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Chapter 59

Akira's heart was warmed with Raymond's kind gesture . It was a warm and fuzzy feeling which at once made her feel comfortable and calm . Small bubbles of happiness started surrounding her and she busied herself in eating the wrap and sipping on the Apple juice . It was just a small gesture but she was feeling blessed that someone noticed and remembered a small thing which was rather unimportant .

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He gave attention to what she said .

She liked that !!!

All the worries, weirdness and insanity which had beached her tiny heart and was making her mind go numb, suddenly started evaporating . She was engulfed with comfort and happiness . After finishing gobbling the wrap she moved on to her juice and started sipping it happily . Once she was done she opened up her communicator . She wanted to ping Raymond and thank him but somehow she was a bit hesitant . Her mind was toggling between 'to ping' or 'not to ping' . Finally, she mustered up a bit of courage and pinged him .

"Hello" - Akira

Meanwhile, Raymond was waiting in his cubicle for her to ping him . He knew that she was smart enough to deduce that it was him but it had been almost 40 mins that David had left and there was no ping from her side . So he was growing a bit impatient . But the moment he saw her ping, his face just beamed with anticipation .

"Hi" - Raymond

"Do you have some 20-30 minutes free time in the evening?" - Akira

"Maybe, I need to check with David about my schedule . Why do you ask?" - Raymond

"I am working on my report and wanted to get it reviewed again . Do you have some time in the evening?" - Akira

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"Oh, ok . You can come around 5 . 30 pm . Just let me know before coming as I am not sure if I have any other meetings overlapping" . - Raymond

"Sure, will let you know before coming . Thanks . " - Akira

And after saying that Akira ended the conversation .

"That's all . That's all that she had to say?", thought Raymond in his head and got a bit frustrated . He was waiting for long for her to ping and now that she pinged, she talked only about the report .

"God this girl is getting on my nerves !!!", Raymond muttered to himself . He then switched his attention to his phone which was ringing .

"Hello Katherine", said Raymond .

"Wao you sound so swell", teased Katherine when she heard Raymond as he sounded like he was in a dilapidated state .

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"Get to the point", blurted Raymond .

"Fine Fine . I just closed my clinic as I need to shop for a few things for Kate's birthday . So thought of reminding you as you are the doted uncle . She will kill you for sure if you forget to buy her a gift",

said Katherine .

"Oh Gosh !!! It had totally slipped my mind with so much going on . I am sorry", said Raymond apologetically .

"You should be !!!", said Katherine and laughed . She really loved to play with Raymond's guilty conscience .

"And by the way, you should buy a gift for me as well as I have saved your 'the best uncle in the world' image", said Katherine pulling Raymond's leg .

"Stop being so greedy Kat", sneered Raymond .

"Ok jokes apart how is your arm? Do you see any swelling near the stitches? If you see any swelling or any sort of discharge from the stitch area then tell me ASAP . Do not let your wound get infected . Ok?", said Katherine with her tone filled with concern .

"There is no swelling as such . Just a bit of mild discomfort is there . That's all . " Raymond replied .

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"Ok, that's great then . Will see you tomorrow evening at the birthday party . Don't be late Raymond, I am warning you . And don't you dare bring work to my home this time . If I see you glued to the laptop for even one second, I swear to God, I will throw it in my garbage bin and kick you so bad that you can forget your stitches", said Katherine .

"Don't worry about that", Raymond said .

"Oh oh wait, my bad . How is your girlfriend? I totally forgot to ask about her", Katherine asked, coming back to her jeering form again .

"She is fine . And FYI she is not my girlfriend . She is just an intern in my office", hissed Raymond .

"Aahhh . . . . the unrequited love . How can you lie on my face and live like that Raymond? Anyways that's none of my concern right now . I have a huge party to arrange . Will keep now . Bye", Katherine said and was about to disconnect the call, but before that could happen Raymond said,

"Umm . . . one more favor I need . But you cannot mock me for that" .

"Tell it fast Raymond . Don't throw puzzles at me", said Katherine and started walking towards her car .

"Can you suggest some medicine for Akira's scars? She also suffered from injuries that day . Hope you know that", said Raymond .

" Oohh someone is worried about his girlfriends scar marks . Interesting!!!", commented Katherine .

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"Which part of 'no mocking' did you not understand", asked Raymond with an irritated tone .

"Fine fine, ask her to start with any kojic acid best ointment after the wound is healed . A week after that she can start with some Vitamin C based cream . That would be good enough to prevent the scars from leaving any marks", ranted Katherine non-stop .

"Great, finally some use of a sister who is a dermatologist", said Raymond and jeered her .

"Wao you know well how to be massively ungrateful", said Katherine and clearly she was irritated with Raymond's remarks .

"Oh, so your remarks are like words from Bible and mine makes me ungrateful? Is there something called 'justice' dear sister?", said Raymond and chuckled .

"Duh . . . fine I m keeping the call now . You keep dreaming about her and keep denying", said Katherine and disconnected the call .

Raymond smiled briefly after hearing Katherine's statement . Then he took a notepad and with a bit of difficulty wrote the names of medicines which Katherine said a few minutes back, in case he forgot them . He looked at his watch, it was 2:30 pm .

"Three more hours to go!!!", he sighed .

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