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Published at 12th of April 2019 04:55:10 PM

Chapter 47

Shozo immediately flapped his wings up towards the blue sky, joisting his middle finger towards Morine Masu and towards the Gene Administration Leader's gasping with shock and rage .

Those black wings made it extremely clear Shozo represented the Dark Association, and that his potential was at least A rank! Only special individuals in the Dark Association could summon wings from the blood of the Night Shade Wyvern and cause such a horrendous site .

The once wet pussies in the audience dried up instantly as that monster made it twenty feet in the air . However, Morine Masu, the very reward he so seeked, soon summoned a level 14 Gene Element, Eternity Chains, and brandished them towards Shozo's ascending body .

Laughing at the little girls attempt at looking cute, a few men in the audience burst onto the tournament platform and aimed at the heart inside of her bountiful chest . If Shozo couldn't have his cream filling inserted into that tight hole, no ones dick could have the privilege of seeking comfort inside her warm vagina .

Slashing towards her neck, she screamed as Kansuke arrived by her side and attempted to block all of the attacks . Considering she happened to be a level 55 Gene Elementalist, and he happened to be level 27, even the babies watching instinctually frowned as this shocking situation continued .

At the same time, a gigantic black form appeared in the sky above the Provisional Tournament Stadium, it's large red eyes showcasing a deadly wyvern seeking nothing but domination and blood . It contaminated the air so much that Natsumi, the level 88 Gene Elementalist, froze in his spot and fell backwards from that glare .

Perhaps if he had his high grade weapon, he'd easily be able to kill that black monster staring at him in the sky . Unfortunately, that black figure also happened to be a Celestial Creature, and one of its main skills translated through it's Fire Heart Gaze .

Any creature that felt even a smidgen of fear in front of a true Black Shade Wyvern would become like a women's cherry in front of a dominating man . Even if that girl had beauty that rivaled the heaven's, she'd be nothing in front of a true god!

Celestial Creatures were the closest beings to gods on this earth, and such a creature had haphazardly arrived in First Azure District, showcasing its large teeth as it eminently roared above all the beings below . This single roar caused every ally of Kansuke to stiffen in their boots as a large staff struck into his chest . Following that staff were two swords a spear and a large foot that crashed into his side .

The four Dark Association Elementalists laughed as he skipped off the white tiled stage and slid onto the grass, managing to cause five deep wounds in his side . Spitting up blood, he smiled before jumping to his feet, blood dripping onto the floor beneath him, however his knees soon buckled and he wobbled in place .

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Finally, Shozo once again drew out his level 12 Gene Element, Grude of Shadows, causing those ten massive tendrils to whiplash towards his chest . As for Kansuke, he'd gotten so dizzy that all he saw was his five favorite girls screaming at him in front of his chest .

"You have to survive . We can't give you pussy if you don't survive . "

"Chise would be so mad at you . You didn't even make her pregnant yet . "

"You're a fool . You should've lost on purpose," Shozo said, interrupting their dulcet of sweet voices . "Now, look! You caused our god to appear by our side! You're going to die and I'm going to r*pe all your women!"

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A terrifying blow struck Kansuke as five tendrils pierced into his chest . Blood bursted out of his body before he skipped and bounced into the wall . Surprisingly, though, a strange man appeared in front of Kansuke with two massive wings on his back . His scarlet eyes had a screaming killing intent, and his pale skin remained fully denuded, sheltering Kansuke with a pleasant fire .

"You shouldn't mess with an unripe seed . Here, give me your head . "

"Heh, you're crazy old man… Don't you see what's above us in the sky?'

"I'll kill him too . Seriously, don't move . Your ugly head is one of the sins of humanity . "

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"Don't you dare do it!" The black wyvern screamed, shocked by that man's appearance . "If you kill him, you'll start a war, Seiryo . Do you think us dragons should fight over the grounds of mortals!"

"Idiot, this is my son . If I kill all of you, what war will it start?" Seiryo summoned a massive sword, twenty meters tall, placing it on Shozo's neck . "You probably did this because you know I'm lazy, but I'm not lazy enough to watch my son die!"

"Heh, I've already reached the twelve stage," The Black Wyvern said, his feet bursting into the ground, "If you really fight me, you'll see what skill I acquired from your daughter . "

"She never liked me anyway . " Seiryo said, "now, Granite, look, he's already dead!"


That massive sword moved like a flash of lightning, tearing away Shozo's pathway to his heart and brain . After ten swipes, his entire body had completely disappeared into dust, and all that remained was a small black circular core, rolling over towards Kansuke's feet .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!