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Celestial Peak - Chapter 126

Published at 3rd of December 2019 01:00:06 AM

Chapter 126

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In front of the Blood Moon Pagoda, a lot of people have gathered together . A banquet was about to held and everyone in the city was invited . Food and drinks both for kids and adults were lined in dozens of tables making a scene where mouthwatering delicacies were presented for everyone to eat .

In the garden that was right in front of the Pagoda was now a platform, it should be something that will be used later on .

Moon City was the name of the city where the Wang Family Main House stood . It was named as so in the honor of Wang Shu Qing's wife . In this place, the City Lord was Wang Shu Qing but the one who had to run it was Butler Sun and his direct disciples .

It might seem extremely stupid for Wang Shu Qing to let his position be controlled by his servant . But that only showed his confidence to his people and himself .

One can say that he trusted hi people with his 'throne' or that his strength can deter any thoughts of rebelling against him . It was a message that can be taken any other way . But one thing was for sure, the Shadow Pavilion has no intention of getting on the bad side of Wang Shu Qing .

"I heard the First Young Master is someone handsome . The maids and servants were talking about him all day long one maid, in particular, managed to gawk at him while she was ordered by him . She says that he was truly very elegant . "

"Is she sure about it and not only making his Young Master's name flowery? Young Master Wang Hong is fine as is and he is extremely that I want to have him for myself . But do you think elegance can represent Young Master Wang Hong?"

"Ugh, stop comparing him to Young Master Wang Hong, and what you just said made absolutely no sense . You only wanted to speak of Young Master Wang Hong didn't you?"

"Yes . "

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This kind of shameless talks did not come to a normal city girl but from the so-called 'aristocrats' of the Moon City . For other people, it was a little vulgar coming from a lady's mouth yes .

But this place was once known as the [Forbidden Grounds] of the Frost Domain so a little vulgarity cannot be changed readily .

The people of Moon City care about such matters but they were not some uptight noble who takes everything seriously . Much like its City Lord, the people of the Moon City were valiant and free-willed .

The gossips all over the city was fresh and were all about the newly arrived First Young Master of the Wang Family who ruled over all of the Wang Territory .

Wang Ling's name was spreading like wildfire saying he was some kind of handsome and elegant young man . Which shouldn't have been that much of a surprise considering his background, but that's only without the context?

The Wang Family likes to fight through and through . Everyone from the direct descents was all like this, even the Mistress of the Family, Wang Ling's mother was a bit of an eccentric person so it was really easy to see why such gossip about being elegant or not will be a topic around the city .

Not saying elegant people could not be found in the Moon City, it was just that rough people were too common as the clouds .

The night rolled and darkness blanketed the whole city . But the night was lit up by the numerous lanterns and Luminous Pearls placed around the city and the Main House .

As night came, a figure came out of the Blood Moon Pagoda and Butler Sun's figure together with a delighted Wang Yue who had a white fox sitting of her head and Wang Hong standing proudly and valiantly as a great general appeared before the crowd .

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Upon seeing them, the crowd gave a bow to show their respects . It was not only the ordinary citizens who did so as high-level cultivators did the same . Such an act would have been filled with an insincere reaction in some parts of the crowd .

But no one had such emotions in their hearts . Yes, many youths looked at Wang Hong with the desire to fight, but that was only because they admired his strength and treated him as a rival .

Some looked at Wang Yue with weirded out eyes, but that was only because she was pure and held no malicious intent or killing intent around her . She only held kindness to the people who approaches her, she was treated a local favorite by both the aristocrats and the common people .

And everyone looked at Butler Sun with fear as they respected him for his loyalty and is the spear of the Blood War God .

These three were not hated, they were respected for they were not only a part of the Wang Family who brought about peace upon these lands . But people who deserved such praises and respect .

Given some did indeed held a bit of hate to the Wang Family but even those people had to respect them for the many people who benefited from the war Wang Shu Qing had created .

