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Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1057

Published at 12th of October 2018 01:37:46 PM

Chapter 1057
Chapter 1057: Comparing Notes in the Valley

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Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem


After hearing Zhang Tie's simple reply, the atmosphere became intense abruptly .

After finding that Fire Dragon Hermit and Strong Cloud Hermit were going to fight here, those people surrounding the secret pearls dispersed at once . As the fight between two earth knights might cover several miles, fighters below knight level had better stay far away from the effective range of the fight; otherwise, they might be hurt .

When they dispersed, they were very excited inside because commoners might not easily see how two earth knights fought .

At this moment, Nangong Sheng had stood up and walked into the venue from his seat, followed by two knight elders of Immortal Fist Position Sect on his sides . It looked pretty dignified .

After a shrewd eye light flashed, Nangong Sheng revealed a smile, "Fire Dragon Hermit, I was told that there was a battle skill called "Big Sun Fire Dragon Palm" in "Fire Dragon Sutra" . I cultivate "Thunder-like Immortal Fist"; dare you to compare notes with me?"

Although Nangong Sheng's words sounded fair, all the other knights and elders at present frowned as they swore inside that Nangong Sheng was too cunning and vicious . Because they all knew that the most powerful battle skill in "Fire Dragon Sutra" was spear skill instead of fist skill . Although Nangong Sheng cultivated sword skills, he excelled at his fist position . Immortal Fist Position Sect was also famous for the fist . Why didn't he compare weapons with Fire Dragon Hermit instead of fist skills? Apparently, he was undermining Fire Dragon Hermit . Additionally, Nangong Sheng intended to prod Fire Dragon Hermit into action with his words . How shameless he was! If Fire Dragon Hermit refused him, it was equal to admitting that he dared not, which would make him more prestigious .

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Of course, Zhang Tie clearly knew what Nangong Sheng was thinking about . However, after hearing that Nangong Sheng was going to fight him with fist skills, Zhang Tie sneered inside, 'Didn't this old guy know that I excel at Iron-Blood Fist? I have been cultivating Iron-Blood Fist since I was in Blackhot City . During a couple of years in the hieron ruins, I promoted to an earth knight; besides reaching a new height in all the battle skills of Fire Dragon Sutra, I have pushed Iron-Blood Fist to a wholly new height through comparing battle skills of Fire Dragon Sutra with Iron-Blood Fist . Do you want to fight me with fist skills? I'm also looking for a training partner . '

Zhang Tie was not afraid of the "Thunder-like Immortal Fist" at all . After reaching a realm, the competition between fist skills and secret methods was more like the competition between comprehensions about fist positions; in the final analysis, the competition between humans . However, Zhang Tie had entered this realm when he promoted to a knight . therefore, he didn't care about the "thunder-like immortal fist" of Nangong Sheng . If his "thunder-like immortal fist" was really better than Zhang Tie's Iron-Blood Fist, Zhang Tie wouldn't feel disappointed; instead, he would feel happy . Because he would have a chance to make progress and gnosis . Actually, it was very difficult for him to find such an opponent .

"Master Nangong, you're really good at making a choice . The spear skill of "Fire Dragon Sutra" ranks top 10 in Taixia Country, why not Master Nangong compare notes with Fire Dragon Hermit on weapons . . . "

Before Zhang Tie replied, a cold, ironical and contemptuous voice had drifted from the guests . It was Guo Hongyi in a hot red skirt who was taking up the cudgels for Zhang Tie .

Raising her beautiful face, Guo Hongyi was watching Nangong Sheng with a cold look . She was not afraid of the prestige of Immortal Fist Position Sect and Nangong Sheng who was an earth knight . Among those silent men, Guo Hongyi was pretty outstanding and heroic . As a result, those men felt embarrassed .

"Mind your own business; our fight would be too destructive; additionally, Fire Dragon Hermit and I are just comparing notes; instead of fighting to death . No need to be that serious!" Nangong Sheng slightly shrunk his pupils when he caught sight of Guo Hongyi . However, he hid his real moods and looked righteous, "It's in the holy war, what do you mean by instigating two earth knights to fight at the cost of their lives here, Miss Guo? Even your master and the master of Guo Clan of South Mountain Palace might not agree with you!"

After hearing his words, Guo Hongyi instantly became furious like a cracker being lit . She then replied in an extremely icy tone, "Don't use my master and Guo Clan of South Mountain Palace to suppress me . I gained everything with my own efforts . What do you mean by saying that? Do you think that I dare not fight you just because you're an earth knight?"

Nangong Sheng raised his head and watched the sky with crossed arms silently as if he despised to fight her . This drove Guo Hongyi more furious . She almost wanted to beat him right away .

