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Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1710

Published at 7th of July 2019 12:10:47 AM

Chapter 1710

When Zhang Tie grasped the shadow demon’s neck, he kept punching it using another fist for hundreds of times like a roaring tiger before the shadow knight recovered from the heavy strike of Zhang Tie’s Deity-Killing Sword .

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The berserk strength of Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist turned an area within dozens of meters into ruins . Meanwhile, his brutal punch intention invaded the shadow demon’s body crazily and destroyed most of its vitality .

At the same time, Zhang Tie triggered his Purgatory Samsara Method . Before the shadow demon shrieked miserably, its entire wind chakra had been heavily struck as it quivered all over, spurting out blood from its mouth and nose .

This heavenly shadow demon knight couldn’t match the red and blue devils in battle strength; however, Zhang Tie’s battle strength was much greater than that when he killed the red and blue devils nine months ago .

Additionally, Zhang Tie raided it .

The combination of Deity-Killing Sword and invisible shen bead was perfect . Like how an invisible assassin sneaked to the back of a shadow demon and fired at its head, it was irresistible .

The key was Zhang Tie’s Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist .

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Dragon Emperor was famous for his Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist, which was one of the top nine emperor-level battle skills in Motian Realm .

Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist was known as the best human fist skill in Motian Realm . It could be said without exaggeration that it was the most powerful fist skill that Zhang Tie had ever seen . Zhang Tie didn’t find or hear that any other people could match the Dragon Emperor in fist skill even when he was in Taixia Country . Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist even carried that strong qi field of a destructive fist skill that he saw from a forebear in mind .

Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist was not only unrivaled but also unpredictable .

If Zhang Tie was not a master in fist skill and Dragon Emperor didn’t leave his calligraphy to impart his fist skill to Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie could not get the essence of Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist . Even so, it took Zhang Tie 8 months to only reach 20% of the total power of Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist through many times’ life-or-death battles in trouble-reappearance situations and gnosis .

Plus the skills of kinetic strikes that Zhang Tie concluded in close battles, each punch carried the strength of his kinetic strike . Therefore, hundreds of punches instantly broke apart the heavenly shadow demon knight’s bones, meridians, veins, muscles and guts as a whole in a split second . As a result, the heavenly shadow demon knight lost his ability to resist at once, revealing his grim original frame which looked like a reptile with a golden horn, sharp claws and horned tail .

Closely after that, Zhang Tie caught its neck as he rushed into the sky like catching a chick with a relaxed and disdainful look, from where he watched Dragon Emperor City silently .

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The jade plate that was used to contact the others and some widgets that the shadow demon carried had long been broken by Zhang Tie’s punches . At this moment, the shadow demon had almost lost its ability to move and resist; it couldn’t even utter a sound . It was going to die .

Zhang Tie hurriedly refined its wind chakra .

The complete wind chakra was Zhang Tie’s biggest achievement this time . Therefore, he didn’t want to waste any of it . Therefore, Zhang Tie disguised as Dragon Emperor .

Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist was Dragon Emperor’s top battle skill . Its strong qi had long made the entire city boisterous .

In the blink of an eye, numerous people had rushed into the sky towards Zhang Tie .

All of the first batches of people were immortal generals, precisely immortal generals of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace . Immortal generals below heavenly knights wore flight suit or wings simply while those above heavenly knights directly flew towards him driven by their chakras .

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Zhang Tie was as same as Dragon Emperor at this moment given his look, frame, the strong qi of his Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist and his temperament . All those who were familiar with Dragon Emperor were deeply convinced that he was Dragon Emperor .

“Your Majesty…”

The one who arrived there first was a heavenly knight of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace . After catching sight of Zhang Tie in the distance, he instantly exclaimed as he quivered all over out of excitement . He almost fell from the sky .

‘What? Your Majesty?’

After hearing the voice, hundreds of immortal generals in the surroundings were in an uproar in a split second .

The five elders and two grand justices of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace arrived there soon at the speed of many times that of sound transmission speed in the air . When they were far away, they had already noticed the Dragon Emperor…

Among the five elders and the two grand justices, there was only one woman . With a pair of beautiful slim eyes on her round face, she was middle-aged . In purple clothes and high bun, she was Luo Yunshang who was in charge of the Earth-Treasures Department of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace .

As for the others such as Xia Yangming who was in charge of Supervision Department, Shi Zhongyu who was in charge of Immortal Generals Department, Hou Moyuan who was in charge of Heavenly Craftsmen Department, Wang Laisheng who was in charge of Military Department, Long Jiutian and Ying Gucheng the two grand justices of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace, it was Zhang Tie’s first time to see them in the public .

Of course, Zhang Tie had long seen them in his spiritual travel in the past 8 months . As semi-sage powerhouses, they had their distinctive temperaments; each of them was able . However, in Motian Realm which was filled with powers, these people were not qualified to preside over Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace . As none of them could suppress the others, Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace gradually lost its heads .

Even though they had not seen Dragon Emperor for over 900 years, the five elders and the two grand justices’ veneration about Dragon Emperor was still aroused at once by the strong fist qi of Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist above Dragon Emperor City . When they caught sight of Dragon Emperor, each of them kept 5,000 m away from him as they all changed their faces greatly while staying in the air stiffly .

“You disappoint me so much…” Zhang Tie performed vividly as he didn’t even throw a glance at those elders and grand justices; instead, he just looked up at the snowflakes in the air as an unrivaled and overwhelming qi suffused in the air . “Look at those presumptuous clowns and devils in Dragon Emperor City, do you really think I’m dead…ahem ahem ahem…” Zhang Tie pretended to cough which sounded more vivid and might arouse the audience’s suspicion that Dragon Emperor might have some health problem after hundreds of years .

Then, under the gaze of the public, Zhang Tie broke the heavenly shadow demon knight’s head by hand . At the same time, he released a golden Dragon True Flame, burning its body into ashes in the air in the blink of an eye .

Zhang Tie used Dragon Emperor Immortal Fist to attract the attention of the others . Then, he blamed the five elders and the two grand justices of the immortal palace and killed a heavenly shadow demon knight using Dragon True Flame . In a short period of time, Zhang Tie had intensified the image of Dragon Emperor in the hearts of the public .

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