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Published at 5th of April 2019 09:35:23 AM

Chapter 5

"I know you think you'll be alright . However, you haven't yet had me!" Kansuke prepared to fight the beasts .

"What are you talking about? This is my prey . If you get in my way, don't mind me if I'm merciless towards you…"

"You will learn to obey me," Kansuke summoned two fire balls from his palms . These were known as a celestial fire dragon's main weapon, and any expert would recognize them if they were around .

Celestial fire dragons had a natural affinity for the elements in the air . They had evolved with a a specific gene to pick up, and control the fire elements in the atmosphere . As for Kansuke, since he was the son of a fire celestial dragon, these orbs looked exactly like its fathers!

They were the only species that could condense perfect fire at a young age . There were many different types of fire, and perfect fire had the most destructive energy stored inside of it!

The girl merely looked back and scoffed seeing the puny fire balls in Kansuke's hands .

"Hmph… your fire balls are barely the size of my tits… Get out of here and stop trying to save me!" the girl didn't have a bad impression of Kansuke .

Even though he was a little bit vulgar, the fact that he tried to protect her behind made her feel somewhat thankful for him .

Regardless, she wasn't an expert in distinguishing the quality of energy inside of those fire balls . After flicking them out of his hands, they shot off like bullets towards the low-level green musk wolves .

They also didn't even bother to dodge because the fire attack was so small .

It was a very terrible mistake, and two of those attacks exploded sending their brain matter flying into the distance .

As for the three remaining wolves, they howled and stopped approaching at such a fast pace .

Kansuke smiled and prepared three more of those fireballs . In his genetic memories these were called scorch seeds and condensing another three from the elements in the air was nearly extremely hard .

Due to his low level of 3, every time he tried to use the elements around him, he'd be limited by his genetic development .

A level 100 genetic warrior could use the elements in the air to create a terrifying disaster .

Right now, Kansuke could barely create five little scorch seeds . However, to protect the lady behind him, he would create as many seeds as she needed .

"I already took care of two of them… I'm sure your tits are bigger than they are . " Kansuke made that remark as the girl flipped up into the air .

Causing five snake like vines to shoot out of her hands, she lurched towards the big wolf as it fired out a few vines of its own .

Since she specialized in the earth element, she tended to hunt earth beasts to increase the amount of nourishment she got from her food .

The two sets of vines twisted against each other before the girl's vines extended towards the beast's body . Encircling it in her vines, the small little girl had tamed the gigantic beast .

As she turned around though, she was surprised that those five beasts hadn't attacked her .

Looking back, not only weren't they close to her, they were currently being eaten by the voracious appetite of Kansuke .

"I told you my fire balls were special . " Kansuke kept eating the five low level wolves . "Now, what is such a pretty girl like you doing out here alone?"

"I'm not a little girl . I'm twenty years old, and I'm a registered enchantment warrior… . Do you know what that means… it means I eat men like you for breakfast!"

"I taste pretty good; however, you aren't supposed to eat me…" Kansuke retorted, "You are just supposed to suck on it…"

"What! You sick little pervert!" She blushed totally not expecting his brazen attitude .

"I… I have a boyfriend . Even though it's a long-distance relationship, he'd be extremely upset if he heard you say that!"

Kansuke, who was eating the wolf, coughed up some of its cooked flesh . "You are kidding me? I thought you'd realize you were already mine… Who is this bastard that got in my way?"

"Bastard . He's actually really sweet . "

"Hmmm, he can have you after we bang!" Kansuke grumbled, "If he really wants you, he can have sloppy seconds!"

"You… you pervert!" She sat down on top of the wolf . "Just because you helped me out doesn't mean you can screw me . "

"I want to though," Kansuke didn't dare not be honest . "Now… let's eat and stop talking so much . It will ruin the mood . "

"Ugh, you're a funny one . Here… stop eating that simple beast meat, and try some of this enchanted stuff… I'll even test your level after you're done with it . "

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The little girl was extremely nice to Kansuke, so much so that he wasn't even sure he'd be able to screw her today .

He grabbed the meat into his hand as she asked him to kindly light the fire . Since one of them had mastery over earth, and the other over fire, they didn't even need to find kindling, or logs .

Instead, the fire merely took a second to make, and the big wolf was cooked in a few minutes . In less than twenty minutes, Kansuke had eaten 80 percent of it, leaving just a sliver left for the girl to take home…

"You… you can't be human… How can your body handle so much enchanted meat?"

"I don't feel that full . Aren't you still hungry?" Kansuke had a voracious appetite since he came home from the beach . Now he was pretty sure he was a dragon's son .

