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Chapter 78: Dream Master

"The spiritual land is either formed naturally on its own or formed when a dream master dies… . . "

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle landed on the peak . As Fang Yuan witnessed this scene, he was shocked and speechless .

At least, now he knew that Shi Yutong and the spiritual knight would never be able to achieve this . Master Wenxin was way more superior than them .

"All of a sudden, there is a change in the nature of this piece of land and it became a spiritual land… . . The power of a dream master is indeed incredible!"

Fang Yuan still couldn't believe it . "Such master could rest in peace in solitude . What a secret type of energy this is . . . "

Obviously, this master was way beyond Wu Zong and the level of spiritual knights . He was probably the most powerful in the whole of the secluded valley and even in the country!

The world was too big and this country was just a small part of this world .

Fang Yuan knew that if he were to be discovered by his opponent now, he would not be spared .

"Just that… . . in this world, miracles do happen and that is what that makes life much more interesting!"

He silently clenched his fists and glanced at his stats window .

With such a system that he had inherited, he was much more confident to improve himself quickly . One day, he would be able to achieve, or even surpass the level Master Wenxin had achieved!

By then, he would have helped to fulfil what Master Wenxin hadn't been able to!

What about now?

Fang Yuan forced himself to stop pondering over these thoughts and began to plan ahead .

"Iron-tailed Black Eagle, Flower Fox Ferret! Faster, you two! We will be quite busy for a period of time soon!"

The main obstacle in the spiritual land on the Green Peak was the Red-eyed White Birds . Even since they had been removed, Fang Yuan would want to explore the whole of Green Peak to collect spiritual objects and also to map out this place .

Of course, the main point was to find a suitable place here to build his own secret base and relocate the important spiritual plants from the secluded valley to here .

The Green Peak was not small .

It was not an easy task to find a suitable spot to live in such a vast place .

Luckily, Fang Yuan had the Iron-tailed Black Eagle with him to explore the whole area . After a period of exploration, they managed to find a suitable spot in the middle of the mountain . There was a large flat land of a few square miles . There was also a spiritual spring nearby and the place here was not far from the platform leading to the nest of the Red-eyed White King Bird .

Fang Yuan became a hardworking gardener . He organised this piece of land to make it suitable for further developments and built a fence around the perimeter . He then started the relocation process .

Luckily, there were still some spiritual bamboos left in the hole which the Red-eyed White King Bird lived in . However, the Vermillion Jade Rice was not on the list for the relocation . Fang Yuan was only aiming to relocate the Questioning Heart Tea Tree and the Flame Jade Rice .

"The soil in this spiritual land is way better than the one back in the secluded valley!"

Fang Yuan lifted the hoe and dug his way into the soil . He then nodded in agreement .

Back in the secluded valley, he had grown quite a huge amount of the Emerald Grass in the Vermillion Jade Rice farm . Emerald Grass could help to freshen the surrounding air and if he did not plant this spiritual plant here as well, the nutrients in the soil here would leak out easily .

However, there was still a big difference between the soil in the secluded valley and the soil here in the spiritual land .

"Not only the condition of the soil, the quality of the air, water and other factors were way inferior back in the secluded valley as compared to here… . . "

Fang Yuan looked at the relocated Questioning Heart Tea Tree that was in front of him and happily nodded his head .

Even after the relocation process, the Questioning Heart Tea Tree was not withered, but rather, was still in a good condition .

"I shall return to the secluded valley in the afternoon and relocate the Flame Jade Rice here . Then, I can shift my focus from the secluded valley to here… . "

In the spiritual land, not only the spiritual plants were thriving, Fang Yuan himself felt comfortable to be in there .

Also, one could live longer in the spiritual land . A martial artist could have a higher chance of success in making a breakthrough here . If not, why would this piece of land be called the blessed land?

Not to mention, this piece of spiritual land was left behind by Master Wenxin and it meant a lot to Fang Yuan .

"In future, the secluded valley will just be like an outpost and the main base will be right here in this spiritual land!"

The place here in the Green Peak was quite secluded and it was difficult for others to discover this place . Also, there was a strong hypnotising fog to guard against anyone who dared to trespass .

Fang Yuan was immune to the hypnotisation . An expert in 4 Heavenly Gates or even a Wu Zong would find it difficult to trespass this area, and they would end up sleeping forever .

"The power of the dream master is indeed great… . . "

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Fang Yuan went to the cliff where the Red-eyed White Birds were residing previously and looked at the nests . There were a few young birds and eggs remaining… . . . he pondered about this silently .

