Celestial Peak - Chapter 124

Published at 3rd of December 2019 01:00:08 AM

Chapter 124

After having such an unpleasant thought, Wang Ling's mood became sour . He frowned and started to become frustrated but he soon calmed down after circulating his qi .

Wang Ling took in deep breaths before continuing on to think about what he could do at the moment and making theories for later . Wang Ling started thinking and concluded that his angelic qi might just activate Wang Yue's qi pillars and heal her constitution .

His qi might just act as a jumpstart for her to reverse her constitution that does not accept any qi . If he does it well, he might be able to make his sister able to cultivate .

But he must plan ahead . Having Wang Yue's information inside his head, Wang Ling knew what meridians was a problem and what was not . The current situation of her body and everything else .

Wang Ling was feeling rather good after thinking things through . He had put the idea of Wang Yue being some kind of lab rat on the back of his head . His planning was good, but he must simulate it inside his head a couple more hundred times to make sure he would be able to take into account anything bad that could occur .

Running the simulations, Wang Ling began to walk . He started to think while heading to the place he had been wanting to go to, the library .

He now has spirit sense so reading would be a hundred times easier to do now that he could scan the contents of a book and be done with it . Spirit senses have a lot of uses and sensing enemies was just one of them .

Wang Ling uses his spirit sense to read through multiple books at a single time making his accumulation of knowledge terrifying . Although such acts of scanning books can easily be done by anyone at the nascent soul stage .

Only those who can comprehend and process thousands of words and information rushing inside their head really handle it else those who try it because they were lazy to read would die without a doubt .

Wang Ling's act of reading multiple books may seem easy in words, but it was something even other celestials cannot copy . Wang Ling was too much of a freak to sort out and comprehend multiple and different information inside his head all at the same time .

Being calculating was one of the factors that he cannot change since he was some nameless street rat his master pick up from the streets . Wang Ling knew he needed knowledge before he can move forward so he was not going to miss any chance on doing obtaining knowledge or else he might just regret it .

Standing in front of a three-storied building that was even bigger than the Azure Royal Library of the Azure Skies Kingdom . Wang Ling called for a maid who saw him and asked her to tell Butler Sun of his whereabouts .

He also asked for a brush, ink, and some papers to write on . The maid readily followed his orders after giving him a good long look . It seems like Wang Ling's good looks was attracting to most maids in the main house .

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Wang Ling shook his head and entered the library . He entering a library was something that Bai Xue should have noticed that she distracted the lass and gave him some free time . That or Bai Xue really wanted to drink some tea and talk to Wang Yue about something .

Which was unlikely unless she wanted to really share her knowledge . In the end, thinking of such matters was useless so Wang Ling shrugged it off his mind .

Upon entering the library, Wang Ling set his eyes on the hundreds of bookshelves neatly lined up from the first floor and up . An instinctive smile appeared on his face as he quickly went to the nearest aisle that had a sign that speaks of 'History' .

Wang Ling went up to this aisle and readily picked up a book to read . He went to spread out his spirit qi and spirit sense all at the same time in order to get a good look at the words that was written in the books .

There were other reasons why reading a book through your spirit sense was harder than it may seem . Because you are not using your eyes to read it one must use spirit sense and qi in order to grasp the strokes that had been used to write on the book .

Grasping the strokes and ink that lingered in the book one could effectively read through it without ever laying your eyes the letters written on it . Because books were written by different people which means different writing styles and different strengths were used in every stroke made the books unique to one another .

Because of this, books would become even harder to read . However, after thousands of years of reading through the books of different factions in the previous era, Wang Ling managed to perfect his act of reading through spirit sense .

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In the bookshelf in front of Wang Ling, there were at least a hundred books neatly arranged side by side . Seeing it and thinking of reading it with your eyes was hard enough, but Wang Ling was reading it inside his head as he read ten books all at the same time which made what he was doing even harder and complicated .

However, Wang Ling's mind was working at an increasingly fast pace . He was arranging the words being injected inside his head and was arranging these words to become books that he will be able to browse through later .

This was the method of the great Blood Seeking Celestial to create his own library inside his head . Wang Ling had an incredible amount of unique books inside his head that he was literally a walking library .

Wang Ling was going through the books in the bookshelf in front of him and after two hours of 'reading' . Wang Ling finally managed to learn a few points that gave him some insights into the current era's history .

Wang Ling was beginning to understand it more and more . There was a lot of good and interesting things listed in the books he had read, but the most useful thing he read about was how many years the new era has existed .

Right now, it was [203, 354 years] had passed since the incident of the Higher Realms connecting itself on the Celestial Spirit Realm . Wang Ling read from the history books that countless lives were lost after the realm was connected to the higher realms .

The reason was that the spirit beast adapted to the situation faster than any other race in the realm . With the rise of the spirit beasts, the three races fought but many died in the process and the spirit beasts were beginning to become stronger and stronger .

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But those who follow the path of the devil was also quickly beginning to grow stronger because of Hell Realm directly connecting itself to the celestial spirit realm . This also went for the so-called righteous people who practice the way of the Holy .

Although these kind of people were directly at the opposite of the spectrum, they began to fight back the beasts and an equilibrium between the races was formed .

More things led to another and the equilibrium broke as the Holy and Devil factions fought . However, after a long time of peace people began to raise their cultivation and the people who cultivated another type of qi rose .  

Many heroes appeared and the realm that was restarted because of the one person began to move forward . The time of the realm that was stopped was beginning to move forward again .

Wang Ling wasn't so surprised about such revelations for he had already thought such events would happen even before he died . But what he found interesting was the fact that these books had constantly mentioned the presence of someone opening the realm to the higher realms so they can have a brighter future .

Yes, some books criticized what he had done but there were more people praising him and calling him the godfather of the current era where resources were more plentiful than the previous era .

Wang Ling was smiling about such absurd claims but before he could any deeper than he already has . The doors to the library opened and Butler Sun had arrived followed by the maid he had ordered to bring him the items he needed .