Castle of Black Iron - Chapter 1909

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Chapter 1909: 1909

Even though those department presidents were more shocked than hearing Zhang Tie’s military feats in Immortals Plains over 1 month ago, not to mention those elders .

In the history of tens of thousands of years in Motian Realm, more than one demon emperor had been killed by human powers . More than one human immortal emperors or powers had gained their supreme honor and dignity through killing demon emperors; however, in Motian Realm, nobody had ever heard that someone could help a power who had been stagnated at the level of fire immortal general for a long time to break through the bottleneck and become a supreme immortal general .

In Motian Realm, if one wanted to be a supreme immortal general, one had to light a complete supreme chakra, also a sage-level knight’s chakra and form four battle formations (realms) by communicating with the Elements Realm through chakra . Many fire immortal generals couldn’t break through this bottleneck in their whole lives . Pitifully, they could only stay on the level of fire immortal generals and suffer hardships for the rest of their lives .

To light supreme chakra was the most difficult pass for a fire immortal general to promote to a supreme immortal general because it couldn’t be made only through ascetic cultivation .

When they lit the chakras of earth, water, wind and fire, they indeed needed ascetic cultivation . However, after lighting the four chakras, if they wanted to make further progress, they had to depend on gnosis; they shall comprehend the universal laws in blooming and fading flowers, billows and moving clouds, mountains and flowing rivers and rising and falling sun and moon; they shall discover intelligence and abilities through forces of earth, water, wind and fire .

The latter depended on one’s fortune and comprehensive ability which couldn’t be expressed in words . Like being enlightened, it was absolutely a process which couldn’t be explained and named . Someone might not think it through even after sitting in a backroom for hundreds of years and reciting numerous books while scratching their ears and cheeks everyday; however, someone could be suddenly crystal clear about the universal laws and feel that evening was as same as that in the daytime only by splitting firewoods, carrying water with a carrying pole, stiking a bell and doing farming work everyday .

Long Jiutian, Ying Gucheng, Luo Yunshang and Hou Moyuan might have opportunities to promote to supreme immortal generals through ascetic cultivation . Pitifully, over the hundreds of years, before Zhang Tie showed up, due to the disappearance of the Grand Dragon Emperor, these guys who had top powers in Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace just controlled a department or a force of Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace respectively in a pretty long period . Each of them had their own sphere of influence and plans . They only thought about scheming against each other for benefits inside Dragon Emperor Immortal Palace…

If not Zhang Tie, they might still be the department presidents or grand justices even now . In this way, they would gradually be puzzled about their cultivation and could barely wake up, not to mention comprehend universal laws and the forces of earth, water, wind and fire; in that case, they could never have any chance to promote to supreme immortal generals anymore and would stay in the current level for sure .

After hearing that Zhang Tie could help them promote to supreme immortal generals, they had long been thrilled .

“Elder Long, may I know the secret method that you cultivate?” Zhang Tie asked Long Jiutian under the excited and eager eyes of the other elders .

“I cultivate Heavy Wind Sutra !” Long Jiutian hurriedly answered .

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“Do you have it with you, Elder Long?”

Long Jiutian nodded .

“May I take a look at it?”

Everyone across Motian Realm knew that Zhang Tie cultivated an immortal’s secret method Infinite King Roc Sutra ; additionally, Zhang Tie had acquired the World Shocking Sutra from the Grand Dragon Emperor . These two secret methods were both more advanced than Heavy Wind Sutra cultivated by Long Jiutian . Of course, Long Jiutian didn’t think that Zhang Tie would like to take advantage of him . Therefore, soon after Zhang Tie asked for it, Long Jiutian had taken off his necklace and gave the white jade plate on his necklace to Zhang Tie through air, “Here you are, Your Majesty!”

With the control of Long Jiutian’s battle qi, the jade plate slowly flew towards Zhang Tie . Zhang Tie took it as he instantly injected his powerful spiritual energy into it and skimming over the entire Heavy Wind Sutra  . After that, Zhang Tie closed his eyes under the eyes of all the others . In less than 2 minutes, Zhang Tie’s qi had started to change . Under their dumbfounded looks, all the elders and department presidents felt that Zhang Tie’s qi was becoming as same as Long Jiutian . However, his qi was more powerful than that of Long Jiutian . All of a sudden, Zhang Tie’s qi became as same as a supreme immortal general .

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Not until then did Zhang Tie open his eyes with a faint smile and brilliant light in his eyes .

Although Zhang Tie had admitted that he could imitate the effects of other secret methods through Infinite King Roc Sutra , those elders and department presidents were still petrified, mouths agape as it was their first time to see such a mysterious secret method .

Feeling Zhang Tie’s qi, Long Jiutian instantly stood up with great excitement as he said, “Your Majesty… is… is… this the qi of a supreme immortal general who cultivates Heavy Wind Sutra …”

“Yes, I’ve almost known the realm of a sa…” Zhang Tie hurriedly pretended to cough twice as he continued, “Supreme immortal general who cultivates Heavy Wind Sutra …”

Watching Zhang Tie, Long Jiutian who used to be steady couldn’t help but scratch his ears and cheeks as he felt being scratched by cats and bitten by dogs inside due to anxiety . “Your Majesty… could you… could you release the battle formation of Heavy Wind Sutra and let me experience it so that I can have a goal in cultivation in the future…”

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“Hoho, do you know how to light your supreme chakra only by entering the battle formation?”

“No… no… no…” Long Jiutian didn’t even know what to say . Actually he wanted to say——even though I’ve not eaten pork, I could see how pig walks . But if he really said that at this moment, he would offend Zhang Tie . Therefore, Long Jiutian stammered at a stroke…

At this moment, everyone at present thought that Zhang Tie would let those elders who had not promoted to supreme immortal generals to experience the battle formations of their own secret methods . To be honest, as for fire immortal generals who had not formed their battle formations, if they could experience the battle formations of their own secret methods, they would benefit a lot from it for sure . It was almost the best treatment that they could enjoy with a supreme immortal general as their master .

However, if he could only let them experience the battle formations of their secret methods, how could Zhang Tie say that there was only a small step between them and supreme immortal generals just like breaking paper window? Even though they could experience the battle formations of their secret methods for half a month and see everything in their battle formations, they still couldn’t light their supreme chakras necessarily .

Even though one had seen how pigs walked, how did they know how pigs were raised only through imagination?

Zhang Tie then stood up and walked to the back of Long Jiutian’s seat . Then, he put his hand on Long Jiutian’s shoulder who looked excited, letting him sit down .

When Long Jiutian sat down, his scalp had been covered by Zhang Tie’s hand…