Butler Sun urged everyone to raise their heads as he did not find joy in having people bow towards him . This also goes for Wang Hong and Wang Yue .

Butler Sun stretched his arms wide as he spoke with a joyous tone of voice, "I welcome everyone to the banquet for the First Young Master of the Wang Family . I know everyone is already rearing to go and drink themselves to sleep…"

Many laughed at his joking remark . Someone even shouted, "Damn right we are!"

Butler Sun only shook his head to such rough people and announced with delight, "So I will now call for the First Young Master, Wang Ling . "

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Everyone saw Butler Sun stepped to the side and a handsome young man stepped out of the Blood Moon Pagoda . Wearing an ordinary yet sophisticated white robe that was lined with golden hems .

Wang Ling stood straight as he carried himself with grace and pure charisma which attracted the eyes of many towards him . Many saw him and was in a shock to see someone like him walk out of the Blood Moon Manor .

Despite the rumors going around the city, many expected Wang Ling to be someone who had a large build and overbearing aura . No one expected someone weak and frail-looking frame to be the First Young Master of the Wang Family .

What's more is that Wang Ling's cultivation was rather weak . Their thoughts might be harsh and rather contradictory to how they saw the other members of the Wang Family, but this only shows how much they have expected of the Wang Family's First Young Master .

Having seen Wang Hong's brilliance before, Wang Ling would be someone who was an even brighter star . Even Wang Yue who could not cultivate qi was a prodigy at the way of the bow, so how can they blame them after seeing Wang Ling's cultivation .

However, the beautiful ladies of the different families found Wang Ling's bearing and facial features truly desirable as eyes were glued to his face . His strength might have been lacking, but those delicate eyes of theirs found the gentle air around him rather attractive .

Seeing the reactions of the people down below, Wang Ling only smiled as he greeted them, "As Butler Sun has said, even with my weak and frail looking frame, I am First Young Master of the Wang Family, and Wang Ling is my name . I do not wish to hold you onto your desire to feast and drink, this is a banquet, everyone, please enjoy the whole evening . "

It was at last time for the banquet and feast to start . The people of the Moon City although rather disappointed at Wang Ling's act of starting the party without much useless talk was truly something they liked .

Wang Ling saw the citizens and only smiled .

Wang Hong, who had only returned tonight for the banquet approached Wang Ling and urged him to follow as he said, "Come and follow me older brother, I will introduce you to some of them . Do you want to join us, Yue?"

"Sure . " Agreed Wang Ling and Wang Yue who walked up to a bunch of youths talking and smiling as they went socializing with one another .

But even just as Wang Hong and his siblings had taken their fifth step down the stairs of the Blood Moon Pagoda, someone who had a rather large build walked up to him and challenged him .

"Young Master Wang Hong, I challenge you to a duel . "

Wang Hong looked at Wang Ling with an apologetic look and was just about to ignore his challenger but Wang Ling stopped him and care freely said with a smile, "Don't worry about me, go and accept his challenge or else the intent of wanting to fight deep in your eyes will not be settled down . "

"Thank you and sorry about leaving you like this older brother . " With those words uttered, Wang Hong looked back at his challenger and shouted back, "Haha, you best be lucky my older brother is nice, Yuwei, I'll beat you up to the ground . "

Wang Hong jumped up and landed on top of the platform that was in the middle of the banquet .

Wang Ling now understood what that platform was for . Looking around, Wang Ling saw many cheering for a fight, right now, many of the so-called 'dignified' aristocrats of the Moon City was yelling and shouting on how brutal they should beat up one another .

Of course, as they shouted, they were smiling and cheering for the two youths .

[They really are like bandits . ] Wang Ling chortled as he watched a fight break out in the middle of the banquet . Wang Ling then raised an eyebrow after seeing the fight happening in front of him was done without the use of spirit qi but pure skills alone .

[Interesting!] Wang Ling thought with a smile .

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