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"Hahahaha . . . now that Master Nangong wants to compare notes with me, go ahead, as it's in the opening ceremony of Iron-Dragon Sect, it's improper to use weapons!" Zhang Tie burst out into laughter at the critical moment as he told Guo Hongyi, "Young sister Guo, thanks for your good intention, I was also looking for someone to compare notes lately . Now that Master Nangong cultivates "Thunder-like Immortal Fist", I will compare notes with Master Nangong on fist skills!"

'Previously, I called you elder sister; now I call you younger sister . Haha, we're even . ' Zhang Tie recalled when he met Guo Hongyi in Youzhou City for the first time when he spoke . 'According to Nangong Sheng, Guo Hongyi's master and clan sounds great . Guo Clan of South Mountain Palace might be like Zhang Clan of Tianlu Palace . Therefore, Nangong Sheng was a bit scared about her . There're so many surnames in Taixia Country, there's a top family on the back of each major surname . As Zhang Tie has just been in Taixia Country for a few years, he only knew something about Zhang Clan in Taixia Country; he knew that Tianlu Palace, Guanying Palace and Bairen Palace were the top branches in Zhang Clan across Taixia Country .

"Good, Fire Dragon Hermit is really a hero . This master will learn from your fist . However, it's not convenient for us to compare notes here . We'd better choose another place!" Nangong Sheng praised Zhang Tie .

"It's simple, how about finding some place outside the city?"

After saying that, Zhang Tie told his elder brother in a secret way, "Don't worry" . Closely after that, he released some tracing feathers onto those secret pearls in case that someone stole them away . After that, he flew off over 100 m high above Xuantian Courtyard of Iron-Dragon Sect and waved his hand towards Nangong Sheng . After exchanging a glance with the two elders on his side, Nangong Sheng directly flew off with the two elders at the same time .

Zhang Tie flew ahead of the 3 people towards the outside of Xuantian City .

After exchanging a glance with each other, all the knights and elders in the venue flew off after Zhang Tie and Nangong Sheng . If they didn't join this fun, it would be too pitiful . The fight between two earth knights would definitely enlighten black iron knights; additionally, this fight was full of suspense . It was a very rare opportunity for Fire Dragon Hermit to compare notes with Strong Cloud Hermit on fist skills . Even Guo Hongyi had stomped her feet to the ground and followed them away .

The juniors below knight level could only raise their heads and watch those knights flying away with admiring looks, 'This is knight's world . They could come and go whenever they want . That's too handsome . '

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"It's time for us to take a good look at these secret pearls . . . " Someone suddenly said which reminded everybody else . Closely after that, they hurriedly rushed to the side of those secret pearls and started to touch them with flickering eyes . They almost drooled .

As for those people who joined the fun outside Xuantian Courtyard, watching so many knights flying off Xuantian Courtyard towards the outside of Xuantian City, they all became perplexed as they only felt that knights were really marvelous .

. . .

A few minutes later, those knights flying out of Xuantian Courtyard entered a barren, unpopulated valley which covered dozens of square miles in Yangui Mountain Range outside Xuantian City .

There seemed to be a quarry in the valley previously; however, the quarry might have already been deserted for dozens of years as there were only some standing rotten woods in the quarry . The mountain rocks which had been expedited were covered with moss .

"Here!" Zhang Tie landed on a boulder which was over 10 m in height in the valley .

"Fine, it's not bad!" Nangong Sheng also landed on the same boulder, being over 30 m away from Zhang Tie .

All the other knights, including the two elders of Immortal Fist Position Sect, had stopped over 500 m away in the air . At the same time, many people had released their protective battle qis .


"How about close combat? If not, we might not see a result in a few days . As it's younger brother Cui's opening ceremony, we'd better not waste time!" Nangong Sheng narrowed his eyes as he replied with a pun .

"Well, close combat then . The one who escapes out of the valley and admits that he's beaten will be the loser, how about that?"

"Haha, younger brother Cui is too forthright!"

"Please . . . "

"Please . . . "

The two people made a starting gesture at the same time . In a split second, the fierce battle intentions of the two earth knights boiled in the valley .

Nangong Sheng's starting gesture was punching against the sky by one hand and the ground by the other hand at the same time while faintly lowering his body, which looked pretty domineering . At the same time, his battle qi tornado rushed into the sky while his battle intention grew increasingly stronger . Additionally, as his battle qi tornado rushed into the sky, the sunny sky was gradually covered with black clouds . At the sight of this scene, all the surrounding knights, including Lu Dingzhi and some elders of clans with provincial governors changed their faces at the same time . . .

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