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Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 176

Published at 22nd of July 2017 08:24:18 AM

Chapter 176: Sodor's Tragedy

Everybody became dumbfounded and kept quiet when Zhang Tie jumped off the armored vehicle .

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Zhang Tie knew that this went too far . However, he hadn't imagined that after the guys of the Iron-Blood Camp learned that someone would challenge him to a duel, they would treat this as a provocation towards the whole Iron-Blood Camp itself, a spit on on their name .

Because the Iron-Blood Camp was known to have the highest casualty rate in the Norman Empire, in the hearts of the soldiers who believed in the Battle God, if a person wanted to duel with one from that camp, it indicated that he swore to those guys of the Iron-Blood Camp to die as soon as possible on the battlefields .

Zhang Tie was speechless when he heard about this . Thankfully, after hearing the cause of this duel, not all the guys of the Iron-Blood Camp rushed out . Under the order of boss Reinhardt, only a small portion were allowed to set out .

Over one hundred people surged out of the camp in armored or military vehicles . Extremely infuriated, those tough men from the Iron-Blood Camp wanted to have a look at what kind of an able bastard dared to duel with the No . 1 real man in the Iron-Blood Camp .

The moment Zhang Tie jumped off the armored vehicle, two leaders of small teams dispatched by the Military Administration of the Norman Empire to maintain order ran towards him . Standing at attention, they made military salutes towards Zhang Tie .

"Sir, we've received the order of the Military Administration of the Norman Empire to maintain order here . We wonder why would brothers of the Iron-Blood Camp would come here, and whether you need our coordination so as to unify the command!"

In the Norman Empire which had a strict hierarchical system, without any special occasion, in any place full of soldiers, especially in executing tasks, the person who had the highest rank at present would have the highest authority .

Now at school, Zhang Tie had the highest military rank, that of second lieutenant's, therefore, the two team leaders which were dispatched to ensure that everything went well ran towards him of their own initiative to ask whether he wanted to guide their movements or not . This indicated the self-consciousness of a soldier of the Norman Empire .

"No need, I'm here for a private thing . You just execute your tasks, maintain the order well!"

"Yes sir!"

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Although curious, the two team leaders didn't dare to ask more .

At this time, the order at school couldn't be better, especially when a batch of tough men jumped off the armored vehicles one by one; none of the onlookers dared to make a noise . Many people who came to watch the fun even had started to regret their decision . They all started to pray inside, wishing not to get involved with any kind of troubles . As citizens of an occupied city, many people here were naturally awed by the Norman Empire's soldiers in their dark red military uniforms .

Watched by these many people, Zhang Tie felt his skin under the combat clothes start to heat up . Those familiar with him all cast amazed and disbelieving eyes at him .

At the sight of Captain Kerlin, Zerom, and the other teachers of the Temporary Supervision Committee that was set in the Wild Wolf Castle, Zhang Tie walked over to them and saluted those teachers on his own .

"I'm sorry about what I did in the Wild Wolf Castle, sorry to bring you trouble . . . "

Because Captain Kerlin and Zerom had long known Zhang Tie's status because he had revealed it to them before, although they were still shocked at the sight of him, they could understand what had happened . However, the other teachers were so shocked that they didn't even know what to say .

A fresh graduate had immediately become a second lieutenant of the Norman Empire . This was rarely seen even across the Norman Empire itself, let alone Blackhot City, which had been occupied by for less than one month .

In many people's eyes, Zhang Tie was simply as shiny as a sun .

Was this Zhang Tie a love child of a big figure in the Norman Empire left in Blackhot City? such a thought flashed across many people's mind at once .

Captain Kerlin recovered his composure and walked onto the dueling platform before loudly declaring, "Since Zhang Tie has arrived, we shall start the duel!" .

After walking onto the dueling platform, at the sight of Sodor whose face had turned completely white, Zhang Tie grinned .

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Many people who didn't know him before screamed at the sight of Zhang Tie walking onto the dueling platform . Those voices were closely followed by gasps and coughs .

"Weapons are allowed to be used in this duel . Sodor chose a long spear, you can also choose the same weapon!" Captain Kerlin reminded Zhang Tie .

"Get out of the way, get out of the way, here's our platoon leader's weapon . . . "

The moment Captain Kerlin finished talking, Beckham and Moos, two 'half-women' of Third Platoon, brought Zhang Tie's terrifying battle sword onto platform . Stretching out one hand, Zhang Tie picked up the 358 kgs' battle sword .

Another batch of onlookers were shocked into silence now . Motherf*cker, was that terrifying battle sword the size of a door used to fight?

