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Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1672

Published at 18th of June 2019 10:25:04 AM

Chapter 1672: 1672

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After hearing that voice, Zhang Tie became amazed at once . He had not imagined that someone in the immortal palace was interested in his background . . .

As Zhang Tie looked over there spiritually, he saw two people sitting together in a room as same as his, one was the handsome youth in white garment whom he met in the dining hall of the immortal palace, the other, given her costume, was a deacon of the immortal palace, a beautiful female deacon .

The youth was in black robe; instead of the white garment . Although his voice sounded cold, he still revealed a warm smile, which could even melt snow . The combination of the cold voice and the warm smile made him more mesmerizing .  

"You don't even care about me . Do you know how much I miss you these days? I could only meet you by sending the customized robe to you . . . " the female deacon complained as she watched the handsome man beside her, and leaned against him .

"We will have time when we get back to Dragon Emperor Big Realm . We could do whatever we want over there . . . " the handsome man said with a smile as he put one hand around the female deacon's neck, causing her breasts to rise and fall in different shapes . At the same time, she groaned out of excitement while her cheeks flushed . As a result, the female deacon closed her eyes .

"Hmm . . . you're already . . . ah . . . the general priest of the immortal palace . . . why . . . do you care . . . ah . . . about him . . . ah . . . " the female deacon asked as she groaned .

The handsome man let out a long sigh as he whispered to the female deacon, "Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace is facing crises . As such a young powerhouse suddenly came to our immortal palace as the deputy head, of course, I gotta care about him . What if he's dispatched by other immortal palaces? If so, our immortal palace would be in danger . As members of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, we would be involved in it too . It's closely related to us all . Why don't we care about that?"

"Oh . . . I've inquired about him these days . . . but got no information . . . about his background . . . It seems that only the head and General Deacon Leng know about his background . . . It's said that Zhang Tie firstly appeared in the airport of Heavenly Square City . . . He then went straight to our immortal palace . . . "

"Where was he when Zi Clan Castle was in trouble that night?"

"I . . . I . . . have no idea . He might have gone out . . . with Liu brothers and . . . the two new female immortal generals . . . "

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The handsome man slightly squinted as he stopped his movement at once, continuing, "When did they come back that day?"

Being stimulated by the youth, the female deacon was already panting as she quivered slightly all over, answering, "It seems that . . . seems that they came back soon after head and general deacon went out . . . "

"Before daybreak?"

"They might have come back soon after Zi Clan Castle was in trouble . . . "

"That's not true . . . "

"It's said that the battle in Zi Clan Castle was very short . . . the person who killed those immortal generals of Star Emperor Immortal Palace was a wind immortal general . . . Zhang Tie doesn't have such an ability . . . "

"What about those in the underground prison? Did you get any information from those suspects?"

"No . . . I didn't go to the underground prison . . . after being caught . . . those suspects . . . were all interrogated by head . . . I didn't get any information from them . . . "

"Keep an eye on them these days . If there's an abnormal situation in the immortal palace, let me know in no time . Additionally, I noticed that Head didn't mean to stay in Heavenly Square City for long; but I don't know his plan in details . If we know the arrangement of the headquarters, we could make plans a bit early . . . "

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"Hmm . . . "

After saying these words, the man slowly removed his hand from the collar of the female deacon as he stood up . At the same time, his voice turned tender, "Alright, if you stay too long in my room, you might arouse others' attention . There's a long way to go . It's not good if our relationship is exposed to the public . We should care about this point . When we get back to Dragon Emperor Big Realm, you can resign from the immortal palace . When we get married, we would not be afraid of gossips . . . "

The female deacon nodded as she took a hopeful look at this handsome youth .  Closely after that, she stood up and adjusted her dress so that the others couldn't find any loophole from her .  

Watching the female deacon finish adjusting her skirt, the man opened the door, letting her leave there in a submissive manner .  

"Deacon Fan, the robe looks much better . Thanks . . . " the handsome man spoke loudly .

"It's my duty . If there's any need, just let me know, General Priest Zhou . . . " The female deacon's voice recovered normal too; instead of being that coquettish .  


"See you . . . "

After closing the door, the female deacon left decently and calmly . At this moment, the handsome man raised his head with a frown as his eyelight was flickering weirdly . Watching the ceiling, he murmured, "Is that not him for real?" After that, he shook his head and entered the cultivation room . Taking a water element crystal, he started his cultivation, legs crossed . . .

