Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1371

Published at 21st of January 2019 01:10:05 PM

Chapter 1371: 1371

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Heavy smoke rushed dozens of meters high in the sky from the burning woods . Being blown by the wind, it instantly covered dozens of square miles . Under 1,000 degree Celcius, moisture in plants vaporized rapidly, even though autumn was soon coming . The batch of ox-horn demons that rushed into the woods were devoured by the burning woods only after a short while .

LV 9 demon fighters were unable to withstand over 1,000 degree Celsius flames . Even battle spirits who had formed their protective battle qis couldn't stand too long in the fierce flames .  

Those flames that were caused by ox-horn demons from time to time looked very eye-catching for those demon knights in the sky, which ruined their mood more or less .

There were hundreds of millions of demons; however, spider demons and ox-horn demons had been constantly devoured by flames without any resistance . Before they approached humans, they had already suffered casualties .  

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The eye light of the demon knight sitting on the throne being made of human skulls flicked like elf fire . At the same time, it looked at the two humble human knights while uttering a muffled yet icy voice from its mask, causing an air vibration . The two human knights couldn't stand quivering their bodies .  

"What's happening?"

"It's . . . it's incendiary mine, new weaponry of Taixia Country . . . " A human knight replied in a low voice as he moved one step forward .

That human knight was Gao Zeping, the son of Gao Tianzhao and one of the backbones of Heavens Reaching Church on the Rankings of Criminals Being Wanted by Supreme Court of Taixia Country . Although being an earth knight, he dared not even breath smoothly in front of these heavenly and sage-level demon knights .

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In the past 2 years, although Heavenly Reaching Church was causing more and more troubles in Taixia Country, its overall strength had been greatly weakened . After Han Zhengfang and his two sons disappeared, Heavenly Reaching Church had already lost their heads . Gao Tianzhao's disappearance meant that no more shadow knight could be found in the entire Heavenly Reaching Church . All the earth knights in this church were considering their own interests and ruling Heavenly Reaching Church by scheming against each other . Although Heavenly Reaching Church had established a Heavenly Reaching Empire in the areas occupied by demons, there were only 7-8 earth knights and some black iron knights over there . Actually, they had completely deteriorated to the vassals and puppets of demons and gradually lost their right of speech in front of demons .

Although nobody knew why Han Zhengfang, Gao Tianzhao and the others disappeared, everybody was clear that these people might have already been dead; otherwise, if they were still in cultivation, they should at least send a message by remote-sensing crystal . If they couldn't send a message at this moment as knights, it meant that they would not send any message to us ever again .  

The consecutive disappearance of the powers of Heavenly Reaching Church had already become the largest pending criminal cases, which caused those lackeys of Heavenly Reaching Church flurried and gun-shy .  

"Incendiary mines . . . " The demon general muttered as it threw a cold and seemingly furious glance at Gao Zeping and added, "Why didn't you tell me about that in advance . . . "

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After swallowing his saliva, Gao Zeping said timidly, "It's produced in the last year after Taixia Country started to produce Fiery Oil . The Taixia armies have just been matched with them, we . . . we had just received the news from Taixia Country . . . "

"Could Heavens Reaching Empire produce Fiery Oil and incendiary mines now?" The demon general asked calmly which carried overwhelming, surging stress .  

"We . . . we're acquiring secrets about Fiery Oil production from Taixia Country . . . However . . . however, as many forces of Heavenly Reaching Church have been destroyed in Taixia country over the past 2 years, we couldn't get them for the time being . We . . . we still need some time . . . " Gao Zeping replied as he gazed at the floor . He dared not look up at the demon general at all .  

"You should know the meaning of the existence of Heavens Reaching Empire . You have 1 year . Hopefully, Heavens Reaching Church could produce the same things and match our troops with them by the same time next year . I will also have Taixia army become burning balls while marching on the ground . . . " The demon general watched the Hua knight with flickering eye light, "Don't let me down . You know the result of letting me down . . . "

Gao Zeping's forehead had been covered with fine sweat drops . However, at this moment, he could only grit his teeth while bowing down and saying, "Yes, sir . . . "

The demon general waved his hand . Gao Zeping then moved back to his original location while bowing down .  

Those nearby demon heavenly knights watched him with an indifferent even scornful expression——As for both demons and humans, anyone who betrayed their own race could barely gain the real respect of the opposite whenever and wherever it was . Heavens Reaching Church was useful for demons . If Han Zhengfang was still alive, demons might treat members of Heavens Reaching Church a bit politely; however, with the disappearance of Han Zhengfang and the loss of Bloody Soul Sutra, a top secret method of Heavens Reaching Church, the value of Heavens Reaching Church had been greatly discounted . The remnants of Heavens Reaching Church were like toilet bowls and brush brooms in toilets; although they were useful, they could barely gain the real identification and respect from demons; neither would they gain a high position among demons .

Flames would break out every second on the ground, which meant that at least 1 demon fighter was killed and burned into ashes per second . However, it didn't stagnate the marching frequency of demons . When ordinary demon fighters saw the complexity of Xuanyuan Fortress on the bank of billowy Weishui River, the demon general raised one arm . Closely after that, a demon knight subordinate took out a bizarre horn being covered with black runes . The horn was like a horn of a powerful ox-horn demon knight . The moment it was blown, its sound had reverberated across the sky while a strange wave spread over the sky at a speed much faster than the speed of sound . . .

When the vanguards of demon corps were about 120 miles away from the bank of Weishui River, the over 6,000 miles long frontline stopped at the same time .