Seeing Zhang Tie holding that terrifying battle sword in his hand, Sodor was really scared, his long spear even slid down to the ground from his hand, causing a loud 'dong' sound . Face gone completely pale, Sodor hurriedly bent over to pick it up .

Looking at Sodor's stupefied look, those soldiers surrounding the duel platform became really infuriated . Such a timid guy dared to seek a duel with a military officer of the Iron-Blood Camp, and even one that had a weird strength while also being favored by the Battle God . That timid guy was really not afraid of death!

Beckham and Moos who had carried in Zhang Tie's weapon immediately grinned . "Platoon Leader, is that stupid guy the one who wants to duel with you?"


Zhang Tie nodded .

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"Don't let that guy die too fast . That would humiliate your nickname Mummy . It's not interesting to directly cut him in two halves . Like how you pat cucumbers, you should pat him all over from his feet to his head with this 'Man's Certification'!"

"Piss off!"

Hearing Beckham call his nickname on this occasion, Zhang Tie was driven so mad that he even wanted to kick this guy off the platform .

'Man's Certification' was the name the soldiers gave to Zhang Tie's battle sword . They knew that the battle sword had been in the division's arsenal for a very long time since no lieutenant could use it . When they learned that Zhang Tie could attack with it, everybody felt a sense of honor . No matter what, the guy who could use this 'Man's Certification' was a military officer of the Iron-Blood Camp, which could certify again that the Iron-Blood Camp was the most powerful troop in the entire division . That was enough .

"Can we start?" Zhang Tie asked the one-eyed man who had walked down the dueling platform . At present, there were only two people on the platform - Zhang Tie and Sodor, who was quivering all over .

"Yes, you can start!"

. . .

It was hard to say whether it was because he was too afraid or for some other reason, the moment the one-eyed man declared the start of the duel, Sodor howled like a ghost, cried like his parents had died, and darted towards Zhang Tie with a long spear in hand .


In Zhang Tie's eyes, Sodor's attack was pretty naive whatever you looked at: strength, speed, moves, or conviction . He looked like a toddler who had just learned how to walk and now with a wooden stick in hand rushed towards Zhang Tie, eyes closed .

When his long spear was about to reach Zhang Tie, Sodor really closed his eyes .

Zhang Tie was left speechless . With just a slight wave of his 'Man's Certification', he hit Sodor and sent him flying back to fall onto the ground ten meters away . He went back at a speed three-five times greater than when he had rushed towards Zhang Tie, and upon landing was unable to pick himself up from the ground .

At the same time, Sodor's long spear also flew high into the air, falling back to the platform along with Sodor, and causing a crisp sound as it bounced off the ground for a couple of times, its shaft curving .

Seeing this duel, the onlookers under the platform were all greatly shocked . With merely one hit, the middle part of Sodor's additionally weighted steel long spear had formed a curve of 60 degrees . What great strength would it take for Zhang Tie to bend the steel handle of a long spear?

All the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood widely opened their eyes like seeing Zhang Tie for the first time . A LV 4 warrior was driven mad and destroyed like a turd under Zhang Tie's nonchalant counterattack . Was this person their good brother or not? Barley and the other members were all left muddle-headed .

Pandora and Alice immediately covered their mouths . Was this person that susceptible youth who had embraced them to justify himself, and the one that would think about them when he saw black mulberry seeds in the wild? The jealous eyes of the women of the Rose Association fell onto Pandora, Alice, and Beverly .

Seeing the scene on the platform, the eyes of the brothers of the Gods Bliss Association became shiny . Tightly grasping their fists, they all felt like they were being scorched inside . From then on, everybody's belief in the Big Blessing Skill and the mysterious ancient gods became as firm as iron . In their eyes, Zhang Tie became as lofty as the gods .

Everybody cast their eyes on Zhang Tie in different moods!

Zhang Tie himself was patting Sodor right now! If he cut him by placing his sword horizontally, four halves would be seen on the platform: two halves of Sodor, two halves of his long spear . Then everything would come to an end, but Zhang Tie did not do that .

Merely by this counterattack, all the teachers with high fighting skills could judge that Zhang Tie was powerful, very powerful, especially his weird strength, which was far out of the public's imagination . Merely because of that pure physical strength, Zhang Tie's fighting strength had already reached the level of a LV 7 warrior .

Would Zhang Tie really pat Sodor to death like how one patted a cucumber? The teachers of the Temporary Supervision Committee all had strange faces . Miss Qili's turned completely blue, Zerom frowned as he looked at Kerlin, who then slightly shook his head—based on Kerlin's understanding about the youth, he didn't believe that he was that cruel .

With one hand dragging his huge sword behind himself, Zhang Tie walked towards Sodor step by step, leaving a groove of medium depth on the cement ground of the platform . . .

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