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Chapter 954

When Xu Jiamu finished asking, he didn't wait for Song Xiangsi' response, and shot a glance at the wound on her arm .

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He suddenly grabbed her arm, taking note of a ghastly graze . He furrowed his brows, then looked down at the wound on her leg, which creased his brows even tighter .  "How did you fall like this, and not to take care of it?"

Song Xiangsi lowered her head, but didn't make a peep and pulled her arm from his grip .

"Where's your husband? Could he possibly not care about you?" There was a tinge of anger in Xu Jiamu's words .

She still didn't say a word .

Xu Jiamu stared at her for a while, then suddenly swept her off her feet, and walked towards the elevator .

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He took her to a nearby hospital, whilst she still hadn't registered how he suddenly turned up at her home in Seattle . The doctor soon finished giving her a check up .

According to Xu Jiamu's orders, the doctor prescribed an ointment, then he carried her back to her home .

When they opened the door, Xu Jiamu entered the house without Song Xiangsi's permission . He carried her straight in, then put her down on the sofa in the living room . He didn't wait for her to react and pulled out the bottles from the plastic bag onto the floor . He skimmed through the English on the packaging, then grabbed a cotton swab, and took care of her wound .

From start to finish, the two of them didn't exchange any words .

Song Xiangsi stared at Xu Jiamu without blinking .

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He didn't look up into her eyes until he finished applying medicine to her wound . "It's best if you apply this ointment two times a day, so there won't be any scarring . "

As he said this, Xu Jiamu lowered his head again, he pointed at the bottles . "Apply this bottle first . It's to kill bacteria . Then, apply this one . Got it?"

Xu Jiamu glanced at Song Xiangsi, and saw that she still had the same expression on her face . His brows creased, and he then grabbed a pen from the coffee table and marked the medical box . He also said in a flat voice, "I've clearly marked the instructions in order . "

He put the pen down, and glanced over at the clock on the wall . It was already eight o'clock, then he asked, "Have you had breakfast?"

This time, Song Xiangsi finally had some kind of reaction . She shook her head gently at him .

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Xu Jiamu didn't say a word, but stood up and walked into the kitchen .

Song Xiangsi quietly sat on the living room sofa and listened to the sound of the kitchen vent . She stared outside the window .

Even though Song Xiangsi couldn't cook, she had Little Red Bean, and so her kitchen was well prepared .

Xu Jiamu was always good at cooking . He used just forty minutes to make a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast table for Song Xiangsi .

He stood in front of the breakfast table, and served her a bowl of porridge . Then he glanced over at her sitting on the sofa and asked, "Can you walk over here?"

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Song Xiangsi hurriedly nodded, quickly got up, and walked over to the breakfast table .

She randomly pulled out a chair and sat down . Xu Jiamu pushed the porridge in front of her .

The aroma wafted in, tempting her appetite . Song Xiangsi dazed out for a moment, then raised her eyes . She looked over to where Xu Jiamu was standing . "You want to eat together?"

Xu Jiamu replied in three seconds in a flat voice .  "No . "

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