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Chapter 700

Qiao Qiao had sent him that message? Why didn't he receive it? 

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He started to have his suspicions . . .  

Qiao Anhao continued in the same light tone .  "Just then, the auntie shouted for her to get some water .

"The woman would definitely agree . . . Hence she locked her phone, poured a cup of water, and headed up . Deep inside, she was still wondering if the message she had just typed was okay . . .

"But just as she was on her way upstairs . . . " Qiao Anhao's eyes turned red and started to sting, she lifted her head and looked up at the ceiling . "Just when she was taking a turn, someone suddenly rushed down the stairs, knocking into her . The woman was caught off guard, rolling down the stairs . "

Lu Jinnian's face paled . He remembered that when he was in America, Qiao Anhao had told him that she didn't turn up because she was hospitalized .  

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At that time, he did feel his heart clench because of her, but he never expected it to be so serious .  

After a long while, he asked, "What happened next?" 

"Then . . . Then . . . the women thought that she was going to die . . . "

Now that Qiao Anhao was brought back to that moment, she could still distinctively recall how grim it had been .  

"She felt her life leaking out of her body as her senses started to weaken . She was afraid but worried as well . At that moment, she suddenly wanted to talk to the man, she wanted to send the text that she had crafted, she felt as though it could be the last chance for her to talk to him . . . "

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Qiao Anhao's light voice turned hoarse .  "But when she finally reached for her phone and the screen lit up, she passed out . "

Lu Jinnian had wanted to ask "What next?" but nothing came out when he opened his mouth .  

There was silence on both ends of the call .  

After about a minute, Qiao Anhao took a deep breath and turned back to the screen . Moisture collected in the corners of her eyes, glistening in the light .  "The woman almost died, she was in a coma for four whole nights . When she finally woke up, the man had left . . . " 

When she recalled the day she ran out of the hospital to scour the whole Beijing for him, she started sobbing, no longer able to hold it back .  

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"So . . . That day, you never saw the message I sent and never picked up my call? And you had no idea that I waited for you outside Qiao mansion for three nights?" Lu Jinnian asked, his voice shaky .  

Qiao Anhao didn't reply, sobbing silently .  

During those three days, she was still in a coma . . . so who sent him the replies?

Lu Jinnian had a suspicion but he still didn't get a clear answer .

In a soft whisper, Qiao Anhao said, "Lu Jinnian, that woman said that if she knew that the man had confessed to her through the messages, she would have never rejected him . "

That sentence cleared off all the doubt in his mind .  

At that moment, Lu Jinnian didn't know how to describe his emotions . He froze and continued to get more still until finally hanging up the call .  

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