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Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1225

Published at 30th of November 2018 08:03:05 AM

Chapter 1225
Chapter 1225: Name List of the Dead

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Translator: WQL Editor: Aleem

After walking off the rostrum of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament, Ms . Olina left the conference hall through a professional tunnel being isolated by dark-colored birch railings on the opposite of the seats of the members of parliament .

As the president of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament, Ms . Olina worked in the plaza of the parliament . Of course, she enjoyed all the privileges here .

When Ms . Olina walked to the gate, two guards opened the door . The conference hall was still noisy until Ms . Olina left there .

The adjournment of this conference didn't mean that the disputes and divergences had come to an end . Conversely, given the situation in the conference hall, the divergences and conflicts between major clans inside Ewentra Archipelago were already in the open and were becoming increasingly fiercer . In the past few years, at least before the news that Sacred Light Empire's expeditionary fleet set off the harbor for Sacred Iceland Kingdom was confirmed, the inside of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament was always in peace . However, since the news that Sacred Light Empire's expeditionary fleet set off the harbor for Ewentra Archipelago was spread across Ewentra, the atmosphere inside the Ewentra Autonomous Parliament had gradually changed . Today, the act was like a fuse which detonated the bomb in Ewentra Autonomous Parliament, causing undercurrents and turmoils to reach their climaxes at once .

Not until the gate was closed did the noise disappear .

Behind that gate, there was a quiet passage, which was paved with thick, soft and luxurious camel hair carpet from Manla Empire in the Western Continent . Both sides of the passage were adorned with fresh flowers . After the gate was closed, the inside and outside were utterly different .

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Watching Ms . Olina coming in, Ms . Olina's beautiful female assistant behind the gate helped Ms . Olina put on a top-quality fox-fur cappa . After that, she accompanied Ms . Olina to walk towards her office .

"Madam, Bishop Maxim has just arrived here half an hour ago . He's waiting for you in Navyblue Hall . "

The assistant of Ms . Olina wore a pair of wire-rimmed glasses, a suit of pale blue professional clothes with a briefcase in hand . She followed Ms . Olina towards the end of this passage .

"Hmm, I know, let's go there!" Ms . Olina said as she let out a sigh all of a sudden . At the same time, she looked at the beautiful and capable female assistant on her side and asked, "Dalina, what sort of behavior do you think is silliest? Although those men look smart, why do they always make mistakes at such a critical moment?"

The beautiful bartender that Zhang Tie encountered in the bar of the cruise ship Narwhal had already become one of the assistants of the president of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament after graduating from Sinira Business College . After so many years, Dalina's innocence and naivety had faded away; instead, she became more beautiful and capable .

"Men's silliness is mostly related to their greed!" After graduating from Sinira Business College, Dalina had a short marriage which lasted fewer than half a year . After being betrayed by his husband, Dalina became as independent as Ms . Olina . After hearing this question, Dalina immediately expressed her feeling calmly . Putting her glasses a bit upward, she ironized, "Men are always greedy; they always expect to go fishing on the sea with a broken, small fishing net and catch all the beautiful women and wealth in the world!"

"You're right . However, Bishop Maxim has a famous remark . Under the brilliance of God, reverence is the greatest virtue; obedience is the greatest wisdom! Perhaps in the eyes of Bishop Maxim, those silly men don't have virtue or wisdom!"

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When they talked, they had gone upstairs and arrived at the Navyblue Hall on the first floor .

Dalina stayed in the restroom in the outer hall while Ms . Olina met Bishop Maxim in the inner hall alone .

Watching Ms . Olina entering the inner hall with a silver brooch on her breast, Bishop Maxim let out a sigh, "Madam, you're really thoughtful . Pitifully, those people might not understand your heart . They might be celebrating that they had successfully refuted the act . As long as the dispute about that act lasted for one more month, they would reach their target!"

Black longuette was both elegant and solemn . It could be worn in both the conference room and funeral ceremony . Ms . Olina's brooch was a silver diamond flower .

Pitifully, those silliest people in this world couldn't even understand such a clear hint .

The Act on the Mobilisation of the Duel was absolutely a plot . The one who set this plot was Bishop Maxim . Facing the great crisis, Bishop Maxim who ruled the entire parish across Ewentra Archipelago couldn't stand the undercurrents and the betrayals of some major clans on Ewentra Archipelago . Therefore, he planned to eliminate them by power and blood .

