Celestial Peak - Chapter 121

Published at 3rd of December 2019 01:00:11 AM

Chapter 121

"I can move up to the third form, finally . It was hard, but I can finally move forward . " Wang Ling showed an insidious smile because the third form and above of the Heaven Vanquisher swordplay was something made to kill .

Judgment was made to execute anyone with a single slash and Vanquishing Blade to supplement the shortage of long-range attacks of the sword . These two forms were undoubtedly capable of killing anyone if used properly .

But they were not flexible enough to be used in different situations . Judgment was strong but it was linear and once used its trajectory cannot be altered quickly . Vanquishing Blade can kill from a distance, but it consumes too much qi .

Given that Wang Ling's qi was abundant and will not run out so quickly but the point is, they can only be used for a small number of cases . But that all changes after the third form come up .

"Third Form: [Retribution] . " It was a technique that controls the wind using your sword . Summoning a gust of wind and turning it into a hurricane that allows its user to harness the power of the wind .

With the presence of the wind, one can do a lot of things other than the aforementioned turning it into a hurricane and letting it run wild . It can also be used to increase the swiftness and sharpness of the sword to a certain extent .

The faster the sword, the stronger it was . If a sword can travel faster than your opponent could react, you win . You can behead anyone if you are fast enough . You can mutilate, slaughter, massacre, and hold the life of your enemies in your hands if you have the said capabilities .

Of course, if that was all, then Wang Ling wouldn't bother to act excited over such a simple matter . No, that was not all because Wang Ling can see a lot of variation if he uses his techniques properly .

With Retribution, a path will open for him . If used to the limits, Wang Ling can kill anyone by creating a number of variations using his other techniques such as his hellish qi and flames .

"Now that I think about it, I want to see more variation to my moves . What if I add another variation to my skill set?" Wang Ling thought and took out another sword .

The sword he took out was about the same size as the other sword he was using, it was around 18 inches or a foot and a half . Wang Ling waved the sword around like using his left hand and began waving his right sword together with it .

Moving fiercely and swiftly, Wang Ling found using two swords of the same length undesirable . His two swords would often clash in certain movements . He could avoid doing that if he focuses, but Wang Ling was sure that he should use something else .

The blunder of his own swords clashing against one another might cost his life one day if he was not careful . He needed to find a more suitable thing to use and replace the sword on his left hand .

Looking into his storage ring, Wang Ling found nothing . He was hoping for a shorter sword but everything inside was no shorter than 18 inches . Wang Ling sighed and took out a grade-1 sword from his storage ring .

The saint sword in his right hand was heated up and with one swift motion, he cut a sword cleanly and turned it into a short sword that had a length of 11 inches .

Thud! The tip of the sword flew to the side and pierced a wooden table .

The dagger-like sword in his hand was vibrating and its grade-1 rank dropped becoming a half-step graded artifact in the process . Wang Ling was saddened about losing a weapon but he could only sigh .

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Playing with the dagger with his left hand, Wang Ling found the weight difference, not a problem . But its reach had undoubtedly become quite difficult to gauge . It was his first time using a sword as short as this one, but Wang Ling was satisfied with it .

He tried moving it around using only his left hand and slowly started getting used to it . His years' worth of experience in wielding different weapons was starting to show itself in full swing .

With his past transition from the sword to the spear, he quickly managed to get used to the different reach the sword-like provided him . His spatial awareness and positioning was also enhanced thanks to his mastery of the bow .

Wang Ling was making use of his mastery of every known weapon and using it in a manner that serves him well . Two hours passed and Wang Ling finally optimized his body and mind on using his new sword .


He exhaled and released the impure breaths out . His body was burning and his flames were dancing like it was alive . Wang Ling was feeling alive and his heart was thumping in excitement .

Feeling accomplished, Wang Ling began his training .

The wind around him was rendered as his swords moved like lightning and swiftly .

The space around him became filled with sword qi . His intent slowly joined with his two swords and he was put into a trance .

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His two swords soon started flowing like water . While it did so, he optimized his actions instinctively . From how he should move the short sword to complement his main weapon to how he should grip was optimized as closer to becoming flawless .

Wang Ling moved faster and faster, more efficient as time passed . He was too fast, too fierce, yet too elegant to be labeled barbaric .

Soon, his grip on the sword completely changed and was held reversed and horizontally on the side . Interchanging from normal grip to reverse grip, Wang Ling was no longer showing an ordinary display of swordplay that was only meant to kill .

It was now becoming an art piece that as if Wang Ling was dancing around trying to find the most efficient way to kill his enemies .

Wang Ling training only meant to train his sword to suit his advancement to his training of Heaven Vanquisher . But now, Wang Ling was already creating a new form and path of the sword for himself .

Time passed without his knowledge . Sweat began to stream down his body, his muscles were trembling and was being refined as he moved .

His blood flowed seamlessly as his qi began to resonate with one another more and more . The Extreme Yin Yan Art he had been practicing circulated automatically and Wang Ling began cultivating as he swung his two swords .

Wang Ling continued to tirelessly swing his sword around and after a long time, everything seemed to reach a single point . He then stopped as he saw a white tread that led to a new path .

His two swords that was meant to be used separately became a single entity that cannot be used another way . A new path finally opened to Wang Ling . Wang Ling suddenly stopped his swords and he stood motionlessly as he closed his eyes .

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He basked in the majestic feeling of his improvement .


Releasing a murky breath, Wang Ling finally opened his eyes and started looking around . Sword marks were all over him and outside was still dark, by the window was Bai Xue staring at him as she ate roasted meat .

"Are you done?" Bai Xue asked as she threw him the remaining meat on the plate . Wang Ling received the meat and devoured it like a malnourished animal .

After eating the meat Wang Ling suddenly asked, "Why are you awake? I thought you were sleeping earlier? Was I making too much of a ruckus?"

Bai Xue looked at him with disbelieving eyes and laughed loudly as if to mock him when in fact she just found him unbelievable . This went on for a while until she finally calmed down minutes later .

"No matter how much I love sleeping, I can't continue doing that for two weeks straight . I could if I want to but that would bore me to death . "

Wang Ling listened to Bai Xue and after hearing her words, he finally understood what was happening, "Shit, two weeks already passed? That's not good . "

Wang Ling had been swinging his swords for two weeks straight without wasting a minute . He was like a machine and in the process of doing so, he had long trashed the room he was in .