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Chapter 785

Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao were innocent . . . The person in the wrong was his mother, and he wanted to be a well-behaved son, but after having struggled with it for a few days, he finally couldn't watch as his stepbrother and his good friend, the two people in his life who were equally important, eventually were forced to leave their home country .

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If he had to betray one of the two sides, he could only choose to betray the side that was in the wrong .

At that very moment, Xu Jiamu's face lost all its composure, replaced with a serious look . "I hope that by me stepping out to explain and clear the situation up, everyone can stop attacking Qiao Anhao, Mrs . Lu . Thank you everybody . "

Xu Jiamu gave a deep bow with the microphone in both hands . Then he lowered his head and said, "Sorry . "

There was no prefix to his apology .

People who know knew him knew that his apology was for Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao .

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People who didn't know, thought that he was apologizing to his mother .

He kept his bow for a full half a minute, before he straightened up and handed the microphone back to the presenter standing beside him . He turned around and walked backstage and down the corridor .


Qiao Anhao saw Xu Jiamu get off the stage on the monitor . Subconsciously, she turned her head to see him push the door open and walk towards her .

His complexion looked terrible, and he was speeding out .

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When he walked past Qiao Anhao, she cried out, "Brother Jiamu!"

Xu Jiamu's footsteps slightly paused . He gave her a nod without saying a word, then brushed past, and strode through the break room and out .


Because of Xu Jiamu's sudden entrance, the competition was interrupted and the atmosphere was off-beat . The presenter deliberately begun a five minute commercial break for everyone to settle down .

The show was live, and so a video of Xu Jiamu's appearance was immediately cut, posted online, and made the headlines .

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Those people online who hated Qiao Anhao to the bone turned their hateful messages elsewhere . However, there were still a few people who continued to curse her for having someone to back her through the competition . Yet most people came out to express their utter shock at the truth, and quite a few of those who scolded her in the past posted apologies on her Weibo .


Five minutes flew by .

At the center of the stage, the presenter said a few words from the show's sponsors, then gave a warm welcome to the final contestant .


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"Mr . Lu, Miss Qiao is about to get up on stage . Should I give you one?"

Lu Jinnian didn't know when, but the assistant beside him had managed to get his hands on two glow sticks . He brought a pink one up in front of Lu Jinnian .

'Immature!' cursed Lu Jinnian inside . Without taking the glow stick, he stared directly at the entrance of the stage .

'Whatever!' replied the assistant inside . He waved the glowsticks with one hand, and cried, "Miss Qiao, Good luck!"

When the music started to play, the revolving doors slowly turned around . After having to wait all night for her turn to be the main lead, there she was .

The seven contestants before her all had impressive outfits . Qiao Anhao was the only one who wore a simple, long, pink, and knitted dress . Her long hair gently draped behind her face . On screen, you practically couldn't tell that she had put on a natural look with make up .

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