Celestial Peak - Chapter 120

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Chapter 120

13th-day in the second month of the year .

From White Death Forest, one would need to travel for a week to reach the territory of the Wang Family . Those who were weaker than a Saint would probably take a couple of months to get there .

The Celestial Spirit Realm was terrifyingly huge . The three continents alone were huge but the central regions was even wider than those three combined . A single Domain was at least hundreds of thousands of kilometers large .

In his travel to the Wang Family Territory, Wang Ling learned a lot of things from Qigang .

There were four major forces in the Frost Domain . Three of which had been here since the coming of the new era while the other was only beginning .

Frost Peak Sect, Yan Clan, Mu Clan, and finally the family that had just been established 30 years ago, the Wang Family .

The Frost Peak Sect on the North, Mu Clan on the West, Yan Clan on the East and the Wang Family of the South . There used to be a time when the balance only exists in the three original forces, but with the arrival of the Wang Family, everything became complicated .

The Frost Peak Sect chose to become neutral and the balance of the forces became chaotic for the two clans and the new upstart .

But this spurted a question to Wang Ling . If there were already three forces in the Frost Domain, then why would they let a new one pop out of nowhere? If he was one of the two clans, Wang Ling would have killed the upstarts .

But Qigang gave him a satisfying answer he was not expecting, "The South of Frost Domain was considered a lawless area . It used to be run by a multitude of gangs and clans, but the Manor Head and the Mistress suddenly appeared and beat us all up to submission . "

Qigang played back a certain memory and showed a bitter smile .

Wang Ling found it baffling how Qigang could remember a memory like so with a smile and not feel any hate . From what he could tell, the Shadow Pavilion that was on Wang Shu Qing's commands was previously his family's enemies .

Having a history of fighting other forces himself, Wang Ling was alien to the idea of being friends to his enemies . But after thinking about it, isn't his relationship with Bai Xue the same?

He had noticed it before but it seemed like he was changing . Wang Ling does not understand most things other than cultivating, fighting, and scheming . But the most complicated thing he could not understand was himself .

But might have been why he was slow in his cultivation in the previous era . Thinking about his tragic past, Wang Ling could only sigh .

"Why are you sighing, First Young Master?"

"It is nothing . "

"Um, if that is the case, then please look forward . "

Wang Ling raised his head and saw a city up ahead . The city was built with high and thick walls made of the legendary [Black Bone Iron] that can be harvested from a beast called [Nightwalker] .

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"That is the [Warrior's Fortress], one of the few last fortresses from the [Abyssal Invasion] around 200,000 years ago . Against its name, the Warrior's Fortress was not an actual fortress but instead, it was a city . A city that holds many fights and let the wildness of everyone's instinct run wild . Our Wang Family helps run this place, constantly providing prices for the weekly and monthly bouts of all cultivation levels .

"First Young Master, have I told you what the name the Wang Family rules over? It is called by many the [Warrior's Holy Land] . It is a place where everything is welcomed and is ruled by an amiable but at the same time, a fierce lord . " Qigang explained from the side .

Wang Ling reveled in the majestic walls of the city . However, he did not disregard Qigans words about an invasion . He took note of it in his head and made sure to get back to it at some point .

They landed near the gates of the city and entered without a problem or causing a ruckus . After entering, the two beasts asked to take their leaves and find a place where they could change clothes .

Spirit beasts that can change into human forms almost always rip their clothes when they turn into their spirit beast form after their human forms . Clothes don't automatically wrap around beasts who wears them .

Qigang and Wang Ling planned on resting in this city for an entire day and let the spirit beasts rest . They had been tired from all the travels and requires rest .

Wang Ling, however, does not have any inkling to bidding his time . Along his journey with Qigang, they had met with adversaries like spirit beasts and humans trying to mess with them .

Of course, they killed them without a problem and along the way, he had refined two souls . Six days were all it took for him to raise his strength to the peak of early-level-3 nascent soul stage .

Qigang found Wang Ling's advancement terrifying and astonishing at the same time . He did not say anything to him other than giving him advice about not everything is speed . Wang Ling responded nicely to his words and was not offended by it .

The city that came into full view had a wide arrange of races living within and enjoying themselves . Around them were people looking like bandits with their shabby clothing and rough exterior .

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The place looked more like a bandit den than a proper city where normal people live in . This was the Warrior's Fortress a place where no one would care if you're a killer if you don't break its laws, because if you do, then death will surely come .

Looking around, the surrounding buildings looked truly old but sturdy . The buildings were not sophisticatedly built for its purpose was to be sturdy to withstand the attacks of the Demons .

However, even after hundreds of thousands of years . These buildings stand tall . Even if these bandit-like cultivators rough them up, they will stand . A sturdy and resilient city truly suits the violent and turbulent moods of its occupants .

Wang Ling stood in front of an inn and entered without a problem . They could go into the City Lord's home and stay there, but Wang Ling wanted to move in a low key manner so they entered the city without causing any ruckus .

While Qigang handles checking in, Wang Ling could hear the talks of the various people around them .

"The [Masked Sword] has moved once again . I heard he went to challenge the newly appointed [Seven Sword] of the Sword Hall in a sword fight . " Someone suddenly said .

"So, did he finally win?" another questioned .

"It was a draw . He won in pure sword skills on the first bout . But after that, he lost when cultivation came into play . "

"Again? What about accepting a master? Did he finally accept a master?"

"No, but it seems like he was pushed far this time and gave her reason for not accepting the offers of the other master swordsman . "

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"Oh, that's interesting, he actually does have a reason . I thought he was just acting cheeky . So, what's the reason?"

"He says he has a master already and he is on a journey to better his sword and seek his approval to be properly thought . "

While Wang Ling was listening, Qigang approached him and called out to him . Wang Ling was led to a room where he could rest .

Entering the room, he remembered the conversation downstairs and just shook his head before activating his bloodline and began cultivating .

When night fell, Wang Ling who was in the midst of cultivation . His body was still burning and the impurities that remained was being incinerated little by little . He was absorbing qi with his halo and body while meditating inside his mindscape .

He was ringing the bell to strengthen his soul and right now, he could finally withstand 10 rings . But any more and he would feel pain .

After cultivating like so, Wang Ling stopped and as he stopped, he opened his eyes and got up when midnight came .  

Gently placing Bai Xue on the bed, he took out a sword and motioned himself to slash out . With a move, he executed Judgment with ease . Exhaling, Wang Ling found out that nothing happened .  

He managed to control his strength and felt the energy of his sword strike was perfect .

"I finally reached consummation on this technique . Now for the next one . "

Wang Ling was improving, little by little .