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Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Heaven’s Element

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The world was vast and was split into 4 parts, namely Heaven's Element, Earth's Branches, East's Victory and South's Departure . In each part, the population was more than a billion, and there were as many countries as there were stars in the Milky Way . In these countries, many things were happening; demons and beasts having their own way, humans and gods co-existing, bizarre occurrences, and the most eye-catching phenomenon was the strength of the 'True Cultivator' .

In Heaven's element, there was a Green Cloud mountainous ridge, and a Green Cloud House .

Green Cloud Sect was one of the top 9 True Cultivator influence in Heaven's element . At one time, the sect trained 5 exceptional grandmasters and was therefore very well-known . Furthermore, there were more than 10 highly experienced old eccentric men at the helm . The sect's name was at the top for more than 10,000 years, and there were countless talents trained from the sect, and therefore was referred to as the 'Lucky Sect' .

Green Cloud House was a branch of the Green Cloud Sect and was responsible for recruiting and training the younger generation of disciples . Every 10 years, one of the many in the House would be recommended to join the Main Sect, and become an honorary disciple . His reputation and influence would then be comparable to a nation's master .

Within Heaven's Element, there were more than a thousand of such Houses, and our story would begin from one of these small Houses .

"Fang Yuan, wake up and do your chores!"

In the dormitory, Fang Yuan woke up, rubbed his eyes, and while he was still half-asleep, he noticed a few disciples in green yelling at him, as though they looked down on him .

"Chores? Oh, this is what the disciples of the House have to do daily . They will have to carry water, chop wood, tire themselves out, practice breathing techniques, all to hope for some breathing space and a good foundation . . . "

Some information popped up in his mind, and Fang Yuan recalled his identity .

"I was originally a farmer's son . It was fate that I saved a House deacon's life . Seeing that I looked special, he brought me to the mountains . . . A pity that it was his blunder . Although I might look like I have celestial blood, I was the useless one out of the many people with celestial blood . Five years had passed and I have not felt the fate to become something greater, and therefore became the laughing stock . . . "

Although this memory felt extremely real, for unknown reasons, Fang Yuan felt a little odd and said . "F*ck . . . Why is this beginning a useless piece of wood yet again? I'm sick of this obstruction okay?"

As he exclaimed, he shocked himself .

As for 'useless piece of wood' and 'obstruction', he didn't even know what he meant, and why he would say it .

"Eh? Fang Yuan, you're quite daring huh!"

A few disciples in green were shocked . Even though they did not know what he was saying, his mocking tone was rather obvious, and their faces turned red with anger .

"This kind of useless wood should be chased out of the House!"

"He owes it all to Deacon Wang . . . "

"I have never seen such an impudent brat in the House before!"

"Pui, how can this type of person wish to become immortal!"

"Fang Yuan, you seem to be full of energy! You shall settle all the chores today by yourself!"

One of the disciples took a step forward and smiled with pride . "Did you hear what I said?"

"So what if I am a failed celestial blood?"

Fang Yuan clenched his fist, his veins bulging out . "I will successfully build my foundation, enter the Main Sect and become an Immortal Cultivator!"

"Ha ha!"

"What did I just hear?"

"Did the useless person just claimed that he wanted to be an Immortal Cultivator, and enter the Main Sect?"

The crowd became silent, and slowly, laughter began to fill the room . A young man who came from Wang Hou's Family appeared unfriendly, squinted his eyes and said, "Don't boast, be careful with your words!"

He didn't have to do the dirty work; a few followers came forward, preparing to teach Fang Yuan a lesson .

"Cough Cough!"

A loud commanding voice was heard from behind .

"Good day Deacon!"

Many young ladies paid their greetings and opened up a pathway . A middle-aged man walked out, his sharp eyes sweeping across the room . "What are you all doing here? Go and do your chores!"

"Yes, sir!"

Even the young man from Wang Hou Family did not dare to disobey the deacon and left promptly . Before he left, he stared at Fang Yuan, which sent chills down his spine, as though a snake was crawling on his back .

"You, leave too!"

The deacon stared at Fang Yuan, shook his head, and slowly took his leave .

Fang Yuan went back to the room and carried his hoe and bamboo basket .

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. . .

The Green Cloud mountainous ridge was the source of green wood . This type of wood was entirely green, and strong as steel . It was the perfect material of best quality to construct buildings or ships .

If left to grow more than a hundred years, the wood could be used entirely to form some low-grade tools .

With this alone, Green Cloud House could survive on its own, without trading with the neighbouring smaller countries .

Therefore, chopping the green wood was the daily chore of the lowly disciples .

Of course, there were not many like Fang Yuan, who tried for five years but was still not fated for anything greater .


As the axe landed on a crack in the green wood, there was a continuous sound . The impact on Fang Yuan's hand was unbearable, and he felt numb .

He took in a deep breath, and with a straight face, landed another hit on the wood . He controlled his breathing and breathed in a rhythmic fashion .