"No, now… can you stop looking at me like that . I'm not giving you my food . " The female blushed as she looked at him . "However, why do you give off such a pleasant aroma… Is that an ability of yours?"

"What are you talking about? I just want to screw you and not eat your food . " Kansuke said to the girl . "Even though we are in the forest, no animals will dare bother us . "

It was the rule of jungle to not mess with a beast in heat .

He'd never heard of any animal being targeted by a predator when it was having sex .

As for the girl, whose name was Doi Michi, she blushed hearing his vulgar remarks .

"I told you . My body is reserved for someone else . How about this . If you can make me laugh, I will give you a kiss . However, if you tell anyone, I will kill you, okay?"

"No, I want to kiss your body if I make you laugh . " Kansuke finished the last of his meat and patted his stomach . "I want to kiss you down there . "

He pointed right between her legs as Michi blushed . "You… you jerk! I've never been kissed their and never plan to!"

"Tsundere…" Kansuke replied, "You will enjoy it . Now… how many chances do I got to make you laugh?"

"Two jokes, but you have to get me to laugh two times, and no! You get to kiss my cheek!"

"You are playing hard to get . I promise I will bang you today!"

"Ugh… jerk!" Michi rolled her eyes . "Fine, one joke…"

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"Okay… I got a joke for you…" Kansuke tried to think of something intelligent that might make her laugh . However, after pondering for a minute, he finally figured out something that would do the trick .

"Two men loved the same women . One of them was close, and one of them was far away . "

"There were three things that each of the men did to get her, and only one of them was different… Are you paying attention>"

"Yes," Michi said, "Let me guess… one of them was you?"

Kansuke got closer to her, and nodded her head . "Yup, and the one that was me reached forward and did something the other one wouldn't like . "

"Oh, so original… what next?"

"Well, I have a feather in my hand! Made you laugh made you laugh!"

"No, stop it!" Michi had no choice to but laugh, "That's cheating… that's not a joke!"

"Shut up . I earned my kiss . " Kansuke flipped up her skirt and like a snake slithered between her panties .

"Hey… hey… stop it! If he finds out, he's going to kill me!" Michi normally would've already hit Kansuke in the head if he were another man . However, then he started to lick her flower, and she laid back on the earth .

"What… what exactly are you? How did you make me fall for you so fast?"

Kansuke shrugged his shoulders . His tongue danced against the tip of the vagina on Michi's body . Licking it to his content, he looked up at her as she moaned clearly enjoying herself .

"I'm the king of all men! Of course your body realized it as soon as you met me!"

"Oh~~~ please… . Please stop talking and don't stop!" Michi grabbed his head as she moaned at the top of her lungs .

Never in a million years did she think a guy younger than her would be devouring her flower for a meal . Her body curved upwards as a drop of blood fell down her leg .

"I just took your virginity . " Kansuke said, "I hope you don't mind . "

"What… what am I going to tell Derek?"

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"You are in the wilderness all the time . Just tell him a wild beast defiled you . " Kansuke grabbed her legs and started thrusting inside of her with his little dragon .

Two beautiful pears were on her chest with little tips erect and pointing towards him .

A few beasts stood in the background watching the festivities with both curiosity and fear . They could tell a dragon was in the area and that he was mating with another type of beast .

As monsters, they had enough respect to honor this sacred ritual and not attack .

"ohhhh!~~~ ohhhh~~~ fuck me whatever your name is!" she hadn't yet learned his name was Kansuke .

"just promise you won't tell Derek about it . " She sucked her finger as Kansuke kept enjoying her body .

"I will tell Derek because you are mine now . If he interferes, I'll eat him . " Kansuke was a dragon in human form, so saying that didn't make him a cannibal .

"You're insane, but you're so good at this! YES~~~ YES~~~~"

Kansuke kept thrusting deeper and deeper into Michi's body as she thought about how terrible of a person she was to Derek .

He had been waiting for her and sending her letters since she was ten . They'd been scheduled to be married since they were fifteen and promised to get married once they reached the sovereign rank .

However, not only was she not honoring that, she was even getting defiled in a forest on the body of a dead beast!

She would've never suspected such a handsome man would be daring enough to screw her in the wild .

With that single thought, she got turned on to the point that she burst as Kansuke moved back and forth inside of her .

"I can't take it anymore! However, before you cum, tell me your name!"

"Okano Kansuke… Are you such a slut I didn't even tell you my name?" Kansuke joked with her as she blushed and pushed him inside of her .

With that extra help, he unleashed his little dragons fiercest attack inside of her body . Shooting out a river of cum into her entrance, he happily laid with her in a pile of wolf skeletons .

"You're still not getting the meat . " She laughed after he had finished dripping his life seed inside of her .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!