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Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1902

Published at 6th of October 2019 10:45:09 PM

Chapter 1902: 1902

When the bead’s green light reached Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie’s Shackle of Bloody Chakra also confined Versatile Demon Emperor . As a result, Zhang Tie and Versatile Demon Emperor disappeared in the middle of the battlefield above Deities Plain almost at the same time . Closely after that, a pale green light instantly poured down from over 100,000 m high in the air and covered tens of thousands of square miles where the demon army was in like a huge, semi-transparent heavenly curtain, causing the space to tremble like water waves . As a result, the demon army was completely isolated from the human army at once…

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Watching this scene, all the humans changed their faces immediately .

“Heavenly Bead, you’re too mean…” Force Emperor roared at once as he flew towards the demon army . At the same time, the terrifying huge saber appeared in his hand . “Immortal generals, follow me to get Dragon Emperor out of there…”

With growls, Force Emperor rushed towards the semi-transparent light cover in the periphery of the demon army firstly .

Over 100,000 human immortal generals realized it at once as they all roared and rushed over there in form of battle formations . Star Emperor, the immortal lords of supreme-level immortal palaces, the owners of sects and clans from Nine Heavens Big Domain also launched a strike towards the Demon Army closely after Force Emperor .

At this moment, even though many immortal generals didn’t know what was Heavenly Bead, their eyes had reflected the effect of the Heavenly Bead . Through the semi-transparent, odd-looking heavenly curtain and barrier in the periphery of the demon army, many people saw a light inside the big battle formation of the demon army . Closely after that, Zhang Tie appeared inside there and was being besieged by demons . He was in deadly danger…

‘No matter what, His Majesty Dragon Emperor cannot die in front of us . ’

This whim occurred to many human immortal generals .

According to the plan of Versatile Demon Emperor and Black Mountain Demon Emperor, after trapping Zhang Tie into the big battle formation of over 100,000 demon generals, they would coordinate with the big battle formation to crush Zhang Tie into pieces as soon as possible . Previously, they wanted to kill Star Emperor or Force Emperor in such a way; unexpectedly, they used it to deal with Zhang Tie . Additionally, an unexpected thing happened at once .

Zhang Tie locked Versatile Demon Emperor by Shackle of Bloody Chakra and pulled it into the big battle formation of demon generals too . On this occasion, if they wanted to kill Zhang Tie by the big battle formation, they had to kill Versatile Demon Emperor at the same time . Therefore, Versatile Demon Emperor, Black Mountain Demon Emperor and the demon army became dazed at a stroke .

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“Kill him…” Black Mountain Demon Emperor roared as it rushed towards Zhang Tie . Black Mountain Demon had already made a decision to give up killing Zhang Tie using the big battle formation; instead, it intended to join hands with Versatile Demon Emperor and the other supreme-level demon generals to kill him as soon as possible . With such a great battle formation, they were confident to kill even Star Emperor or Force Emperor, not to mention Zhang Tie .

In an instant, Black Mountain Demon Emperor and dozens of supreme-level demon generals in the demon army and Versatile Demon Emperor who had been gnashing its teeth due to anger had charged at Zhang Tie . The demon army of over 100,000 demons formed a tight, huge net and trapped Zhang Tie in many layers .

Zhang Tie frightened those demon generals; however, fear might make demons crazier sometimes .

In an instant, Zhang Tie was in dilemma…

What shocked everyone including the two demon emperors was that Zhang Tie just opened his arms to embrace those attacks with a smile; instead of dodging them .

“Boom…” The great shock caused the space beside Zhang Tie to rock and twist . Almost at the same time, all the strikes hit Zhang Tie . Colorful battle qi strikes were like firecrackers beside Zhang Tie . The space within thousands of meters was filled with destructive battle qi . Zhang Tie himself was also submerged in those battle qi strikes .

As a result, all the demons became dumbfounded . Even Force Emperor who was rushing towards the demon army also became dazzled .

However, before the second round of attacks arrived, an extremely terrifying qi suddenly rose up from those fierce battle qis .

It was a headless giant’s light&shade . Holding his ax by two hands, he instantly broke those battle qi and reached tens of thousands of meters in height . At the same time, he was patting his own chest by his huge ax, causing thunder-like sounds while overlooking the demon army .

At the sight of this light&shade, Versatile Demon Emperor changed its face immediately . At the same time, it recalled one scene which was the last scene that it wanted to recall . It finally realized why Zhang Tie didn’t avoid those battle qi strikes .