Zhang Tie was watching the whole process in the room spiritually . As an experienced expert in affection, Zhang Tie instantly realized that this man was taking advantage of that female deacon . However, women were usually blind in love . That female deacon couldn't find that she was just a tool; instead, she thought this man really loved her . She even would like to sacrifice everything for him .  Whereas, this man was tricky and cunning, whose intention for joining Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace appeared to be bad .

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'Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace is becoming more and more interesting . '

After taking another look at this man, Zhang Tie left his room freely in a split second .

Zhang Tie almost traveled across the immortal palace, including each corner and nook .

In head's room, Zhang Tie saw Huang Baimei cultivating quietly over there . Even being a shadow knight, Huang Baimei still failed to notice Zhang Tie's existence spiritually . . .

In the underground prison, Zhang Tie saw Leng Manxue paying a tour inspection inside there with a cold look . . .

At a hidden place close to the underground warehouse, Zhang Tie saw a young guard and a virgin having a date and expressing their love to each other . . .  

In the room of some guards, Zhang Tie found that some guards were writing words on the table while drinking . They were talking about the future of the immortal palace quietly as if they were intending to leave the immortal palace . However, nobody dared show their dissatisfaction because of the fear of strict punishment in the immortal palace . . .

In the blink of an eye, Zhang Tie had known everyone's condition and emotions .  

The tiny immortal palace couldn't cater to Zhang Tie's curiosity anymore; nor could it meet the travel of Zhang Tie's utterly different spiritual energy . Given Zhang Tie's current spiritual energy, it was like a whale in a fishing rod . Zhang Tie couldn't fully exert his spiritual energy at all as he had traveled across the immortal palace .  

Zhang Tie instantly came to the air 10,000 m high outside the immortal palace spiritually . He could overlook the entire city over there . Zhang Tie intended to test the upper limit of the distance of his spiritual travel . Therefore, he extended his spiritual energy to the utmost as much as possible . In a split second, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy had broken out of Heavenly Square City and come to the place over 80 miles away from the immortal palace, where Zhang Tie felt his spiritual energy was shackled as he could barely further extend it . Within this range, Zhang Tie could casually appear in any place spiritually without any obstacle . He could notice the movement of any of the millions of people across the city .  

After having a nice trip outside, Zhang Tie returned to the sky spiritually, where he instantly felt two bizarre energy in the vapor and clouds .  

Before his spiritual energy turned real, Zhang Tie could sense and manipulate the invisible vapor in the air using his water chakra as a shadow knight and his spiritual energy as a divine dominator . However, after his spiritual energy turned real, Zhang Tie could not only sense the invisible vapor but also sense the two bizarre energy in the invisible vapor in the air .

Of course, the energy that a drop of water contained was trivial . However, the connection between the energy of numerous vapor was prodigious and terrifying . It could be said that the two energies could reach everywhere from the sky to the earth which was as great as the ocean . One energy was above the other . They were resting in the air quietly and terrifyingly in response to the earth and the higher space as if they contained endless secrets . Zhang Tie could feel that they were correlated to his realm of combining his fist intention with the universe . However, the latter was dwarfed by the two energies as it was more like the tip of an iceberg .

'Could I use the two energies?'

Since this whim occurred to him, Zhang Tie hadn't forgotten about it . He then extended his spiritual energy into the two energies in the sky and started to draw the two energies out of there like drawing water out of the ocean . He didn't stop until his spiritual energy couldn't work anymore .  

Zhang Tie could already sense the two energies going a bit berserk while they were attracting each other as if they were going to integrate with each other . However, they were fastened by Zhang Tie's spiritual energy .  Previously, Zhang Tie planned to try it on Zi Clan Castle in Heavenly Square City; however, after taking a look at the buildings not far from brightly lit Heavenly Square City and Zi Clan Castle, Zhang Tie changed his opinion at a stroke . As it was his first time to try it, Zhang Tie didn't know about its destructive ability .  In case of casualties, Zhang Tie fixed his eyes onto a barren hill over 60 miles away from Heavenly Square City .  

In a split second, Zhang Tie integrated the two energies that he separated from the sky . . .

. . .

A sudden white light appeared across Heavenly Square City, causing the sky as white as daybreak . When many people in Heavenly Square City looked up out of amazement, the earth across Heavenly Square City shocked heavily, the tablewares quivered, the lanterns swayed, many tiles fell off . When so many people in Heavenly Square City were in panic, the aftermath of a hurricane-sized impact wave swept over the entire city, sending the entire city into chaos . . .


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