"Chirp! Chirp!"

This was a strong gust of wind and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle came back with a chicken and a wild rabbit .

"Hmm, very good!"

Fang Yuan clapped his hands and said, "Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, I will need both of your help to take care of these young birds for a while!"


Upon hearing Fang Yuan's request, the Flower Fox Ferret opened its eyes widely and gave a speechless look .

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle was even more shocked by Fang Yuan's request . The Iron-tailed Black Eagle and the Red-eyed White Birds were enemies . How could one request it to take care of the young birds? What was Fang Yuan thinking?

"After all, you all are birds and have some similarities… . "

Fang Yuan pushed the responsibility to the two spiritual beasts and carried the wild rabbit back into the hole .

"Chirp! Chirp!"

A loud but weak chirp was heard .


A giant silhouette appeared and it looked as if it had knocked onto something as a loud noise was produced .

"Why? Red-eyed White King Bird, you have still not accepted reality?"

Fang Yuan took two steps forward and gave a cheerful expression .

Previously, the Red-eyed White King Bird was staring at him furiously .

Now, many of its bones were broken and it was held by a big metal chain . Furthermore, a few giant rocks were holding it down and it could barely move .

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Currently, the Red-eyed White King Bird's elemental energy had been exhausted from the battle and it would be hard for it to escape since it was restrained .

After defeating the Red-eyed White King Bird, Fang Yuan didn't kill it in the end . Instead, he trapped it .

However, the Red-eyed White King Bird was still full of pride . It decided to have a hunger strike since it was trapped!

"You still don't want to eat?"

Fang Yuan then threw the wild rabbit to its mouth and took out a bamboo fruit . "It feels terrible after being enraged, doesn't it? Do you want this?"

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Red-eyed White King Bird turned its head and did not even look at Fang Yuan .

Even though through its eyes, one could see its weakness . However, it was still proud . It was once considered an overlord, so how could it admit defeat to humans?

Especially to an evil human who killed its own species!

"Hoo… . looks like this is impossible!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and knew that even though it was a spiritual beast, it could only survive up to a month without any food or water . He could end up getting just a dead spiritual bird .

Also, his plans to fully overcome this spiritual bird would fail .

"Looks like… . . fairytales are lies . How can you accept it when you had just killed so many people? Are you brainless or are you a moron?"

"You were probably related to my master and that was why I didn't kill you!?"

Fang Yuan shook his head and sealed the entrance of the tunnel with pieces of rocks . He then went to the platform outside and saw that the Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle were struggling to take care of the birds . It was an interesting scene to look at even though it was a mess .

"This piece of spiritual land is finally mine!"

He looked at the sky and there was a bright orange light shining at this place through the blue sky . It must be a beautiful sunset .

Fang Yuan crossed his knees and sat down . He then took out a piece of jade and had mixed feelings .

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He placed the jade between his eyebrows and concentrated his magical energy . A passage on a technique appeared and it was beautifully written .

Even though he had read the passage many times, regardless, he once again read from the start to the end and understood the meaning of the passage .

This jade was left behind by Master Wenxin and it was a way for him to become a dream master!

"A dream master! The energy from a dream master is considered to be the most powerful even though it is similar to that of spiritual knights, alchemy masters and array masters!"

Master Wenxin's method was simple but it was convincingly effective .

Especially after Fang Yuan had personally witnessed the miracle in this spiritual land .

"A dream master is one who would always make contact with the dream world! A dream… . It is the most the magical thing in this world . How are humans able to dream? Why do scenes of the future appear in dreams sometimes? The answers to these questions are supposed to be discovered by a dream master and once he knows that he is dreaming, he will be able to accomplish anything!"

Even though such processes were illusory, Fang Yuan knew that a dream master could accomplish this .

Mind could affect matter and consciousness could affect reality!

The spiritual land right in front of him was the best scene to relate to the statement!

A real dream master could be very powerful and scary at his later stage!

Fang Yuan also understood why Master Wenxin praised his unique talents and left something valuable behind for him to inherit .

"That secret had already been discovered by Master Wenxin!"

The strange dream world that I had… . . . No, that was not even a dream . It was reliving my entire and actual life… . . "

"Since Master Wenxin was a dream master and was sensitive to the details that were related to the dream world, how could he not have discovered?"

"Or maybe, because of this, he felt that I had the qualities of a dream master? Or maybe he was hoping that I could control what was happening in the dream world and not be confused by it?"

. . . … .

These few possibilities came into his mind and he understood Master Wenxin's effort . He was touched by it and was more determined than before .