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“Hurry, kill him…” Versatile Demon Emperor, who was closest to Zhang Tie, rushed to his front firstly . Closely after that, it roared . Almost at the same time, a long sword suddenly appeared in its hand . It then slashed towards the neck of Zhang Tie who was faintly smiling while the blood streamed out of his mouth .

Zhang Tie didn’t avoid; instead, he just raised one arm to block the strike right in front of his neck .

However, Versatile Demon Emperor’s long sword only grazed half of Zhang Tie’s arm . Versatile Demon Emperor couldn’t even believe in its eyes . It couldn’t believe that its sword didn’t even break Zhang Tie’s arm . How terrifyingly strong was his body!

——I cannot reach your realm now . But realm doesn’t mean everything . Even the demon emperor could only bear limited strikes . If the limit was broken, you could only die just like the Demon Prince…

Zhang Tie didn’t speak; instead, he passed his words to Versatile Demon Emperor’s consciousness through his eyes .

——Impossible, isn’t this the means of communication being exclusive to immortal emperors and demon emperors? How can you…

——Nothing is impossible . In someone’s eyes, the so-called demon emperors are just insects . You think you’ve mastered the strength of universal rules; actually, you know nothing about real strength .

After the strike of Versatile Demon Emperor, the head grew out of Xing Tian the battle god’s neck again behind Zhang Tie .

At the same time, Zhang Tie let out a strange sound beep, which reverberated through the air zone of the demon army and shocked the eardrums of all the demon knights . The sound surged across Zhang Tie’s body like an overwhelming, billowy river . However, it was not purposely made by Zhang Tie, but the sound of flowing blood in his body…

Hearing this sound from such a short distance, Versatile Demon Emperor’s face turned dreadfully pale at once . As a demon emperor, of course, it knew what terrifying strength did that sound represent . Versatile Demon Emperor then roared and slashed its long sword towards Zhang Tie’s neck again at its full strength . However, Zhang Tie just slightly took one step back . When he reappeared, he was already tens of thousands of meters away . As a result, all the other supreme-level demon generals and Black Mountain Demon Emperor failed to hit him .

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The two demon emperors and those demon supreme-level generals rushed towards Zhang Tie again .

However, Zhang Tie just smiled at these demons as a 30 cm long short saber suddenly appeared in his hand . Closely after that, he stabbed the short saber into his own chest and exposed its tip out of his back, leaving the handle of the short saber in front of his chest .

In an instant, two golden flames started to burn in the eye sockets of Xing Tian . At the same time, Xing Tian’s qi reached its peak and became overwhelming .

Bang… bang… bang… bang… closely after the sound of billowy river, Zhang Tie’s chest uttered another sound like muffled thunders which reverberated through the air zone of the demon army . It was like beating a huge drum in the sky . Even the sands, weeds and water pits on the ground started to rock, not to mention the air . Over 100,000 demon generals felt that their hearts were resonating with this sound unconsciously . In a split second, many demon generals had felt that their qi and blood were surging, causing them to feel like vomiting blood .

After hearing this sound, even Black Mountain Demon Emperor changed its face . It immediately rushed towards Zhang Tie and roared towards the demon army of 100,000 demons, “Hurry, crush him using the huge battle formation…”

“Boom…” When Force Emperor’s saber light was over 10,000 m away, it had already turned into a crescent moon and broken the air before hitting the semi-transparent light curtain of the demon army .

Closely after Force Emperor’s strike were more battle qi strikes, causing the light curtain to undulate like water waves…

At the same time, tens of thousands of demons were releasing their battle qi towards Zhang Tie in an overwhelming way like a berserk black tide, shocking the air .

Facing these overwhelming battle qi strikes, Zhang Tie sang a desolate and heroic song…

“Men should kill demons…”

Following his song, Infinite Immortal Prison flew out of his Shrine surging point and turned into an over 30 m-long black rod which a few meters in thickness in his hand .

“When killing demons, we don’t show our mercy…”

Closely after the word “mercy”, Zhang Tie flew off and poked the tip of the huge tower into the black tide, breaking a hole as if it the battle qi tide was as fragile as a piece of paper .

“The eternal meritorious deeds lie in killing demons…”

While singing, Zhang Tie flew off as lightly as a feather and broke through the hole while brandishing his huge rod towards Versatile Demon Emperor who was rushing to him…

In a split second, the whole world turned upside down…

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