Castle of Black Iron

Castle of Black Iron
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After the cataclysm, the rules of the world have all been rewritten and the Black Iron Age descends. Steel, steam, martial strength became humanities largest tools for survival.

Zhang Tie an ordinary boy, amid confusion was fiercely kicked in the arse by the God of Fate and obtained a sapling that can continuously grow various varieties of magical fruits.

The boy screamed, rolled and dived headlong into the torrents of the infinitely vast continent – Massive waves of human clans and demon clans gather as the Third “Hundred Year” Holy War is coming.

The mysterious vast continent of unknown origin!

A magic cultivation system that uses crystals to unlock the body’s potential!

The hot-blooded legend about the descendant of God!

The many secrets of the eastern mysterious gate!

The endless treasures in the core of the world!

Everything in the “Citadel of Black Iron”.

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4 Months, 15 Hours ago

I don’t think it was boring at all. I do accept it was slow paced in 100ish chapter but series shows development of MC mentally and cultivation wise best pace for cultivation and time accordingly. I could definitely recommend this series just give main character some time to shine as it should be see u all on the other side

6 Months, 2 Weeks ago

How is this boring?. It has a good story, working cultivation that thrives on the steam engines. Its hundred times better than most *popular” chinese novels that are mostly info dumps.

1 Year, 4 Days ago

The MC is so boring and so naive and stupid it is annoying to read. The MC show some smart while taking revenge and all but get dumb afterwards its so annoying its like having an malfunction brain where he is cunning one sec and stupid afterwards

1 Year, 1 Month ago

Boring af…

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