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Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1525

Published at 5th of April 2019 10:20:04 AM

Chapter 1525: 1525

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Closely after that, the door was opened from outside as Bai Suxian entered the room in a new set of clothes elegantly .

The moment she entered, she had thrown herself into Zhang Tie's arms as she tightly put her arms around Zhang Tie's neck, resting her head on Zhang Tie's chest silently, her fragrant shoulders quivering slightly . Only after a short while, a wide patch of Zhang Tie's clothes at his chest had turned wet .

Bai Suxian didn't give vent to her move until now .

Hugging Bai Suixian, Zhang Tie remained silent . Perhaps only he understood Bai Suxian's feelings the most at this moment .

Despite being a princess, Bai Suxian was actually always less confident among his wives and concubines . Besides, she always felt being in danger . Sometimes, Bai Suxian was not even sure if Zhang Tie loved her or not . Therefore, Bai Suxian was always obedient to Zhang Tie and exerted her full efforts to help Zhang Tie . She didn't even put any airs as a princess in front of Zhang Tie's family members and wives and concubines .  

What was more, Bai Suxian appeared to have a drastic thought——As long as she could enable Zhang Tie to stick to her on bed and always miss her, she would stay with him forever; as long as she could stay with Zhang Tie, even though Zhang Tie didn't love her so much or she was just a tool for Zhang Tie to give vent to his sexual desire, she felt nothing serious about it; as long as she could stay with this man and be not dislodged by him due to abhorrence, she would feel satisfied . . .

Previously, Bai Suxian was the only female knight among Zhang Tie's wives and concubines, which made her feel a bit safer and reassured . Later on, when she found Yan Feiqing and Guo Hongyi might cause her to lose this "exclusive" identity, she started to be hostile, jealous and competitive .  

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However, Zhang Tie's betrothal gift today finally opened her mental shackle . She knew that her position in Zhang Tie's heart was much more important than she could imagine . She was irreplaceable in this man's heart . It was this man who turned her into the most valuable woman in the world .  

Not until Bai Suxian finished her cries did Zhang Tie pat her shoulders and help her smoothen her hair at her temples, saying, "Hush, stop thinking about it; let the bygones be bygones . From now on, be committed to be my wife and teach our children, could you?"

Bai Suxian then looked up at Zhang Tie with tearful eyes with a bit sophisticated and bashful look, "How do you know what I'm thinking about?"

Zhang Tie scratched her nose by his fingers as he wiped off her tears and said with a smile, "Of course, although I might not know what others are thinking about, I'm clear about your thoughts . I'm your lord . You're my maid . How could I not know what you're thinking about . . . "

Bai Suxian was moved at a stroke as her face turned warm . She looked up at Zhang Tie with tearful eyes as she pasted her face against Zhang Tie's chest, saying, "Lord, do you remember what did you say when you met me for the first time? From now on, I will be your maid, lord, your only maid . I would belong to you physically and mentally, no matter what you want . How about that, lord?"

This might be the most blatant words that Zhang Tie had ever heard from a woman . Watching her and listening to such words, Zhang Tie felt pure love and sympathy .

Finding that Zhang Tie remained silent, Bai Suxian asked, "Lord, how about that?"

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"Great!" Zhang Tie replied as he nodded .

Receiving Zhang Tie's nod, Bai Suxian's face turned bright at once, which shocked Zhang Tie .  

"If so, Lord, why not give me a pet name exclusive to you?"

"Let's call it fairy vassal!"

"Fairy vassal, fairy vassal, that sounds nice . . . " Bai Suxian muttered twice as she revealed a smile . Sticking out her tongue, she licked Zhang Tie's neck and made a circle on his adam's apple using her tip end, adding, "From now on, lord would like this vassal to be a fairy and princess in the public but a maid and fairy vassal in front of you, right?"

Bai Suxian's tongue made Zhang Tie itchy as he felt thirsty . When he remembered the matter concerning the Great Wilderness Sect, Zhang Tie could only pretend to cough twice as he cradled Bai Suxian and let her sit on his thigh before saying, "I've got something to ask you!"

Pouting her mouth, Bai Suxian answered in a spoiled manner, "When we're alone, lord should call me by my pet name!"

"Erm, ahem . . . ahem . . . fairy vassal, I've got something to ask you . "

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"Go ahead, lord . Fairy vassal is listening!" Bai Suxian replied with a sweet smile .

After recovering his composure, Zhang Tie cleared his throat, "What's the matter with Dongtian of Great Wilderness Sect? When you talked about it, I felt your father and your third uncle and the others appeared not caring about it at all . If there's really a Dongtian of the Great Wilderness Sect and treasure inside it in South Border, it should be a major event!"

After hearing Zhang Tie's question, Bai Suxian looked a bit solemn as she replied, "Hmm, it's simple . Lord, you must have heard about the story of "wolf is coming"; the existence of treasure and Dongtian of the Great Wilderness Sect is like such a story . When the Great Wilderness Sect was just exterminated, our mansion paid special attention to this event . Whenever we heard any news, we would take actions to search for it by organizing a lot of powerhouses . However, after over ten years' effort, despite the expenditure of wealth and manpower, we found nothing at all . Therefore, we renounced it!"


"Because none of the news and gossips were real . They just made a fuss . Even Lord Guangnan's Mansion couldn't afford such a great expenditure if we would check each news and gossip . In South Border, the gossips about treasure and Dongtian of the Great Wilderness Sect is the hottest subject . Everybody is interested in it . Over the past dozens of years, there would be news about the discovery of treasure and Dongtian of the Great Wilderness Sect every year in South Border . You will hear some pieces of such news if you stay in a teahouse for one day in downtown . Numerous knights would look for treasure and Dongtian in South Border every year . However, we didn't hear any progress at all . Therefore, Lord Guangnan's Mansion basically neglect such news!"

"What about knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect? Do they always visit South Border?"

"South Border is one of the training fields for knights of Taiyi Fantasy Sect; therefore, it's very normal for them to be seen here . . . "

Zhang Tie finally figured it out . After suffering losses from such news for many times, even Lord Guangnan's Mansion had been numb about it . As for the people in Lord Guangnan's Mansion, this news was as useless as they had heard over the previous decades .  

After hearing Bai Suxian's explanation, Zhang Tie's hope had perished . Even if he had fully recovered, he would not spend dozens of years in looking for a purported thing .  

As for Zhang Tie, his primary task was to recover his battle strength .

'Perhaps I'm just too sensitive . It's just a coincidence!'

Zhang Tie was in meditation as Bai Suxian started to wriggle her body on his thigh with a sweeter voice, "Lord, do you want fairy vassal to do something for you to relax you? This fairy vassal will do whatever you want . . . "

The atmosphere in the room slowly became rosy . . .

. . .

Previously, Zhang Tie didn't think that he would stay too long in South Border, at least looking for the purported treasure and Dongtian of the Great Wilderness Sect among a multitude of mountains here; however, this thought had been completely denied by the next morning . . .


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