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Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1370

Published at 21st of January 2019 08:50:11 AM

Chapter 1370: 1370

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After the No . 1 corps of Fiery-Dragon Corps reached the bank of Weishui River for 2 months, the demon army finally approached the line of defense of Helan Mountain Range and Weishui River, which officially proclaimed that Wuzhou Province, Zhuzhou Province and Yinzhou Province had been completely collapsed .

On the ground, those LV 9 demons corps' vanguards approached Weishui River and Helan Mountain Range while submerging hills, roads, forests, deserted farmlands, towns and villages over 6,000 miles .  

Those in front of demon corps were a mountain of spider demons on the ground . Looking down from the sky, those numerous spider demons were like army ants that ran out of ant nests . Galloping on the ground at a great speed, almost 10 million spider demons caused rustles on the ground like flowing sand in the desert . . .

Although a single spider demon could cause a low rustle; however, when there were too many spider demons, they would cause a loud resonance and even shake the ground .

Wherever the 10 million spider demons passed by, all the animals in the wilderness would feel scared and start to escape including pye-dogs, boars, wild wolves and mutated leopards as if the doomsday was coming . They rushed out of the woods and the wilderness in an embarrassed way, causing many animal tides . . .

However, those escaping animal tides were soon caught up by those spider demons and were devoured . Like water dropping into flowing sand, those escaping wild beasts soon disappeared after leaving some mournful wails .

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The spider demons' moving speed was not decreased by those wild beasts; instead, they continued to surge forward, followed by hundreds of millions of ox-horn demons army .

In black armors, all the ox-horn demons were higher than 2 . 2 m with formidable heavy weapons in hand such as huge wolf fang's mace, totem pillars, huge guillotine-shaped sabers and nailhead hammers . Following spider demons, they were running steadily while their nostrils were emitting heat like how funnels on steam trains did .  

Wherever spider demons passed by, there would be no living beings on the ground . Additionally, those ox-horn demons brandished their heavy weapons to shatter all the obstacles on their route .  

After ox-horn demons rushed over woods, there would be no woods .

After ox-horn demons passed by deserted villages, the villages would disappear .

When ox-horn demons submerged a small city, the small city would gradually disappear like collapsing castles on the sand beach .

When ox-horn demons galloped, the entire ground was shaking . When they were dozens of miles away, they had caused ripples in ponds .  

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Those ox-horn demons were followed by over 100 million iron-armored demons and hundreds of meters high giant demon beasts which were surrounded and protected by iron-armored demons . When the giant demon beasts slowly moved forward, they caused deep ravines on the ground . . .

In the sky, the army of wing demons flew over here from the west, causing a dark heavenly curtain like that of doomsday .  

Those in front of the army of wing demons were wing demon knights .

Those wing demon knights were followed by numerous wing demons, among which there were one large and four smaller stygian demon battle castles being covered with pitch-dark and deep holes like animal nests .

Each demon battlefortress was fastened by those wing demon fighters by numerous shackles which looked like tentacles . In the sky, over 100,000 wing demons were moving forward by pulling those battle fortresses floating in the sky like boat trackers while flapping their wings .  

Almost 100,000 demon knights gathered in the two flanks of the battle fortresses and moved forward together with them .  

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Nine crowned demon knights were chesting out and standing there solemnly at the top of the battlefortress in the middle of the demon army . Beside these demon knights, 2 human knights were standing aside in a humble way . A knight in black full-body armor was sitting on a seat being piled by human skulls while holding a huge fork which was burning black flames; he was watching the distance quietly while his pupils were flickering chaotic light under his black mask .

In the eyes of this demon general, Xuanyuan Battlefortress over 400 miles away and the billowy Weishui River behind Xuanyuan Fortress were almost close at hand .  

Xuanyuan Fortress and over 10 battle fortresses were connecting into a line as they blocked the demon army like an overwhelming, steady mountain .  

At the sight of this scene, the demon general's gloomy pupils broke out fierce flames .

Right then, some abnormal phenomena happened on the ground .

Looking down from the sky, flames appeared on the ground now and then .  

The flames broke out among those vanguards of spider demons . Whenever galloping wild-horse like spider demons stepped on the ground, they would soon be wrapped in flames and burned into ashes . . .

If there were more than one spider demons at the place where the flame was aroused, those nearby might also be involved . As long as they touched the flame, they would start to burn up while the flame could barely be put out . . .

Because of it, although the vanguard of spider demons didn't stop, they were in chaos more or less .

Looking down from the sky, over 100 flames would appear on the ground in each second while each flame represented that at least 1 LV 9 spider demons would be burned into ashes . . .

Such a scene was a bit inharmonious more or less in the overwhelming demon army . Watching those burning corpses on the ground, all the following ox-horn demons' and iron-armored demons' hearts raced while their qi was a bit weakened at once . . .

The second batch of flames involved with more ox-horn demons while explosions could be heard among the army of ox-horn demons . As a result, many ox-horn demons were directly turned into charcoals in the wilderness .  

The flames instantly lit a forest which was a bit dry in autumn . After a short while, the forest had started to burn up while tens of thousands of ox-horn demons were involved in at once . . .


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