Ms . Olina coordinated Bishop Maxim to set this plot . As a woman who was onto something big at her own efforts in this male-predominated world, as long as she made a decision to do something, even male couldn't imagine how decisive and vicious she was .

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It was Ms . Olina's final warning to those silly ones in this suit of black longuette with a silver brooch on her breast . This could reflect her kindness as a woman . However, as long as men were dominated by greed and silliness, they could see nothing except her look and figure . Whereas, someone might have understood her meaning .

"The names of opponents have been listed . They are almost the 40-odd members of autonomous parliament on the side of Renard Clan . Bishop might have already received that!"

"Yes, I've received the name list after Madam left the conference hall!" Bishop Maxim nodded as he added, "It's almost as same as we've predicted . Renard Clan always has a relationship with their original Renard Clan on Western Continent . This time, Renard Clan has already connected with Sacred Light Empire through their original clan on the Western Continent and reached a privity with each other . Renard Clan is waiting for the arrival of the expeditionary fleet of Sacred Light Empire . All the actions of Sacred Iceland Kingdom have been exposed to Sacred Light Empire by Renard Clan!"

"Are you sure?"

"2 weeks ago, we've already caught some detectives near the bases of Northwind Fleet . Through interrogation, all the detectives admitted that they were monitoring the actions of Northwind Fleet . We discovered that those detectives were all related to a business group being affiliated to Renard Clan . In case of frightening the snake, we released those detectives . Therefore, Renard Clan didn't know that they had exposed their intention! If those detectives couldn't prove anything, what happened today in the conference hall could prove everything!"

After hearing his words, Ms . Olina could only let out a sigh as she said, "I really wonder why did they do that? Even though Sacred Light Empire could really annex us, would Renard Clan face a better situation? Connar has been the deputy president of Ewentra Autonomous Parliament, after Sacred Light Empire arrives here, is he dreaming that Sacred Light Empire would keep the autonomous parliament and select him as the president?"

"People are always greedy . They treat the mercy and generosity of His Majesty as the chip and reliance of their shameless betrayal . This is pure blasphemy . How about the Wilis Clan in Gantiadu Island? Their names are not on my name list . Madam, do you think it's necessary for us to add this clan into the name list?"

The members of autonomous parliament who opposed the act on the name list were destined to die . When Ms . Olina left the conference hall, the name list had been fixed . now that they had determined to make a massacre, it was nothing different for Bishop Maxim to increase or decrease a clan in the name list . As a pious believer of Ancient God Church, since the day he promoted to bishop of Ewentra Parish, Bishop Maxim had held another opinion about the Ewentra Autonomous Parliament . In the opinion of Bishop Maxim, under the halos of the Ancient God, Ewentra Autonomous Parliament was simply a group of silly and short-sighted gamblers who manifested their silliness and arrogance in blandishments . This was what Bishop Maxim couldn't stand .

After hearing that Bishop Maxim mentioned about Wilis Clan with a strong killing intent, Ms . Olina shook her head after thinking about it seriously as she said, "Wilis Clan didn't veto the Act today . Many members on the side of Wilis Clan maintained neutral today . I think they've already done well with such a neutral attitude at this moment!"

"It seems that they're not that silly!"

"Bishop, are you confident to clear so many clans?"

"The Northwind Fleet has already entered the military harbor in Fijina Island . They could monitor and frighten those insurgents in Ewentra Mixed Fleet . The moment we moved, Northwind Fleet would disarm some captains who are closely related to Renard Clan and arrest them . Furthermore, Clan head Hags of Sea Bear Tribe has already arrived at Arkray Island with 2,000 sea soul warriors . All the red gloves of the Order Jury have been in place . . . "

Ms . Olina just listened to Bishop Maxim calmly . She didn't change her facial expression when bishop mentioned Northwind Fleet, the clan head of sea bear tribe and sea soul warriors; only when Bishop Maxim mentioned those red gloves of Order Jury, Ms . Olina slightly frowned as her stomach twitched; she felt like vomiting . . .

"Now that those guilty ones profaned the mercy of His Majesty, let red gloves teach them how to show respect to His Majesty in the hell-like judgment . . . "

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