Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1028

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Chapter 1028
Chapter 1028: I Have My Own Consideration (I)

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After entering the official manor, Zhang Tie took a seat in a parlor beside a brook . At Zhang Tie's order, Liu Xing and the other black-armored fighters brought those selected ones into an assembly hall and received them for the time being . After learning what happened here during these days when he left the official manor from Liu Xing, Zhang Tie told Liu Xing to bring them in the parlor one after another .

During the period when Zhang Tie left the official manor, the requests to pay formal visits to Zhang Tie had filled many baskets . It was polite for them to send requests to pay formal visits to Zhang Tie . Liu Xing and the other black-armored fighters didn't know Zhang Tie's will; therefore, they just received all the requests and waited for Zhang Tie's decision .

The one who was brought in the parlor first was Lu Yishan, the former greatest shareholder of Threerocks Engineering Group in Dashang City, Gaoping Prefecture, Yanzhou Province .

Although Fire Dragon Hermit was known as a dauntless hero, he was not rude . Therefore, Lu Yishan was not as intense as before . Although recovering his composure a bit, he still behaved meticulously in front of Zhang Tie .

"Take a seat!" Zhang Tie casually pointed at a chair in the parlor and told Lu Yishan, who was of his dad's age, to take a seat .

"Erm . . . I . . . I'd better stand up . . . in front of hermit!" Lu Yishan said carefully .

In Lu Yishan's eyes, Fire Dragon Hermit was almost on the same level as the provincial governor . In front of such an influential figure, of course, he dared not sit . It was already his great honor to be received by such an influential figure . It was honorable enough for engineering groups like his to sit in the same room with the city mayor after many years' efforts, not to mention an earth knight .

"Cut the crap!" Zhang Tie glared at Lu Yishan .

"Yes, sir . . . yes, sir . . . yes, sir . . . " Lu Yishan was scared too much that he hurriedly sat down on the chair with a small half of his butt on the edge of the chair while putting his hands on his legs in a very docile look .

"Do you know why I fetch you here?" Zhang Tie asked Lu Yishan before throwing a glance at him .

After throwing a glance at Zhang Tie, Lu Yishan gritted his teeth and replied, "Does Fire Dragon Hermit want to build a Class I city in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory so as to set people's minds at rest?"

After hearing Lu Yishan's words, Zhang Tie became faintly stunned . Zhang Tie then replied, "You think this hermit wants to build a Class I city in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory?"

"I'm really happy that Hermit favors me . Therefore, I just put it straight . If it's improper, please forgive me !" Lu Yishan cupped his hands towards Zhang Tie .

"Go ahead . I will not blame you for whatever you say!" Zhang Tie waved his hand .

"If so, Lu Yishan will put it straightforward . . . " After recovering his composure, Lu Yishan answered, "It's said that Hermit has just come back from the Earth-elements Realm . With your status and position, you definitely know that Emperor Xuanyuan is missing . This event has been spread over the commoners . As the holy war has broken out, it's unstable both domestically and abroad . In the holy war, only solid cities and castles could set people's minds at rest . As there's not a Class I city in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory now, if you want to shape a supreme image in Fire Dragon Bounty Territory, I suggest you to build a Class I city!"

Lu Yishan's words were out of Zhang Tie's imagination . Zhang Tie had not imagined that the news that Emperor Xuanyuan was missing could be spread over the commoners in Taixia Country so fast . Even businessmen like Lu Yishan had known it and were thinking about the countermeasures . This was actually not good for Taixia Country as a whole . It indicated that the aftermath of the event that Emperor Xuanyuan was missing had just come to a start .

Actually, Zhang Tie did not fetch Lu Yishan to build a Class I city . However, Lu Yishan's words reminded Zhang Tie . From the perspective of a knight, it was almost the same whether there was a Class I city or not . However, in the holy war, Class I city was of a special meaning for commoners .

"What's the expense of a Class I city?"

"It depends . A basic Class I city which could meet all the indicators and functions would cost you 200 million gold coins to 250 million gold coins . More advanced Class I cities like some of the nine immortal provinces would cost far more 200 million gold coins as its functions and defense facilities are much better than Class I cities in Taixia Country after many generations' construction of a clan . There's actually not an upper limit for that . Additionally, since a few months ago, it had been spread over Taixia Country that Emperor Xuanyuan was missing . Therefore, the number of clans which would build Class I cities abruptly increased . Out of the demand, raw materials such as steel and cement are constantly rising . Now, it will cost over 15% more to build a Class I city than that a few months ago . . . "

Lu Yishan answered professionally .

The Saint Peterburg cost Zhang Tie 90 million gold coins as the most magnificent city across Ice and Snow Wilderness; however, any Class I city in Taixia Country would cost almost 200 million gold coins . What a sharp difference!

