Celestial Peak - Chapter 118

Published at 3rd of December 2019 01:00:14 AM

Chapter 118

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"First Young Master, why do you wish to go to the Frost Death Forest?" Qigang suddenly asked as their mounts galloped their way to the Frost Death Forest .

"I want spirit beasts at the Minor Saint Stage that will help me in my cultivation . If you're wondering why it is connected to my bloodline . " Wang Ling knew that his bloodline was a mysterious thing and using it as an alibi for most things worked 100 percent of the time .

It was 100 percent because he had yet to meet someone who doubted his alibi . Thinking about it now, Wang Ling had to think twice about the people he associated with . Are they stupid for believing him or is he just that trustworthy?

Upon hearing Wang Ling's words, Qigang panicked a little as he tried to persuade Wang Ling out of the idea, "First Young Master, you will die if you try and fight a Minor Saint Stage beast . I know you're abnormally strong for someone your age but please reconsider . "

Wang Ling rubbed his glabella and felt a headache coming for him .

[It seems like I'm being treated like an idiot . ] He said inside his head as he looked at Qigang's earnestness . Those eyes made Wang Ling feel like he was truly being treated like an idiot . It made him want to bang his head on a wall for some reason .

"I won't be hunting for spirit beasts that strong . I brought you here for the exact reason of you helping me hunt spirit beasts . To be specific, you hunt while I watch from afar . If you were to hunt those Minor Saint spirit beasts, it would be as easy as catching a pet . Oh, don't kill them, I need them alive . "

Wang Ling explained himself and Qigang finally understood his motives . Qigang was already a Grand Saint . It would be easy for him to catch what Wang Ling needed to raise his cultivation by leaps and bounds .

Bai Xue who was supposed to be sleeping was salivating already .

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They traveled in a nice and leisure manner . They didn't meet any stupid beasts and bandits who wanted to take their lives . Qigang was such a good repellant for enemies that Wang Ling was considering if he should bring him along more often .

The Frost Death Forest was a long way from the Red Peak Mountain they were in earlier . Because that was the case, the travel time took a day and a half even though they were already riding in Saint Spirit Beasts .

Wang Ling and the rest didn't approach the Frost Death Forest nearer than a 300-kilometers away . They landed on top of a mountain peak with lush greeneries and some snow scattered about .

Landing on top of the mountain peak, Wang Ling took a deep breath and said, "I will leave it up to you then . Remember, I only need Minor Saint spirit beasts, you should take the Whirlwind Lion with you if you like . Make sure to keep alive when you bring it here . "

Upon hearing his instructions, Qigang left in a haste but didn't take anyone with him . He moved like a shadow and disappeared from sight . Wang Ling looked at him disappear and found a good place to sit and meditate at .

After doing so, he heard the Whirlwind Lion speak, "Will it be fine if I leave for some time? I want to move and hunt for some spirit beasts as well . I shall bring a Minor Saint for you after I return . "

Wang Ling motioned that he could leave and the Whirlwind Lion did just that and with a wide smile plastered on its face, it began its hunt . Although it was just a mount in his eyes, the Whirlwind Lion was still an intellectual being .

It was not that weird for it to ask permission to do something else . Besides, it wouldn't be worried about Wang Ling's safety, after all, the [Phantom Horse] was still with him . It was still a spirit beast at True Saint stage so it provided a good amount of assurance .

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The Phantom Horse quietly stood on the side, it was not making any sound . Wang Ling paid it no attention and activated his bloodline to cultivate . The golden halo on the back of his head appeared and qi entered his body in tides .

He had just closed his eyes and soon, Qigang was already running back towards his direction when he spread his senses around . Opening his eyes, Wang Ling saw Qigang holding a large red serpent over 20 meters long by the neck without a problem .

Looking at the snake, Wang Ling made a whistle before getting up, "Good work, now hold it still . I need to do something . "

Qigang followed his commands and held on the back of the snake's neck . Wang Ling moved and took out his saint sword and filled it with piercing sword qi and hellish aura .

The serpent who was incapable of speaking mostly because it was made mute by Qigang started to flay as it instinctively felt danger emanating from Wang Ling's sword .


Wang Lings stabbed his sword forward and the body of the snake stiffened before losing all its strength and dying off . Wang Ling moved and covered his hands with hellish qi .

The aura of devil surrounded Wang Ling he stabbed his fingers into the body of the snake and spread his hellish qi inside . The hellish qi wriggled around its insides and soon came out after Wang Ling got his hands on threads of black lights .

The thread of black lights coalesce and became a miniature serpent that looked exactly like the one he had just killed .

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"Bastard, what do you plan to do?" The serpent was enraged but Wang Ling paid it no heed and did what he had to do . Wrapping the soul with hellish qi, he began erasing its consciousness and trapped it inside a ball made of hellish qi .

The erasing of its consciousness would be tedious as it was a spirit beast previously at Minor Saint stage . But Wang Ling only needs to have his soul suppress it and he wouldn't have much problem and only need to refine it and turn its strength into his own .

Wang Ling had his soul emanate enough pressure to flatten the serpent's soul into a pulp . With his soul as strong as a celestial's and connected to the Heaven Realm . He managed to suppress the soul and its consciousness .

But he did not become careless just because he suppressed its consciousness and suppress its will . If he was not careful in refining the soul, it could retaliate and devour his body taking over it in the process .

Wang Ling devoured the soul of the serpent in the ball of hellish qi and quickly sat in a cross-legged manner as soon as he could . He closed his eyes and began cultivating .

Qigang watched the process of Wang Ling taking control of a soul and devouring it in such a fluid manner that he thought he saw his Master, Sun Wu doing the extracting of the soul .

Wang Ling wasn't even a saint and he was already capable of manipulating the soul so quickly? Qigang found it amazing . But what was even more amazing was the fact that Wang Ling devoured the serpent's soul without hesitation .

He wanted to stop Wang Ling but stopped as Wang Ling had already gulped the soul into his system before Qigang could react . He couldn't try and stop Wang Ling, if he interrupts Wang Ling's concentration now, Wang Ling's qi will surely go berserk killing him in the process .

Qigang chose to wait for the process to finish . Sweating bullets, Qigang sat in front of Wang Ling anxiously waiting for the outcome . He was ready to make the appropriate moves if something goes wrong .

However, as time passed and Qigang sensed nothing was wrong, he began finding it odd . Especially so that Wang Ling's cultivation was rising and was about to reach a critical point .

Two days passed and no accidents had happened, he could now make a proper conjecture as to what Wang Ling was doing .

"He's refining as soul and draining it of its powers . " Qigang was at a lost for words after finding it out . Assimilating the soul of others to strengthen one's cultivation was an insidious technique practiced by those evil and heinous sects .

Oozing with malicious aura, cultivate a technique like so, and its user will start emanating an aura that will make other's spine tingle .

But even though Qigang could see and watch Wang Ling do the same thing as those insidious and evil cultivators . No such aura had appeared . Everything seemed normal .

It was too bizarre .

Soon, another day passed and Wang Ling's cultivation broke through . He was now at the early-level-3 nascent soul stage .

Opening his eyes, Wang Ling found Qigang who had a questioning gaze . But before Qigang could even say anything Wang Ling already beat him to it .

"May I ask for another beast please?"