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Celestial Peak - Chapter 123

Published at 3rd of December 2019 01:00:09 AM

Chapter 123

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While everything was becoming bustling and full of life in the Wang Family's Blood Moon Pagoda and the whole city itself . Wang Ling and Wang Yue was going around the place as the little girl gave him a tour .

The tour was pretty enjoyable seeing Wang Yue going around telling him such informative information such as where the bathroom was . On the bright side, Wang Ling managed to look around the overly massive main house he had been hearing so much about .

There were a lot of interesting places in this place, but the one thing that got his attention the most would be the library that contains knowledge he desperately needed to fill in the gaps of his knowledge about the whole realm and the history that started with his demise .

Wang Ling was having a good time and as the siblings talked with one another, their conversation led to Wang Yue's archery .

"The letters I have received spoke of your uncanny mastery in archery . From your calluses over there, it seems like you have been training a lot . "

Wang Ling had seen Wang Yue's hands and could not help but comment . The calluses on her hands were healing and should have been taken care of by the doctors in the main house .

But Wang Ling could still see the marks that remained . Such calluses do not form overnight but years of hard work and resilience .

Wang Yue was pretty shy about her calluses because it seemed like an unnatural trait for a lady . She kept her dainty hands behind her back as she said .

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"I've been trying to become like you and Older Brother Wang Hong to impress Father and Mother when they emerge from their seclusion . But because I can't cultivate qi, I can only try harder to supplement what I am missing with archery and helping around the house . "

Wang Yue chuckled but in Wang Ling's ears, he could hear a sorrow behind her words . Showing a very soft smile, Wang Ling took her hands and rubbed the proof of her hard work . He circulated his angelic qi into her dainty hands which her hands' recovery .

Wang Ling did not stop and made his qi circulate all over her body and because she did not have qi in her . Wang Ling managed to seamlessly flow his qi all over her meridians and veins healing her fatigue and any bodily pain that might remain from her training .

With a qi that came from the purest form of healing, Wang Ling's qi was very effective towards an injury like that . Golden light surrounded Wang Yue as the pain was lifted from her body .

Wang Yue watched as her hands get treated by Wang Ling and her body became as light as a feather . The golden light slowly disappeared as Wang Ling took his hands away from Wang Yue's hands .

After doing so, he asked her, "How do you feel?"

Wang Yue looked at Wang Ling with shining eyes as she started jumping and running around like an energetic dog . Wang Ling's eyes showed disappointment for a while until but it quickly disappeared when Wang Yue stopped before him .

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"Thank you, older brother . " Wang Yue said as she hugged Wang Ling tightly showing him great affection .

She raised her head one last time and was about to say something when her eyes saw Bai Xue blink . She saw Bai Xue looking at her so Wang Yue returned the stare .

"So this little girl is your younger sister?" Bai Xue asked Wang Ling still not breaking eye contact from the little girl .

"So you're finally awake, yes, this is my younger sister Wang Yue . She's quite the hard worker and from what I could tell, her mastery over the bow is rather great and is nearing [Hunter's Intent] . "

Wang Ling introduces Wang Yue with a little bragging on the side . Wang Yue's eyes shone with great interest and reverence to Bai Xue after seeing her beautiful and perfect white fur .

"Oh, so this is the beautiful and elegant white fox senior sister Bai Xue, senior brother Qigang had been talking about?"

Bai Xue's ears puckered up after hearing Wang Yue's words and smiled in satisfaction like an idiot to herself . She had heard many people praise her but Wang Yue's childish and pure voice managed to make Bai Xue truly happy so much so that she jumped off Wang Ling's shoulders and stayed on top of Wang Yue's head instead .

"You're an interesting little girl, this is our first meeting correct? Do you wish to hear some stories from this senior sister? I heard you liked spirit plants, if you prepare some snacks, I'll tell you something you don't know about spirit plants . "

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Bai Xue seemed to have taken a liking to the term senior sister . Wang Yue nodded her head ferociously after hearing Bai Xue's offer . As someone who had been studying on spirit plants, such an offer was truly tempting and she gladly took the bait .

"Will older brother join us?" Wang Yue looked at Wang Ling .

Instead of Wang Ling, however, it was Bai Xue who answered, "Your older brother has some things to do for a while . Lead the way, I'll accompany you until your older brother finishes what he needs to do . "

Wang Yue was reluctant but the pull of knowledge about spirit plants was too tempting to be rejected so she caved in and accepted Bai Xue's offer . After some final words and advice to Wang Ling on not to stray away and lost his way .

Wang Ling could only sigh at her words . It seems like her instincts on taking care of Wang Ling after such a long time was still ingrained in her bones .

Seeing them disappear in the distance and exchange gazes with Bai Xue who gave him a meaningful nod one final time . Wang Ling sighed as he thought of Wang Yue's situation .

"She's a normal cripple to me . " Wang Ling was feeling a bit disappointed upon knowing of such knowledge . But his sorrow was heavier than his disappointment .

He had originally thought that Wang Yue's reason for having locked qi pillars was from some dormant constitution like the [Nature Embracing Body] or the [Heavenly Sealing Body] that starts as a locked constitution and could be unlocked in some unique method .

But to Wang Ling's discovery, Wang Yue was just an ordinary human . Upon thinking about it the idea of Wang Yue having a locked constitution would have been pretty stupid because if that idea was truly the case, wouldn't his family that practically holds the same power of the factions in the previous era should have already known about .

That was not the only reason why Wang Yue was unable to cultivate and that's only because something was wrong with her entire body altogether . Clogged and sensitive meridians and veins . Being unable to have qi enter her body was what was wrong on Wang Yue's body .

One of the reasons why her calluses and minor body aches can't be healed instantaneously by the family, was also because her body rejects spirit qi . With such symptoms, any medication needed to cure her would be impossible to use because her body rejects spirit qi to enter her body .

That should have been the reason why, even with the power the Wang Family held, Wang Yue had yet to be cured of her complications .

But Wang Ling only smiled at this problem because proven by his entire act of circulating his spirit qi around her body and meridians . Wang Ling showed a wry smile as he mumbled to himself .

"She's truly a strange lass . I checked her bloodline, qi pillars, meridians, and muscles only to end up with nothing . But she can eat a lot of food which contains a lot of spirit qi, and have the angelic qi circulate inside her body . "

There were a lot of weird places, cults, and factions that practices a lot of inhumane acts to children to create a powerful weapon or doll . This kind of train of thought entered Wang Ling's mind that never stops on contemplating about weird and abstract matters .

This idea was truly bizarre and out of the box, but he had met a lot of such events in the past . Given that experiments of body modification had already appeared before and Wang Ling dealt with them a lot . His mind could not help but wander in such a field .

Wang Ling found it weird and the more he continued thinking about it, he found it more and more displeasing .

It would have been better if Wang Yue was some child of someone from the Holy Race and that would have been better to think about .

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