu family, they had always been close to the Qiao family, and all these years, Han Ruchu had always treated her well . Now that she was ill, it was only fair for Qiao Anhao to visit . When she finally reached the Xu family mansion, she started to feel anxious, the guilt she felt when she stood outside Lu Jinnian's office arising .

Even though Lu Jinnian was the culprit, because of her ambiguous relationship with him, she already considered herself to be his . . . Now that he had done such a thing, she felt as though it was partially her fault .

Qiao Anhao stood outside the Xu family house for a long while before taking a deep breath and pressing the doorbell .

One of the maids came to open the door . She seemed to have expected her as she came with a pair of slippers . Pointing upstairs, she said, "Mrs .  Han is upstairs . " 

Qiao Anhao nodded her head, carrying the bag of tonic she had bought upstairs .  

The bedroom door was half open . When she entered, she saw the Xu family housekeeper inside with a tray filled with tonics . Someone must have visited before her .  

Han Ruchu lay on the bed with her face pale . The trauma must have been too much for her, for she seemed to have aged in just one day . Xu Jiamu sat beside her, massaging her temples .  

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