"Through chopping wood every day, I would train my circulation, bones and joints to get some sense of Spirit . . . Even though I have zero potential, I should take around a year to enter the Main Sect, but now I have spent five years . . . "

After an afternoon, Fang Yuan finally finished chopping his green wood . He wiped his sweat and smiled . "After gaining a sense of Spirit, I still need to build up my foundation for a hundred days before I can commence by Spirit training! There are 13 tiers in Spirit training, and only after completing everything, I would be at the pinnacle and would finally have the rights to try and get assessed into the Main Sect . . . I've heard that after the Demonic Wind stage, the inner Dragon and Tiger in me would combine, and undergo 19 Misfortunes before entering the 'Golden Pill' stage!"

"Within the Golden Pill stage, I would finally be comparable to the standards of an outer disciple . And as for when I'll undergo the 39 Calamities and fusion of Elemental Infant so as to enter the inner Sect . . . After that, there will be Magic-splitting, Magic-melting and Magic-fusing . . . All these realms are increasing in difficulty . Furthermore, the Misfortunes would become increasingly scarier, and at the stage of Disaster, in every century there would be one 99 Wind-Fire Misfortune, and if one can survive it 9 times consecutively, and finally able to fly in the sunrise towards the heavens, one would become Immortal . . . I must become Immortal!!!"

"Wait a minute . . . Immortal Cultivation sounds familiar . . . What strange language am I speaking in again?"

Fang Yuan scratched his head, drank a mouthful of water and prepared to continue chopping wood .

"I found him, he's here!"

All of a sudden, there was a commotion along the pathway to the mountains, and a few figures appeared .

Fang Yuan felt miserable as he saw the group approaching .

Those that appeared were the many young masters from Wang Hou's Family and a few followers .

"Fang Yuan . . . You were lucky in the morning that Deacon came to help you . However, this is the wilderness, I shall wait and see who would come to save you now!"

A bulky young man came forward, and as he clenched his fist popping sounds could be heard .

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"These few have already comprehended the sense of Spirit, and are within the Spirit training stage . I am no match for them . . . Run!"

Without a second thought, Fang Yuan turned around and ran .

Just a few followers would give him problems already, not to mention the backup brought by the young masters from Wang Hou's Family . They were highly skilled and their progress was incredibly quick; rumour has it that there were about to enter the 5th tier of Spirit training!

"Give chase!"

Seeing Fang Yuan escaping, a few followers naturally gave chase .

Their stamina was good, and they were quick . By splitting up, they cornered Fang Yuan to the edge of a cliff .

"Haha . . . Try running!"

By splitting up, they cornered him, and the young masters stood behind, excited . "Beat him up! See if he'll dare to talk to Sister Shui Ling any more!"


Fang Yuan felt unjust . "You are against me just because of this? I have absolutely no relationship with Sister Shui Ling, we just had a few words . . . "

"What, who would be as stupid as me, beaten up for nothing . . . "

Unknowingly, Fang Yuan felt a sense of familiarity as he witnessed this scene .

It was as though he went through the same thing once before, it was as though a girl whom he was not close with brought him trouble too .

"It's this feeling again . . . Wait a minute, Why . . . am I running? Why am I here?"

"Who . . . am I?"

Fang Yuan mumbled to himself, lost . He released his essence all around, and his breathing changed .

"Beat him up!"

A few followers did not wait and rushed up .

"Ha! Eagle Claw!"

Shadows flew by, and fractures were heard . The young masters were shocked .

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They did not expect this to happen; the ones on the floor crying for help were their followers instead .

"Secular martial arts . . . "

He frowned . "Is it that strong?"

"It takes one day to see through, and realise that I am me all along!"

Fang Yuan ignored him and laughed . He was ecstatic . "So . . . This is the feeling of a dream master!"

He now realised that this entire world was his dream world!

From existing in his dream to figuring out his identity to waking up and being aware, these were the important gates for a dream master to break through!

Not everyone could become aware in their dream .

It would be more likely for one to be sucked in and get lost in their own dream .

However, Fang Yuan easily broke through this first Gate in his first dream!

"It seems that Master did teach me a thing or two . . . "

Fang Yuan became emotional .

Although Master Wenxin did not directly teach him the ways of a dream master from the beginning, the Meditative Tea Ceremony that he passed down was strongly related to the role of a dream master .

Furthermore, he grew up in an alternate dream world from young and had plenty of experience .

With these two factors, he broke through the 'Riddle of the Dream' relatively quickly, quicker than the average person .

"Is this person . . . crazy?"

At one side, a young master noticed Fang Yuan talking to himself and began to worry . He clenched his teeth and took out a talisman which gave out a spiritual light .

This was a treasure bought at a high price; the young master felt that it was a waste to use it on Fang Yuan . With a shout, he exclaimed . "Ji!"


A bright light flashed, and both of Fang Yuan's arms dropped down cleanly .