Celestial Peak - Chapter 122

Published at 3rd of December 2019 01:00:10 AM

Chapter 122

On the 8th of the third month of the year . Wang Ling and Qigang was already hurrying to the main house after Wang Ling's untimely enlightenment in the way of the swords .

Wang Ling was pretty calm and did not mind what was happening at all . But Qigang could already hear Butler Sun's voice reverberating inside his ears, shouting as he waits for the time he gets the chance to speak up and state his case .

What was worst is the fact he can't even say anything to Wang Ling . Not because he was the First Young Master, no, it was because enlightenment was an important thing in the life of a cultivator and he had seen just how much Wang Ling had improved .

Qigang hurried along and together with Wang Ling, they quickly passed through two different cities before reaching the center of the Wang Family Territory .

As the sun was rising in front of them a majestic and wide city with towering infrastructures like pavilions, pagoda, halls, colosseum, and many other establishments spread out as far as the eye could see .

It was such a majestic city that even Wang Ling was amazed . Wang Ling could see the wide roads from above and the different shops that extend from an ordinary eatery to an auction house . All of which were starting to open their stores

From afar, he could even see some practitioners doing their daily routines . Punching, kicking, waving their weapons, and practicing their qi manipulation and the like all over the place . There were only quite a few people wandering around the city, as many were doing what they ought to do .

At the center of the city was a huge supposed garden that can also be taken as a miniature forest and a small hill . In that area where lushes green could be found, there were a lot of houses and buildings but amidst the many buildings, the most glorious of them all was the nine-storied pagoda standing in the middle of the miniature forest .

There were also other high profiled places in the city but the most eye-catching one from above was the forest inside a city .

That pagoda and the surrounding area was known as the [Blood Moon Pagoda], named after the Lunar Goddess and the Bloody War God of the Wang Family . It was also called the Wang Family Main House .

Wang Ling's parents were renowned for many things together, they were called the Blood Moon Spearhead that meets their enemies head-on .

As Wang Ling and Qigang flew above the city, many raised their heads and bowed . They were showing their respect for them .

Of course, Wang Ling found their actions a little bit weird . But Qigang noticed his expression and explained .

"Only a handful of people can fly around the city . The direct descents of the Wang Family and Celestials . So, no matter who is flying above them, the people would bow their heads to show respect to the ones with power . "

Wang Ling nodded his head and went to look ahead . They hovered just above the miniature forest and in front of the pagoda called the Main House .

On the pagoda, Wang Ling could see people peeking their heads out wondering who had arrived . There were maids of both familiar and unfamiliar faces, and the one who caught Wang Ling's attention the most would be the little girl running out of the Pagoda with a big smile plastered on her face .

[She had grown… albeit only a little bit . ] Wang Ling commented as she saw Wang Yue waving at him, shouting, "Older Brother!!!!" which caught the attention of many more people and prompted them to stick their heads out to see the fabled First Young Master of the Wang Family .

Wang Ling's mount landed in the garden that was right below them and got off the Whirlwind Lion who quickly left as soon as it could as if was evading a storm . Wang Ling stood tall in the middle of the garden with an amiable smile on his face while he watched Wang Yue run to his side .

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Qigang was also standing right beside him, though his face looked bleak and his expression truly pitiful . His mount had also escaped for some odd reasons that Wang Ling did not know of .

Wang Yue came rushing to Wang Ling's side and gave him a welcoming hug as soon as she could, "Welcome home older brother . "

Wang Ling gently placed his right hand on Wang Yue's head . He showed an affectionate smile as she said, "I am home . "

This might be the first time he had come here but he could feel the warmth that everyone was giving him, that's only from the smiles of everyone around them . But he could feel that most of them were directed at Wang Yue who had met Wang Ling after such a long time .

Feeling a little bit happy than normal, Wang Ling picked Wang Yue from the ground and raised her up . Wang Yue smiled as she saw Wang Ling play with right after his return . Wang Ling eventually put his little sister back down and she began urging him to follow him .

"Older brother, follow me, I'll show you to your courtyard and around the place . The main house is extremely big so you might get lost if I am not with you . "

Wang Yue had changed . Wang Ling thought . She was less active before and was more passive, but Wang Ling could see Wang Yue had changed in more ways than one .

But what made him disappointed and rather sad about was that he was not there to see her grow . Wang Yue was half a head taller than before .

She was two heads and a half shorter than Wang Ling whose height was just below two meters, 1 . 89 meters to be exact . Wang Yue's cure features have also been becoming cuter, Wang Ling could already see her becoming a beautiful young lady in the near future .

Her beautiful white robes made from top quality materials accentuated her cuteness even deeper .

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[It is imperative to teach her how to cultivate . Or else some idiotic man might take advantage of her . ] Wang Ling thought .  

With a good background and beauty wrap in a single package known as Wang Yue, Wang Ling was beginning to think of a future that he was not going to approve of . He sighed at his crazy thoughts that shouldn't have appeared in the head of someone of his age .

Wang Ling was being dragged away by Wang Yue when he saw Butler Sun come from inside the pagoda .

"Young Master Wang Ling, you have finally arrived!" the first thing Butler Sun did the moment he laid his eyes to Wang Ling was run up to him and patted him on the shoulders as he became happy to see him once again .

He was like a grandfather figure to Wang Ling and being one, he was truly happy to see Wang Ling come here to the Main House safe and sound . For weeks, he had been eagerly awaiting his return while cursing Qigang inside his head .

"You have grown so much… I mean seriously, you're improving at a very fast pace Young Master . " Butler Sun said as his eyes almost widened after seeing Wang Ling's improvement .

He had seen fast improvement but nothing like Wang Ling who had no master to speak of and does things in his own strange ways . He doesn't even rely on them for cultivation resources . And according to Qigang, his Young Master relies on academy resources by finding ways to exploit them .

Speaking of Qigang, Butler Sun looked at Qigang who was trying to make his body as small as possible as to not attract Butler Sun's attention .

Qigang froze as he waited for Butler Sun's words .

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"You have done a good job bringing him back here, don't worry, the Second Young Master already explained and pleaded for you to be spared of training with Qiyu . "

Qigang heaved a sigh of relief .

Butler Sun returned his look at Wang Ling and said more things to him before announcing to everyone with his voice amplified by spirit qi .

"Prepare a banquet and open the gates for everyone in the city, those who want to join can join, we are going to welcome the First Young Master of our Wang Family in place of the Masters so work so we can celebrate to the fullest later on!!!"


A roaring answer echoed in the surrounding area . A banquet for the whole city, Wang Ling smiled .

[So much for laying low . ]

Wang Yue tugged and made him lower his head . She explained to him in a whispering voice .

"This is how the Main House celebrates . I was also welcomed the same way . "

"You don't say . " Wang Ling smiled after realizing how festive his family was .