Celestial Peak - Chapter 117

Published at 27th of November 2019 05:50:04 PM

Chapter 117: 117

In Bai Xue's eyes, Wang Ling had always been weird and incomprehensible . Carrying with him a killing intent of a maniac when facing against his enemies and the kindness that could make those pagans view him as some kind of diving being when it comes towards his family and companions .

But the latest thing she noticed about Wang Ling was concerning his relationship to his Master . He would speak to himself like he could see him and he would constantly show a saddened look on his face as he spoke . Even for Bai Xue, it was hard to watch Wang Ling acting in such a way .

However, she could not understand him for Wang Ling had no intention of relaying the information and emotion he kept buried deep within his heart . She was curious, yes, but Bai Xue felt even if she asked, Wang Ling, will only smile at her without saying anything .

But even without knowledge of how deep his feelings and attachments he held on to for his Master . Bai Xue could see it a little through his sudden declaration of wanting to kill an entire race for building a tomb in the mountain where his master was supposedly resting .

Wang Ling being loyal and devoted was something of a good thing . His attachment to those around him was undeniably strong . This made Bai Xue drown in her thoughts .

Did his promise to take his family to the top have anything to do with his Master? This thought lingered in her mind but before she could find an answer . Sunlight pierced her eyes and the night had already passed .

Wang Ling was already going up and stretching his back and the heat that was constantly tempering his body was going all out providing warmth that made Bai Xue want to sleep for months .

In the end, she threw what she was thinking about on the back of her head . Trying to dissect the thoughts of Wang Ling was a complicated matter . It wasn't like she didn't have secrets herself .

[I'll let it be for now . ] Time will only tell if Bai Xue will once again linger in this train of thought or will Wang Ling open his heart to her . Overall, what was being said here was, it was a waste of time to think about it .

Bai Xue was silent and had her eyes closed and had her spirit qi block most of the lights passing through her eyelids . She began to take a nap, but her senses was still on point and never breaking away from her surroundings .

She was alert even though she was resting . She knows everything happening around her, although she was the one who should least be aware of the current happenings . This includes the conversations Wang Ling has with others .

There are times when she relaxes so much she purposely let loose of everything else . But most of the time, Bai Xue would rest in this fashion . But even as she went to take a nap and observe her surroundings . She was still meditating amidst all this .

Bai Xue was capable of taking on multiple tasks like this without a problem . Insider her were three bloodlines and to use those bloodlines, she has to be able to manipulate them individually .

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It was especially so for her manipulation of body parts and transforming into her ideal beast form . Cultivation while sleeping, such a good and wonderful ability that anyone would wish to have .

As she rested, Bai Xue could hear the conversation Wang Ling has with others .

"Qigang, is QingBiao going to be alright? Is her injury not going to be aggravated when we travel back home?" Wang Ling spoke in a manner oozing with his supposed 'good acting' skills of caring about other people .

[He's pretty good when it comes to tricking others . But all that acting skills of his was halved when it comes to caring about others he does not care about . ] Bai Xue commented internally .

However, what she heard next came from Qigang who does seem to suspect anything from Wang Ling, "Miss QingBiao is fine . Miss Yan Renhuo has made sure her condition was stabilized before midnight . She should be fine, and we are using [Whirlwind Lions] as mounts so any turbulence is not going to be a problem . "

Bai Xue could feel Wang Ling nod his head and walk someplace else . He stopped as the presence of Yan Renhuo appeared before them . Wang Ling simply thanked Yan Renhuo and said a couple of flowery words without any direct meaning .

Wang Ling did his best to sound vague as much as possible . His plans was moving along quite well . But Bai Xue found that something was going on a path that will most likely turn into some complicated mess . She was already bracing herself from any possible outcome .

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After Wang Ling talking to Yan Renhuo, he left and went to the place where the Whirlwind Lions were . Bai Xue could feel three spirit beasts at the True Saint Realm near her . This made her mouth water .

Wang Ling mounted one of the Whirlwind Lions and stayed for quite some time while meditating . This was a common trait of Wang Ling, he will train at every moment he could . He strives for the peak so he was doing his best to do so, even to the point of constantly burning his internal self to raise his strength little-by-little .

Wang Ling was capable of being harsh to himself so it was pretty understandable how he could be so cruel to others .

It was about an hour later when Bai Xue sensed movement coming from the Whirlwind Lions . Feeling the wind on her face, Bai Xue opened her eyes and observed her surroundings . She turned to look beside her and saw Wang Ling still meditating without a problem .

Bai Xue observed as the Whirlwind Lions flew up into the clouds . A sea of white clouds was presented to her .

"It's a pretty nostalgic scene isn't it?" It was Wang Ling who had just opened his eyes who spoke . He too was watching as the sea of clouds was presented to him in its full glory .

The two ancient figures reminisce about the time they too could travel in the skies . However, for the two, it was only a matter of time before they can reach Saint Phase .

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They only need to meditate more and cultivate until they were numb to the boredom . But they also needed cultivation resources to do just that . And as Wang Ling was above the sea of clouds . He turned to look at Qigang who was riding in a different beast .

Qigang had just arrived by Wang Ling's side riding on the back of an entirely black horse . Even its mane was black making the horse extremely majestic in all form .

He was together with the other members of the Shadow Pavilion who came to the Red Peak Mountain earlier than Wang Hong's group .

Wang Ling beckoned Qigang to come to his side and asked, "Where is the nearest place where we can find a Minor Saint spirit beast?"

Qigang turned east as he answered him, "A palace filled with Minor Saint spirit beasts, that would be Frost Death Forest . "

Wang Ling nodded his head and calmly stood went ahead and changed his direction while shouting as loudly for Wang Hong to hear him, "Wang Hong, I will be going in a little detour, go back home first . Qigang, follow me and lead the way to the Frost Death Forest!"

Qigang saw this and hurriedly followed behind Wang Ling . He became frantic and soon reach the front of Wang Ling . Those who was too shocked to follow Wang Ling's way of think was left to wonder what just happened .

Wang Hong was especially looking at the direction where Wang Ling disappeared into, "Older brother, I don't know if he's mature or just energetic . He's hard to understand . "