Published at 29th of June 2019 03:25:23 PM
Chapter 183

"It was me", she said and came forward .

They all looked at her in utter disbelief .

"What are you doing here mom?", Vikram asked in surprise .

"I have come here to set the things right . Don't worry", she said and walked towards Vikram and gently caressed his face with her hands and said,

"I will set everything right for none of this is your fault" .

"There's no need to take all the blame on yourself mom . They are not going to listen . I don't know from where they have procured all these documents . I guess some third person is trying to frame me and I am going to find that persona and rip them apart", Vikram said holding the hands of her mother .

She took a deep breath and then looked at Vikram and said,

"That person you are talking about is me . I know it's hard to believe but it was me" .

Then she looked at Peter who looked ghastly and said,

"You can tell them !!! You did whatever was told to you . It is not your fault either" .

Peter looked at her in surprise, u