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Chapter 640

The best promise a man can give to a woman is marriage, and similarly, the best form of trust a woman can give a man is also marriage .  

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Marriage is probably the most precious thing to anyone in this world .  

Qiao Anhao was wiling to use such a precious thing to convince Lu Jinnian that she loved him .

If she was willing to entrust the rest of her life to him, she was willing to sink right back again .  

A slight mockery and sorrow clouded Lu Jinnian's eyes .  

In the end, he still lost to her .  

Every single time, she was able to cross his line, for every time, he was willing to lower that line for her . . .  

But who could he blame? 

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Other than her, he wasn't able to love anyone else .


When the plane touched down in Beijing International Airport, it was already 3 pm in the afternoon .  

The winter in Beijing had strong winds . Even if the sun was usually bright, the cold was enough to send one shivering .  

Before Lu Jinnian had left, he had taken a cab to the airport, so his car wasn't in the airport . The two of them queued at the cab stand waiting for a cab .  

The moment they boarded, the driver asked, "Where would you like to go?" 

Without hesitating, Lu Jinnian replied faintly, "Civil Affairs Bureau . "

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"Sure . " The driver seemed to be a local as he he replied with a Beijing accent .  

After traveling a short distance, Qiao Anhao said, "Mister, could we go to Jindian street . " 

"Ah? Not to the Civil Affairs Bureau?" the driver asked in confusion .  

Lu Jinnian's face fell .

Qiao Anhao hurriedly explained, "I don't have my identification book with me . " 

Lu Jinnian's expression brightened slightly, disregarding her, he looked towards the driver .  "Jindian street . " 

Since it was still the beginning of the new year, there weren't many people in the city, which resulted in not as many cars, so they reached the place in less than half an hour .  

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Lu Jinnian paid the cab fare and they took the elevator up to Qiao Anhao's newly bought apartment .  

She opened the door, and without removing her shoes, she ran into her bedroom .  

Lu Jinnian placed his luggage by the entrance and glanced around her apartment - there was a packet of takeout on the dinning table while the sofa was filled with her underwear and magazines . Frowning, he headed forward, prepared to tidy the area for her . Just then, he saw a cigarette box and a piece of paper on the coffee table .  

He paused . After a long while, he reached out to grab the cigarette box and paper .  

He first opened the paper: inside was a familiar handwritten message .

The porcelain doll had been broken . . .  

After a moment, he opened the cigarette box and counted the number of sticks inside . There were eighteen sticks, it was the box he had left at "Heaven's Sword" set .  

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That was the only time in the four months that he had returned to Beijing .  

At that time, he had returned because it was his mother's death's anniversary . He had never intended to see her, and after paying respects to his mother, he ordered the ticket out to Jiangxi .  

That night, he had wanted to leave, but then had heard her screaming for help .  

Just then, he heard footsteps . Hurriedly, he placed the cigarette box and paper back on the coffee table . Turning, he saw Qiao Anhao running out of her bedroom with her identification book in her hands .  


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