Celestial Peak - Chapter 119

Published at 3rd of December 2019 01:00:13 AM

Chapter 119

Just before the second day where Qigang realizes what was happening . Another odd event had transpired a day before everything else .

After killing the serpent, Wang Ling went to cultivation mode but Bai Xue didn't . She jumped off Wang Ling's shoulder and stood before the bleeding corpse of the serpent .

"This is good . " Bai Xue commented as she opened her little mouth . The corpse of the serpent rose into the air as the blood inside its body was slowly drained out its body .

Bai Xue slowly and carefully made the blood flow into her mouth as she did what was needed to be done . The corpse of the serpent began to dry up as Bai Xue extracted every bit of its blood essence .

She did it mercilessly and almost turned the corpse into a cloud of dust as it became an empty husk . The corpse of the serpent turned into a dried-up corpse and looked like it turned into jerky .

Bai Xue then went ahead and got on top of Wang Ling's lap to cultivate . She started absorbing the blood and tried assimilating it as her own . Her cultivation rose as she continued to do so .

Qigang was also present to see this all happen and thought how strange this fox was for actually doing something like this . He did not even know what race the white fox came from other than it being practically anywhere his First Young Master went .

And so, three days passed and at the same time Wang Ling awoke, Bai Xue also awoke .

"Can you get me another beast please?"

Upon Wang Ling's request, Bai Xue second it with a nod . Her current cultivation was at the pinnacle-level-3 nascent soul stage . She reckoned it would take some more blood essence before she could raise her cultivation .

Qigang left shortly after Wang Ling's request was made . He went to find and kill a Minor Saint spirit beast to help Wang Ling improve his cultivation . Qigang was not worried about Wang Ling's current state, because he saw no sign of him changing which was truly mind-boggling .

Seeing Qigang leave, Wang Ling observed his body and then his cultivation . He noticed that nothing was wrong and smiled .

"My foundation truly is unshakeable, it wasn't even affected by the sudden increase of my cultivation . My soul was also strengthened after that serpent was absorbed . "

Wang Ling noticed Bai Xue's cultivation and was surprised . He had just undergone a change but he wasn't expecting Bai Xue to ride the rising wave of cultivation with him .

He turned to the side and saw the dried-up corpse of the serpent he had killed and found that it had no blood flowing through its veins .

"You did that?" Wang Ling asked Bai Xue who was feeling rather good .

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Chortling, Bai Xue spoke, "My innate skill became useable a couple of days ago and it seems like it is working wonders . A few more blood essence of saint stage beings will surely help me raise my strength to the next level . "

Wang Ling smiled as he understood Bai Xue's intent and powers . Their innate techniques were basically one and the same though their approach was a little different . Wang Ling needs soul while Bai Xue needed blood and blood essence .

Their innate techniques also perfectly suit their needs . Wang Ling needs to raise his cultivation . But he also needs to raise the purity of his soul to make sure it could withstand the bells when he tries to get an upgrade in his bloodline .

Bai Xue focuses on blood because her innate technique dictates it . Though the blood of the four deities was far more effective . Bai Xue could still increase her cultivation in this manner .

"How long do you suppose can we continue this thing before anything else?" Bai Xue asked .

"We should be able to continue this thing for a long time at most until we reach the saint stage . I can ask the members of my family to kill and deliver beasts to our side, and I have just the bait to do that . " Wang Ling said so with a straight face .

Bai Xue read between the lines and notice something, "So you're planning to push this until we reach the saint stage? Does it have anything to do with your family experiencing any lost in resources?"

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Wang Ling shook his head, "No, I only need the lives and soul of some spirit beast and even human to raise my strength . I won't be needing to worry about the resources of my family running out .

"What I meant by that was, by the time we reach Saint Stage, I, in particular, will meet the problem of having to mold my saint soul . I also need to avoid any suspicious gaze of my family and my mastery of the sword will stagnate if don't find my path . There's also my…"

Wang Ling not only had to be warry of his family becoming suspicious of him .

He also needs to do some things he really ought to do that will greatly have an effect on some of his plans . He also needs to read and understand the current era more so he will need to eventually study up .

Once again, cultivation wasn't the only thing that goes on Wang Ling's life . But these plans of his was to bloom, then not only he would benefit from it as his family would do too .

Talking about the matter, Wang Ling saw Qigang coming towards their direction with a White Bird in hand . Wang Ling stood up and got ready to stab the bird on the head so he can kill it quickly when Qigang advised him to stop .

"We should hold this off, for now, First Young Master, we need to head back home as Master would be angered if we don't return as fast as we should have . " From Qigang's tone of voice, it would appear that Butler Sun was not the nicest person when angered .

"After I refine this one . I want to go back to the main house as much as you do but I need to see how many more souls I would need before I break through the next level . "

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Qigang sighed and couldn't do anything about it and watched Wang Ling stab the white bird on the forehead, killing it in an instant . While watching Wang Ling do so, he asked him how he got such a cultivation method and the answer he got was oddly satisfying and not at the same time .

"It's from my bloodline . " This answer of his not only gave him an out but also reminded Wang Ling that one of his problems with raising his cultivation doing this for years could be sold by that single answer .

Wang Ling smiled instinctively and proceeded to get the soul of the bird . After taking the soul out of the bird's body . He devoured it and started cultivating, the qi from the soul of a saint spirit beast nourished every part of the body .

He reveled in the majestic feeling he was experiencing . Wang Ling needs approximately three days to fully refine a single soul . That alone was valuable but to fully understand his body, he needs to know how much more saint soul he would need to raise a level .

Wang Ling absorbed and assimilated the qi and managed to calculate just how much more souls he would need to break through the next level .

[I need 25 more souls to work with . ]

Wang Ling opened his eyes and three days had already swiftly passed by . Bai Xue had already awoken and was stretching her body out . Looking at her now, Wang Ling noticed the elevation of her cultivation .

"Congrats . " Wang Ling simply said . Bai Xue responded with a 'thank you' before sleeping on of his shoulders .

Wang Ling turned to the Whirlwind Lion and mounted it before leaving the mountain peak with Qigang . In his mind, he was already thinking of how he should take advantage of his current situation and family assets to get those twenty souls .

[Should I provide a copy of a celestial cultivation manual to make our men work happily?]