Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1728

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Chapter 1728: 1728

Chapter 1728: The Arrival of the First Batch of Goods

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Zhang Tie was repeating the extremely boring process of cultivation using his
spiritual energy in the void… This process was so monotonous that it almost drove Zhang Tie mad . After gathering the two energies in the void, Zhang Tie would let them dissipate
themselves . Zhang Tie repeated this process tens of thousands of times . He still continued it even when he became completely numb spiritually and turned the whole process into an instinctive and mechanical response . Zhang Tie hoped that he could mobilize the two energies as freely as taking a breath one day . In order to reach this goal, Zhang Tie had to complete this process as easily as
taking a breath . He had to repeat the hard process of cultivation for numerous times to make a bit of progress . In the process of cultivation, he was accompanied by
loneliness . Very few things were fair in the world . Perhaps, the only fair thing was time . Everyone had 24 hours a day . The only dierence between people lay in which
had you spent time in? As time passed by, the seeds that you watered would
strike roots and sprout . One day, they would grow up with luxuriant foliage, blossoms and fruits . Some fruits were kind; some were evil; some were beautiful; some were ugly; some tasted sweet; some tasted sour… There were powerhouses in each industry . The so-called powerhouses must have spent the most time in that industry . It was the rst ocial secluded cultivation that Zhang Tie entered since he
came to Motian Realm . In secluded cultivation, Zhang Tie forgot about time and the disturbance from
the secular world . He was fully immersed in cultivation . Not until his portable
jade plate started to wobble continuously did he exit the realm and open his eyes . It was a message from Leng Manxue——Your Majesty, Wu Qiankun of Emperor NvWa Palace is waiting for you . ——Take him to Yangxin Palace . I will be there soon . ——Yes, sir! After replying to the message, Zhang Tie stood up and did some warm-ups . He made some dicult movements that the others could never imagine, causing his muscles and bones to crack like recrackers . After doing that, Zhang Tie felt that his mindset, spirit and body became active again . Zhang Tie took a look at the loop of special candles on the candlestick at one
corner of the back room as he found one of them had already died out, leaving one foundation . The other 33 cm high candle which was divided into 30 scales had lost 12 scales . The rest 12 scales had not been lit yet, which meant that Zhang Tie had already stayed in the back room for 42 days . As there was no table clock in Motian Realm, they used candles to mark time . The candle was a specialty in Motian Realm which was called Jade Candle . There were several kinds of jade candles . The most common one was 33 cm in
length, which could be divided into 30 scales, each scale for one day . Given the
consumption of the jade candle, people would know the time . It was pretty

convenient . Some jade candle could be burned for one year . The most endurable
jade candle could last 60 years . Besides marking time, jade candles would produce a faint bizarre fragrance after being burned, which could drive away insects and beasts and could prevent people from being possessed with devils in cultivation . Therefore, jade
candles became a daily product even a necessary item for cultivators and
immortal generals in Motian Realm during cultivation . Jade candles gave out warm yellow light, making the corner of the back room a bit warmer while the greater part of the back room was in the dark . Zhang Tie came to the front of the candlesticks and blew them out . After that, he opened the cover of the luminous pearl, making the backroom bright at once . Zhang Tie then pushed open the gate of the backroom and entered a secret
tunnel . Next to the secret tunnel was a ight of staircase leading upwards . The
staircases were made of white marble stones . On both sides of the staircases, there were luminous pearls in each a few meters . Zhang Tie then went upstairs along the winding white steps . After walking about 200 m upstairs and passing
by some special preventive facilities, he entered Jiaotai Palace . Of course, the others were forbidden in the place which Dragon Emperor used

for secluded cultivation . Nor could it be easily destroyed . Of course, Zhang Tie
could also cultivate in Jiaotai Palace for a short period of time; however, he preferred to enter the underground backroom of Jiaotai Palace for a long period
of time for the sake of safety . Some secret tunnels connecting the underground backroom with the other places around Dragon Emperor City . The longest tunnel led to a mountain
outside Dragon Emperor City . After building those secret tunnels, all the
relevant workers’ memories were wiped out by medicine . Therefore, only Zhang Tie and Leng Manxue knew those secret tunnels across Dragon Emperor City . When Zhang Tie walked out of the gate of Jiaotai Palace, he felt coming back to
the crowd as he felt the dazzling sunlight and the jubilant twitters . “Your Majesty…” Some immortal generals gave a salute to Zhang Tie together with Leng Manxue . During the period when Zhang Tie was in secluded cultivation downside there, the immortal generals in Forbidden City were on alert outside Jiaotai Palace by
shifts ceaselessly . Leng Manxue especially came here to wait for Zhang Tie . “I appreciate your hard work!” Zhang Tie told those immortal generals with a
smile . “It’s our responsibility!” those immortal generals felt being overwhelmed by
an unexpected favor as they hurriedly replied in unison by bowing their bodies . “If everyone could fulll their responsibilities, our Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace would reinvigorate one day!” Zhang Tie encouraged them as he nodded . After that, he went to the Yangxin Palace with Leng Manxue . On the way, Leng Manxue stealthily glanced at Zhang Tie for a few times as she kept one step behind him . “What? Are there owers on my face?” Zhang Tie asked . “Your Majesty, you might…might be much more relaxed after secluded
cultivation!” Leng Manxue replied . Sometimes, women’s instinct was even
greater than the knight’s consciousness of sage-level knights . Leng Manxue
could easily catch something dierent just from Zhang Tie’s look . “Really? I also think so!” Zhang Tie replied as he nodded . As for Zhang Tie, he
jettisoned sex, food, fame and sleep for dozens of days during the ascetic
cultivation . As a result, he became relaxed spiritually . Additionally, he felt being completely free from the trivial aairs in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace just like struggling out of the mire and winning freedom once again . However, in many cases, people’s daily life was paradoxical . Zhang Tie didn’t mean to become Dragon Emperor; however, as he had paid a lot in this position, Zhang Tie could also enjoy many privileges and enormous resources
that he could never enjoy before . “What does Wu Qiankun bring here?” Zhang Tie asked Leng Manxue . “He’s followed by some immortal generals of Emperor NvWa Palace . Those
immortal generals bring here 5 huge iron boxes . According to Wu Qiankun, they’re demanded by Your Majesty . They don’t want me to check it . Therefore, I had them wait outside Yangxin Palace with the huge iron boxes…”