"Now that the number of clans which are going to build Class I cities abruptly increases, could you Threerocks Engineering Group receive an order to build a Class I city in Yanzhou Province?"

After hearing Zhang Tie's question, Lu Yishan's face turned embarrassed at once, "Hermit . . . erm . . . Hermit, you might not know that . In Taixia Country, those who could build Class I cities are all real major clans . The Class I cities built by these major clans are always be involved with the secrets of the clans, such as the arrangement of hidden ways and weapons . As these secrets were very sensitive and might be easily exposed to the public if they were contracted to outsiders; therefore, these Class I cities could only be built by their own engineering groups . Our Threerocks Engineering Group is mainly responsible for building official projects . We are doing some small projects, but we've not received any task on building Class I cities . . . "

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Zhang Tie understood that the government in the provinces and prefectures would not build Class I cities in a big way at such a critical moment . Even the current building plans would be prolonged for the time being . Because of the news that the Emperor Xuanyuan was missing, the commoners started to be scared . If the government exerted its utmost to build Class I cities at this moment, it would make commoners more scared . Some cunning guys might even stir up trouble in Taixia Country with it .

Touching his bald head, Zhang Tie replied, "We need to build a Class I city; however, we should not do it right now . This Hermit wants to establish Iron-Dragon Sect first! Otherwise, it would be ridiculous if we didn't even have a foothold . "

After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Lu Yishan understood at once . He almost wanted to slap his own face . He only thought about the importance of a Class I city from his point of view; however, he forgot about the importance of Iron-Dragon Sect for Fire Dragon Sect, which was even more urgent than building a Class I city . Although he thought that he had opened his mind to Fire Dragon Hermit; however, he was still too anxious for profit in Fire Dragon Hermit's eyes .

Lu Yishan revealed a bashful smile as he twisted his body restlessly and asked, "Hermit, where are you going to build Iron-Dragon Sect?"

"After looking around these couple days, I find that the Xuantian 18 mountain peaks in Yangui Mountain Range are very beautiful and magnificent . This Hermit wants to establish Iron-Dragon Sect based on Xuantian 18 mountain peaks . . . "

Standing in Xuantian City, people could look at the Yangui Mountain Range in the distance, especially the contour of the Xuantian 18 mountain peaks in Yangui Mountain Range . Therefore, this city was named Xuantian City .

These days, Zhang Tie was considering the location of Iron-Dragon Sect . Among the major sects in Taixia Country, besides Gold and Power Law, almost all the major sects were in famous mountains, rivers or isolated overseas islands . Some were even in very secret places . 'My Iron-Dragon Sect has to rely on a famous mountain or river too . ' As Yangui Mountain was magnificent with a special terrain, Zhang Tie decided to establish Iron-Dragon Sect in Yangui Mountain Range . Given that Xuantian 18 mountain peaks were grotesque in Yangui Mountain Range, Zhang Tie chose it as the core of his Iron-Dragon Sect .

"Ahh, Hermit, do you really want to choose Xuantian 18 mountain peaks as the foundation of Iron-Dragon Sect?" Lu Yishan was amazed .

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"Yes!" Zhang Tie nodded .

"How large do you want?"

After combining Lu Yishan's question with the discussion between two of them about building a Class I city, Zhang Tie had a bizarre thought . Zhang Tie recalled the surrounding terrain of Xuantian 18 mountain peaks that he had seen in the air as he burst out into laughter at once .

"Hahahaha, your words remind me . How about making it large? Why not combine the territory of Iron-Dragon Sect with a Class I city? I mean building an unprecedented sect, also a mountainous city in Yangui Mountain with the benefit of its terrain . In the future, the population in Iron-Dragon Sect will be planned according to that of a basic Class I city . Of course, we can develop step by step . . . "

Lu Yishan was startled at once . Closely after that, his heart pounded . It was a tough challenge and a great opportunity for Threerocks Engineering Group .

"Hermit . . . do you really want me to undertake this project?" Lu Yishan asked in a timid way after forcefully swallowing his saliva . At this moment, he really didn't believe that Zhang Tie could entrust him to undertake such a "major event" only after chatting with him a short while . In other places and periods, Threerocks Engineers Group would spend a lot of time and efforts in getting such a big project .

"Cut the crap, who else if I don't let you do that?" Zhang Tie glared at Lu Yishan before putting it straightforwardly, "You will take charge of this project . Don't' waste my time . I will pay you according to the market price . If you could accomplish it perfectly, you will have an award . . . "

Lu Yishan immediately sprung up from his chair and bowed deeply to Zhang Tie . He felt being moved and impulsive like how a person would die for the one who favored him as he said, "Our Lu Clan in Dashang City will definitely live up to Hermit's trust even at the cost of our lives . . . "